Chef Kenji López-Alt reviews knives | Consumer Reports

Kenji López-Alt, the top chef at Serious Eats checks out Consumer Reports’ top-rated knife sets to see how they cut it in the real world.


Dan s says:


Matthew Trzcinski says:

I’m not a fan of sets. Get one of those non-specific blocks and fill it with the knives you use. Try some of the food service grade knives, a 2 santoku pack for $15 at sams, and about twice a year spend some quality time with a Lansky kit.

july1962 says:

I was given a Henckels set several years back and loved it at first. Now the resin handles are cracked and falling apart, and they have lost their sharpness. I took them to a knife sharpening place (which was really hard to find here in L.A.) and they still weren’t very sharp. I finally took my dremel tool to it and got it pretty sharp, but it didn’t last long. I pulled out my old never-have-to-sharpen knives, and they are still sharper than my current Henckels.

2008calander says:

You can get the Henckel’s Set at Costco for like $169. I’ve had mine for years.

game2heart says:

Kenji… Lopez? LMAO

SAV175 says:

Он Мексипонец! )))

mikeischangingplaces says:

knife sets = waste of money. Good chef’s knife (or your alternative), to last you a lifetime: $100-$180. Everything else you might as well get the cheap Victorinox stuff. Everything you want from a paring knife can be had for like $10, and bread knives don’t last forever, even if you spend upwards of $200 on one. And if you think you need any other knife than those 3, ask yourself, what’s that knife for? Do you even know how to use it? How much would you use it? Even if you regularly bone animals, your boning knife won’t see nearly as much use as your chef’s knife, and so even a cheap one can last a long time. Spend your money how you spend your time. It’s probably 90% chef’s knife

Nicholas Whiteley says:

Shit. Amazing.

Michael P. Shipley says:

What about how long they stay sharp? Who cares how sharp a knife is if it becomes dull in a month?

bill bob says:

1:36 if you know how to sharpen a knife and have the right tools you can get the ginsu just as sharp as the other. with a good grit progression and stropping you could actually get an esee izula to whittle a hair.

4gasem says:

Now, where are each of them made?

EffroyableMat says:

Victorinox knifes are my favorite budget kitchen knives. You would be hard pressed to find a better bang for the buck.

Dolphins101 says:

Wusthof > *

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