Budget vs Premium – $20 Kuma vs $160 Wusthof Chef Knife

This is one of many comparisons I’ll be doing with budget stones and knives. Everyone who loves knives should have access to good quality cutlery and sharpening tools. See how a budget $20 stone holds up against a $200 Naniwa Chosera set.

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kenny anders says:

If you do not cut yourself the first times the knife is not sharp

D Clayton says:

Good video and good information. I particularly liked the 3 camera imagery. I guess when it comes to stones you get what you pay for.

Soonzuh says:

ASMR potential here.

Tyler Rutland says:

Hello, thank you for your learning rich video. Please say, why is it important to flip the stone around before sharpening the opposite side of the knife?

Randy Murray says:

Why did you not do the final sharpen on a piece of leather? I watched a video on Bob Kramer knives and he always runs it through a piece of leather before the final test and the difference was very noticeable.

James Ritchie says:

There is no doubt that a high dollar knife and a high dollar stone are better than a low dollar knife and a low dollar stone. That said, “it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools”.

I’ve seen chefs in extremely poor areas around the world who used knives that could not have cost more than two or three dollars, and stones that didn’t cost much more, and yet they made those knives create magnificent works of art. By the art, you would have sworn the knives cost hundreds of dollars, and the stones were brought to them by angels.

Rob Jones says:

I can’t understand how you can judge a blade by how well it cuts directly after sharpening. Use the blades in the real world for a week, THEN show us how they did.

Abe Caleb says:

He is doing a great job but he is washing off the powder. The powder helps to get that razor edge

Messedup Birdie says:

What is this place? what i am doing here? How did i get here? What does a knife has to with C++ arrays? I don’t understand this

Dan Lewis says:

Lol. It’s not important, but you gave the Wusthof 22 runs against the brick. I didn’t count how many of the less expensive one.

SyntaxTerr0r says:

Hello Burrfection.
This is a nice video, however a bit lenghty sometimes.
You could edit it and speed up some parts, like when you sharpen twenty times, if you accelerate by ten times, it would last only two seconds instead of twenty.
About the option of making three separate videos instead of one, I think that one video is better.
I wish you continued success and good luck.

rusnak1 says:

Should have used the good stone on both knives. The comparison of the knives is spurious.

mercguy658 says:

Deja vu at the end?

3majsie maciek says:

So.. what level of quality is that brick? You seem to fail to mention much about it…

Bora Gamerz says:

You’re a talker!

Theophilus Jedediah says:

Need link to trocera stone on amazon please

Abbas Bawa says:

mr Bruce Lee, good video.

Dave B says:

Glossy magazine paper actually has an additional content of clay to help give it a harder surface for better photograph reproduction. The paper is heavier for its mass and also thinner, so it’s more flimsy, and more difficult to cut this way.

Dynamic Combat SolutionsLLC LLC says:

Better steel keeps the edge sharp for much longer than cheap steel and that’s what you pay for. That being said, both of these knives have low grade steel.

Vladimir Lapshin says:

But what is the aim of this test? We all know, that it’s possible to sharpen a steel rod to a perfect edge. But who cares? The idea is, that if you have knife with HRC 56-58 you have to sharpen it every day, before starting your work on a kitchen. But you spend 15 minutes and in reality it doesn’t have to cat paper. And if you have knife with HRC 62, you will have to sharpen it one a week. But it will take an hour or so. You just have to choose which way is more comfortable for you personally.

ayhankudu says:

great video, i wish you test them on work and see how long sharpness last, good quality steel should last longer

Heaven Aimol says:

22:46 no need to thank me XD

Joe Recio says:

I too had a low interest in knife sharpening, not so now.
I prefer the whole banana videos of yours whenever time allows.
Very enlightening, thank you so very much.

Raúl Núñez de Arenas says:

Amazing video, man. I sharpen my knives at home, and usually I do an average job, and one of my biggest problems is keeping the angles fixed. Since I don’t keep my angles constant, I tend to “round” the edges a bit. No big deal, the knives are sharp anyway.

Thing is, the way you keep your angles constant is just AMAZING!!! It’s as if the knife was moved by a high precision robot! You have magic hands, really. It takes to me like four times longer to achieve a pasable edge, you do it like it was the easiest thing in the world.


Xcenda says:

Nice video but 43 min? If you ask someone who could edit the video, you could make it 10 min long or 5 but 10x more interesting and you could actually say more. Movie making has some rules for a reason!

Tung Tranle says:

It is not really a fair comparison if you don’t go to the microscopic level.

John Cox says:

ONE video

Adam Howard says:

How much of a difference does metal hardness account for? He wasn’t obtaining a burr with the wuthof knife but perhaps it being harder metal made it remove less metal

Bob Maggio says:

Thank you very much. This was very interesting and informative.

namebrand kombu says:

i think ive started watching this video at least 3 times… all from different angles… came from japanese street food this time… and never watched the whole thing.. yet finished his whetstone comparison videos lol!

tamillern says:

Crazy, who will watch the 43 minutes of sharpening knifes without fast forward ? I saw this in 2 minutes and it gave me nothing but still I sharpen my own knifes at home.

Nathan Bourland says:

Props man..I didn’t realize I was QUITE that interested in knife sharpening…but this video will have me incorporating a few techniques into pocket knife sharpening..thanks for the info!

Matthew Pontrelli says:

3 videos

ApplepieFTW says:

Two separate videos rather than 3,but 1 is best (albeit long)

Vox Populi says:

I enjoyed your interesting video, but I found it a bit long—you don’t have to show the whole exercise, only the beginning, and the end.
I now wonder how long each of the two knives would retain their sharpness. After all, isn’t this the purpose of the exercise? Developing a protocol for that test would certainly be a challenge, but I know you can do it better than most people.

Rex Yasis says:

I like your shirt

David Sholian says:

i need that 160 bucks knife, the garbage knife my boss bought us need to be sharpened constantly

Hague1970 says:

How many prostitutes have you murdered?

logika dan kenyataan says:

Heyyy… Sanji what are u doing there?
Go back to lufy chef…
Hahhaaaa… Nice review..

Chip Knight says:

5 minute story at best

Tch riders says:

Long video

Theophilus Jedediah says:

One video please

Rod Demicoli says:

Hi Burrfection! I have the same Stones…I would personally call them Naniwa Stones, but I got you. They are one of the best.
I think in term of sharpening knives most people who are really keen would want to see the full video. But I reckon, that for general users a quick synopsis would be great, like a 2 minute video.

Abe Caleb says:

He is also tapping the blade on the stone. He should keep it in contact through the process

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