Bob Kramer Carbon vs Kramer Damascus SG2 Chef Knife Cut Demo + Review

Finally! A cut demo of the Bob Kramer Carbon and Damascus chef knives. These two knives are stunning and razor sharp. A full review for these knives and sharpening videos coming soon.

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Great video..I would pick the Damascus only because I know how much work goes into them and they are a work of art..I love my hobbies and I live in Tassie and would love a lapping plat or strop as I said mine was a flop not a strop..Cheers..

Diego A says:

Hello from Spain! I really liked the video. Learning a lot about high end knifes thanks to your channel. I am a hard core Spanish cured ham slicer and anything and everything related to knifes is interesting. I am wondering how such really high quality knifes would perform compared to the traditional thin and long slicer we use here. I will definetly give it a shot one day as (they would kill me for this) I actually also like using a chef knife for ham slicing, and sooner or later I will end up buying a high end knife like these you compare here for my kitchen.


Squidgy Bidge says:

I can’t afford either, but I think if I could then even on the higher price point I would rather have the Damascus. 2 reasons for me arriving at the conclusion.
1: The easier method of care, as I wouldn’t need to oil the blade and thus wouldn’t need to worry about it developing a patina,
2: The Micarta linen handle is preferable to me as I do not like wooden handles at all as I don’t want risk them being damaged in exactly the way you described.

Still in Scotland, still doing the same as before.
Different fun fact though. The only time I was ever knocked out was by a girl. I had just started a new karate club when I was teenager. So to see what I had skill level, my new Sensei asked me to spar with one of the other students. However me being a cocky bugger dropped my guard as soon as the fight started as he had paired me with lassie who was also around 6-7″ shorter than me. No sooner had I dropped my guard than I was waking up on the floor of the dojo with Margaret standing over me. Taught me a valuable lesson to NEVER disrespect anyone, you never know what they can do. Turns out the girl I was facing was on the Scottish international team and my disrespecting her like that made her a wee bit angry. She landed a reverse roundhouse kick with her heel on my chin literally even before I saw her move. So yeah, fun fact. Always treat people with respect!

Shaun Valentino says:

you are probably the first person to do non-biased a comparison between these two knives. Will definitely take your points into consideration when picking one of these two knives.

Gene Cen says:

finally kramer damascus review. i found the damascus out box not really really really that sharp ? dont know if something wrong with my knife.

Wilson Miranda says:

watching it again.
that`s not a fun fact, that`s weird. LOL

stumaclean111 says:

I have the Kramer carbon steel 8″ chef’s knife and love it.  You mentioned how when using a rocking motion, the knife wants to dig into the surface.  I use a teak cutting board and haven’t experienced that, however, I experimented on my bamboo board and it does dig in a bit and is harder to move the tip of the blade across the cutting surface.

A.J. Robinson says:

Hey I would like some help so I have 3 Naniwa traditional stones in 220, 1500, and 8,000 I just got them about a month ago and they are becoming very peruse and soft and are taking off more stone than anything else when I sharpen I would like to know why that is I usually use them for kitchen knives and my hunting knives and the no longer give me a wonderful edge. I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice

Bill Kingery says:

I would choose the carbon knife, as I feel the carbon blade is more flexible and “alive”, it’s beauty shines without bragging.

Digs Fossils-n-Knives says:

Great review

stevonyc34 says:

great video! beautiful knives

Papou Panayiotis says:

Your on a roll there mate :), keep it comming and most of All Cheers for the festive season nearly upon us.

agnar150 says:

My next knife will be the Kramer Carbon. I got my Kramer knife. It is the sharpest knife out of the box that I have owned. It shaves the hair off of my arm extremely well.

Fernando Quinones says:

Just getting into knives. I’m a student. I live in Puerto Rico. Love handcrafts.

Rahul Bhatt says:

oh yeah ding ding, good one ,

Calvin Phinney says:

I’m curious how the kramer Damascus would compare to the hiro sg2 chef knife

John Williams says:

OK, just need to process here. I was so hoping for a “beauty reigns supreme” result. However, You may have saved me LOTS of money (and regret as it will be a gift). Nice comparo. Thanks! Looking forward to more videos.

Fred Fable says:

So, your dog eats vegetables?…Poor animal! LOL…
(Gave you a LIKE! I like your channel I subscribed actually)

muskilh says:

I”m a software developer living in Florida but i’m from Canada/Pakistan. Fun fact: I’m starting to take medicine for my vitamin d deficiency. As for the knife, I think I’d go for the Damascus!

Sandra Perez says:

Ryky, thanks SO MUCH for this review during the Black Friday weekend, as requested! I just ordered the Carbon Steel from Cutlery & More, thanks to this review. I’ve been on the fence since you got and unboxed them, but wanted to take advantage of their sale.

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I would enjoy one of your stropping blocks. Fun fact? I LOVE knives and have carried a custom-made Spyderco serrated Harpy daily since shortly after 9/11, as it makes me feel less defenseless in this dangerous world. As to your question of which knife to choose if they were priced the same, while I love the aesthetics of the Damascus and was initially attracted to it, I am much more interested in performance than looks, hence the Carbon Steel purchase. Although, I must admit to a certain degree of fearfulness in its care since I’ve never owned Carbon Steel.

kevin tang says:

Maybe ill get sg2, edge retention is better i think? Nice 3 different angle camera tho..

Gene Cen says:

not just u, i feel the same, feels like it has more fraction on the damascus version, the fraction makes it harder to cut.

Tyler Gouty says:

I am a Sautee chef. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana. I quit smoking my learning how to juggle.

Wilson Miranda says:

Do you feel the taste of the carbon steel when cutting acid foods? I do fell the steel with my cheap carbon knife. I can even smell the oxidation when cutting lemons.

jack p says:

Cutlery and more is having 20% off of all the Kramer’s right now. $240 for the carbon steel is cheaper than I’ve seen it.

James Miller says:

Going by what you said about balance and less friction, carbon would be my choice.

I am from MN, I am a machinist , and hobbies I enjoy are BBQing and being outdoors.

trieman1 says:

Hello! Your videos are absolutely incredible… Even though I’m newly subscribed, I think I’ve found a new favorite here on YouTube. My name is Troy. I’m a Philosophy student, Dog trainer, and knife enthusiast living here in Atlanta Georgia. My first SG2 knife was a Shun Kaji 10” chef knife, which my mom gifted to me. Also, an interesting fact about myself is that I was in elementary school the first time desired a sharper knife and decided to learn to sharpen what I had available… I litterally went outside and found the smoothest rock by the pond behind my house – My sharpening adventure that afternoon was not successful.

Wilson Miranda says:

Just bought the simple stainless version. Did not know the the damascus was SG2 steel. Would buy it if I knew. But that said, maybe its better that way for my pockets.

Wilson Miranda says:

Is there any chef knife you prefer over these?

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