CHROME Chef’s Knife Bag Review + What’s Inside?

I reviewed Chrome’s newest chef-focused bag, and these are my thoughts. Should you get this for your gear?

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The bag: – be sure to check out the videos with Chef Chris as well!

*I said all Chrome bags were made in America, yes this one definitely is, but not all of their products are US made. Wanna be fully transparent, sorry for the mis-read!

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AZ Patriot says:

45 seconds. My “shop” where I make my knives is out back.

Jude Crompton says:

Looks really cool

Peter Söderberg says:

7 minutes with car, 25 minutes on bicycle, 45 if i take the bus.
Never actually walked to work, it would take to long 😀

Andrew Erickson says:

From whomsdt did you get those scabbards??

David Smith says:

Good video man.

Chris Chang says:

would this work to put it in a citizen messenger bag? because i would get that even thos its 280 for both them vs a GIMGIGE for 200 and thats a backpack with a knife roll

Chris Chang says:

this bag is awesome, looking for a knife kit, my old ultimate edge deluxe is about 6 years old and the front is separating from the bag so looking for something else, but i dont want just a knife roll at the same time the briefcase design; sometimes i need to carry other stuff other then my knives and kitchen tools and i wont have room for that, so i guess i am still looking

Bernard Robert Gilbride says:

I love this case it was worth the money! Will buy more chrome in the future! Awesome review by the way!

Maximiliano Alvarez says:

In Mexico City it usually takes about an hour to get anywhere, and you have to fight your way to get in the bus lol..

Raul Orduna says:

it takes me a 15 minute drive to get to work

Thomas Gronek says:

Thank you for a FANTASTIC video. it is a 45 minute ride to work…..I hate it.

Deep thought says:

30 min drive buts it’s in the beautiful wine country.

RaphYkun says:

About 10 min bike ride. Might detour a bit if I have time, but the city is pretty good about cycle traffic so it’s def really quick.

esteban alvarez says:

Takes me sometimes 80-90 mins. Depending on the L train

daAnder71 says:

At 5:45, did you say “Gyo-to“ because it’s your “go-to gyuto“?

ChefJTS says:

I like the Chrome Knife Bag. It’s a 35 minute drive (one way) to the school where I work. 30 minute bike ride to my summer job! I’d consider this roll, and possibly recommend it to my students.

Danny Deakins says:

I travel any where from 5 hours to 32 hours to work :)) I travel for my profession.

cannibal social network says:

Thanks for the review! Super helpful.

Diogo Magalhães says:

The 125$ doesn’t seem very cheap but the storage/durability sound amazing but it would be great to see a velcro included for your knives. I recently bought a 40€ 5 knife kai bag and the main requisites i had were, nice comfortable handle, strap and a velcro to keep the blades from rocking around. The only down side i see on the Kai is lack of extra storage for the utilities, which could have been added for just 10 extra euros.

Chris Chang says:

12-15 minute drive, could i use this knife bag with the chrome citizen bag?

Tony Mammoliti says:

Not all chrome bags are made in the USA and this one is not. It is made in China. Just an FYI

Chef Nutter says:

Under a Minute drive for me!

TheCulinarian says:

Just discovered your videos, great stuff!

Chris Boudreau says:

What up Justin!

Big fan of the channel. I just started my entry into the industry back in November. Currently taking a 10 min. drive to a train station where it’s an additional 45 to get @JAXLODO!

Jon Lime says:

20-30min drive each way. I live in Austin but I work just outside of it. Although, I picked up a couple of shifts in the city this week for SxSW and a typical 15min drive turned into 45 to an hour. But hey, I do enjoy those zen, quiet moments to myself and my own thoughts. ✌️

Thiago Hardt says:

2 minutes, I live upstairs =D

ColboltKey1313 says:

I was curious myself to why it didn’t have a shoulder strap. I went to the Chrome store downtown & the associate confirmed your assumption that it was meant to be stored in a backpack

Antônio R. Pinto says:

2 hours :((

Zeb Hosman says:

45 minute car ride with a 10 minute bike ride to the building, reverse on the way home

iMagicz says:

Yo man I’m a trainee sous chef from England, you upload some awsome content would love to chat over email to ask a few questions I have about the trade

Man thanks bradley

Gerald Paa says:

15 mins

Jason Ziegler says:

25 to 40 minutes depending on traffic.

rasprogress says:

20 minute walk to work every day….

Jay Reusi says:

30-40 mins from Queens to the West Village in NYC via train and walking. After dinner shifts, could take 50-90 mins. Gotta love the overnight construction with the MTA…

gninnehnotloc says:

~20 minutes by bike, depending on which lights I hit

Erik Martinez says:

10 minute drive, isss niiiiiice

Justin Lee says:

This bag rocks.

RJ Paras says:

I love the details on this! send me one please

cannibal social network says:

Thanks for the review! Super helpful.

Krazycheche says:

Thank you just used your discount code with a email sign in discount code got mine for $95 +tax. Around $104 every penny counts now to wait for it.

speedy says:

I’m on a 2hr walk.

Allen Lum says:

Justin Khanna good job on the review, I was wondering were you got your cover for the moribashi, love to get myself one. Thank you

mraortega16 says:

Dude. I’m a middle age wannabe cook please ULTIMATE EDGE 18 pocket triple zip knife bag review video I wanna buy it but not convinced.

baldev bharti says:

Is this in Amazon store

Andy Brown says:

When I was in the Army I ran to work and it only took about 30 min. Now that I am retired and in school it takes about 30 min to drive to UW-Tacoma. I am thinking about going to the culinary program at Olympic College after I graduate from UWT though and that will only be about a 15 min drive. Thanks for all the vids and things-love your work!

Ace says:

Good review Justin.

Devon Inman says:

30 min walk

ZomgItzKent says:

10 minute bus ride to work but an hour and a half bus/subway ride to school

Brad Lien says:

It takes me a 10 minute walk to get to work which is great.

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