Chef Knives – Side by Side Pricing

Knife purveyor Mario Fiorucci walks you through the many varieties of Chef Knives. He talks about the difference in manufacturing and angle of edge as well as overall performance.

This is a very informative video for someone researching the difference between the many brands of knives out there.

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Jesus Torres says:

Anyways thank you ! !! I’ll find some where else !

Johnny Yuhas says:

Instead of spending all that money just buy a chines cleaver?

couchpoet1 says:

Perhaps you should refrigerate that meat behind you…

Scott Allen says:

Why do you not include a Zwilling? My personal knife, the Zwilling Profection, has a few features that none of your other knives (such a a tapered bolster and and exaggerated curve on the blade).

Jesus Torres says:

Where can I buy these knifes .?

Luke McGinty says:

Its the Nicolas Cage of knives : ) doing a knife “face off”.

Tiago Santiago says:

You forgot about Tijiro. Especially the Tojiro DP series chefs knives which are an excellent value and use the same VG10 steel that Shun uses. I have the 210mm Tojiro Dp gyuto is fucking love it.

Jason Caldwell says:

Great video. I have been getting into knives a lot more lately and I am moving to knives I can use in the kitchen. Is the Victorinox something you would highly recommend for a beginner who wants to improve knife skills.

wholeNwon says:

We have a number of professional knives for a variety of purposes.  But the one I use almost exclusively is a 12″ chef’s knife that I bought at a used book store for $1. It holds an edge as well as any of the others and just feels perfect in the hand.

tom roger says:

Actually the Global knives are made from 2 pieces and then welded, the first batch that came out Japan had many of them break at the weld because there were made for Japanese Chefs and they use their knives differently then the Western Chefs , this was corrected for the next shipments and true the handle is filled with sand to balance it.

chikitabowow says:

I love the Victorinox knives, they usually work way better than knives twice their price.

dvdfrnzwbr says:

Just with the knives laying there the Kasumi looks to have a pleasing cutting profile.

1riclam says:

Not a bad video, but the Masamoto is not 64 Rockwell. Some other knives mentioned, like the Global, Wusthof are also higher than actual.

Scotty Bab says:

where can I find the 5th knife?? “morytakka”???

Kevin Sheffield says:

Such such sound and sensible comments – thanks.

Louis Simmonds says:

Actually the handle of the Global knife is filled with sand to prevent it from being too heavy which it would be if it were made from a solid piece of metal throughout.

Adrian North says:

Interesting review but Globals are not made out of one piece of metal – the handle is welded to the blade – I know because mine broke there 🙁

OrangePie says:

great video!!

Peter XYZ says:

Personal preference: +60 Rockwell = longer time to sharpen = harder or dull = stay happen longer.

Also I prefer Japanese profile shape.

Paul Gibson says:

Excellent advice! I have $300.00 Japanese knives that are so wonderful they almost make me cry. But in MHO, Victorinox knives rule! Very good quality and very affordable. Most importantly though, even someone with almost no skill, can easily sharpen these knives. My other favorite mid priced knives are Russell Grohmann knives, made in Canada. All they publish about their steel is that it is high carbon stainless Solingen, but they are truly fantastic knives!

Jesus Torres says:

Sorry but this website is not working !

Ronoldo W. says:

Excellent and very informative. Well done.

Scuba Mike says:

I’ve been collecting chef’s knives for 20+ years, and I think this is one of the best videos on youtube.

Harã Ferraz says:

What about Zwilling J.A. Henckels knives?

Erskine Adam says:

What about Henckel? I have a set of these German knives and they are fantastic.

AceGunSlinger666 says:

This was a great video. Thank you

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