Global G-2 Cooks Knife- Product Review

A good knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. I managed a few years with bargain knives and thought it was time to step up and get a good quality knife. Check out this review of my new Global G-2.

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Jack Towers says:

i love my Globals until i have to prep things for over an hour, which it starts to feel like a double edged blade as the handles aren’t the best.

KaLKar says:

which wooden cutting board would you recommend ?

Iain Wallington says:

Is this knive ok for left handed person

ZZ TOP says:

with this knife everything is possible – you can even use it in the kitchen

mister8765 says:

Good video 🙂 I just bought this one in a set for my wife – can’t wait to see her face when I give it to her

kujikiri87 says:

I tried this knife out last week, it’s super sharp. Wasn’t a huge fan of the handle – it’s a little more slender than I’m used to. But I did like how lightweight it was, the sharpness of the blade, and the fact that the handle wasn’t as slippery as it looks.

Rubber Dubber says:

excellent knife, keeps a keen edge for ages

Charlie Warlie says:

how long did it stay sharp???

Chris Friedley says:

I use one of these everyday in my restaurant, cheap chefs knife that does the job.

Andrew Lees says:

I want to see it cutting human flesh.

Aron Ásgeirsson says:

Hey i bought a global knife set and the stay sharp for a long time

Purified Water says:

Try cutting a book or some shit

Mechant Loup says:

Do you sharpen it regularly yourself or have someone else do it for you? I hear the hard Japanese steel is tough to sharpen oneself without high-end whetstones and training.

Danny Clarke says:

As a professional chef, Global knifes are very over rated. The handles aren’t very comfortable, and the fact that the only true way to sharpen one is with a very expensive Japanese duel grit whetstone is a big minus. I personally much prefer The likes of Victoriknox, Freidr Dick or wusthof. Now those are some seriously good knifes, much more comfortable, easier to maintain the razor sharp edges and they are made by companies that have been catering to chefs for hundreds of years.

Ryan Carlen says:

I just got one. Love it. Handles great

JennyBelly1983 says:

OMGoodness!!! Thats one amazingly little sucker!!!! Thank you so much for this I’m definitely gonna’ look into this!!!

Johnathon Wheeler says:

I was given one of these knifes and its the best knife i have ever used

PJ Svenska says:


Steveo Mastro says:

I LOVE POON sticker on fridge!

Gabe S says:

Great video. But I gotta ask about the “I Heart Poon” refrigerator magnet on the top left of your fridge.

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