Japanese vs Western – Masamoto Gyuto vs Wusthof Chef Knife

If you are wondering if a Japanese Gyuto or Western Chef knife is right for you, this video will help clear things up a little.

Masamoto VG Gyuto http://amzn.to/2dwOE5P
Wusthof Ikon chef/pairing http://amzn.to/2dmxgSD

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gabenovski says:

5:02 thats whats she said

Calvin Chong says:

both using Molybdenum Vandium added stainless steel, the major difference is the percentage of carbon contain in the steel. Classic wusthof using 1.4116 German steel, which is 0.5percent carbon contain..harden to around Rockwell c 56+/-, whereas Masamoto using Vg10 steel, 1percent carbon contain. harden to around Rockwell c 60+/-. means big difference in edge retention. another big difference is wusthof is drop forged knife, means no welding point in between the handle and blade. conclusion, if you want a very sharp knife.. Japanese knife. if you wan a strong and tough knife, German knife.

Daniel Storer says:

can you demonstrate/recommend your regular maintenance or preparation of the knife before/throughout a cooking session and weekly?

Simon Ocean says:

I just bought a brand new Classic Ikon 8 inch. Cost… £25 inc sales tax. From genuine dealer… therefore not a knock off.

Alex Black says:

I thought this was a bill burr video

Sulejman Tabakovic says:

I don’t like wusthof, too havy, to thick blade, cuts like a wedge (even when is shaving sharp). The handle is way to havy, no other westrn knife has handl that havy. I have over 5o kitchen chef knives and this handle is the haviest. Wusthof bad with vegetables good with meat.

I would prefer wusthof Classic. Just better knife design.

Mark Robancho says:

My top 3 gyutos are:

Takeda 250mm Sasanoha AS Stainless
Anryu Aogami #2 Blue Steel 240mm
Misono UX10 210mm Dimpled

But there is the dimpled Misono Molybdenum 210mm for 159.00 that I would purchase 10times over the Masamoto/Wusthof… My main focus is food release. Thanks for the informational video..don’t know how I ended up here. lol.

Mr Fluorido says:

because Molybdenum is an element which is used in some steel alloys. other metals in the steel , other properties of the steel

Gustav Meyrink says:

I bought a Wüsthof Classic set 25 years ago.
Lost one paring knife and the steel fell off its handle but the others are still practically like new.

Will Budic says:

Yes, the Japanese ones chip easy at tip. I use one for as the butchers knife variety. Which can be honed.
Is very good. However, I have an longer Western real Chef knife. Which I use for everything. 20/20, angle.

The European knife (Chef knife), is also my utility knife. Being and heavy handed type dude. But gentle and fast when it comes to butchering, with an sharper and slightly shorter Japanese knife. Small sharp, utility knives, are not good for my work. I get cut. (I am talking about razor sharp)

cdd1craig says:

over 60 is brittle and extremely hard to sharpen surely?…. And sharpnes isnt necessary defined by this hardness more durability as the burr is defined by the stone used

Supertomiman says:

molybdenum is an element, it’s an alloy steel, completely different from the stainless steel from the other knife.

Eric Bruns says:

Great video, thank you for the education!

Jurček Podgurski says:

Have you ever used Iseya G-series 33 Layer VG-10 Damascus Chef Knife or Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Hammered Chef Knife? I am looking at hochi knife store online.

Axel Alexson says:

Molybden is a fun little Element added to steel for durability.

Without an american accent it’s quite easy to pronounce really P:

Brandon Dreher says:

I’m just here to read comments from people who will try and debate knives all day but can’t even make a grilled cheese.

Diesel Criminal says:

много еды-много ножей…

loostah1 says:

I have the Wusthof and chef in a seafood kitchen. The sharp spine definitely takes it toll and has even cut me before. I wouldn’t change it though. Great feel and weight. I love it!

Eduardo Cortez says:

you said that you rate your knife an 8? do you mean 8 out 10? and for a premium price $160 is there a knife that you score a 10?

Bálint Bretz says:

Great video!!! Keep the good work up! 😀

andrew chan says:

Your very beneficial to my choosing a new knife and I’ve used both as a professional chef. Keep up the great you tube videos !!!

siclucealucks says:

wÜsthof – I know it is difficult to pronaunce but just for your information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iqm3MPTUy-E

Admiral LongStash says:

Strokes on the steel do not sharpen your knife. They straighten the ‘feathers’ (microscopic steel flakes) on the cutting edge.This is for every day use. Once this is not sufficient you put it to the wetstone. Than I polish the edge to a mirror finish. That will keep your ‘german’ sharp for a very long time.

Marc Rodriguez says:

doesnt want to use the tip to crush garlic. slams butt of knife with point facing neck lmao great vid tho

ebrahim alfardan says:

Molybdenum-Mo is an element. So if the steel is named that way, that means the alloy contains No, which means it will last very long.

Sebastian Neuber says:

As a german and also a big fan of Wüsthof (not Wusthof 🙂 ) your thoughts and remarks out them made me a bit proud of what my compatriots accomplished… I myself use Wüsthof Grand Prix II knifes in the kitchen and they stay sharp enough for up to 4-6 weeks (after sharpening on wetstones up to 8k grid).
Thanks for your great videos!

cb7pwn says:

and both are pretty shit


IKEA 365 + knife also Made of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, will it as good as the Masamoto?

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Very well done video. I think once you get a good copy of either of the knives you had here they would both perform great. Although getting two duds from masamoto is quite disheartening to say the least. And as for the chip in the handle you had on the 2nd masamoto, well that also poses a health risk because it’s going to also turn into a haven for bacteria to grow and fester in. Not good, so I’m glad you sent that copy back as well! As for me, I really agree that having a company that at least has some sort of US based branch for purposes of customer service issues is quite important to me as well. That’s why for Japanese styled blades, I chose to go with SHUN. They have a stellar reputation and so far I’ve purchased their Premier 7″ Santoku and Premier 8″ Kiritsuke knives. Being a professional blade sharpener, I can say without any question that they were both the sharpest knives I’ve ever received new out of the box! I was extremely impressed because being a professional sharpener myself, I know just how much extra attention went into putting that scalpel-like edge on those knives, and for them to take the time to do that was very good indicator that they really take pride in their products! So I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shun.

LeicaM11 says:

Wüsthoff really has no quality name over here. Even nobody has ever heard of “Wüsthoff”! In Germany you will buy Zwilling, WMF or Chromolith.

kim pham says:

may be wusthof blacklisting you because of this clip @@!

Andrew Danielson says:

These are clearly reviews for the common user, people. Most need to have softer steel and aren’t willing to drop thousands on sharpening supplies. Most of the best knives ever made have been horribly damaged by idiots with too much money and not enough respect, knowledge or concern for their tools. I think this is a great review in that respect. I might get one for my mom.

terry dart says:

bad review

Daniel Tsosie says:

I have a Masamoto. It was recommended by a Japanese trained sushi chef I frequented the restaurant of. I am definitely a novice cook, but getting that knife and learning to sharpen it with a whetstone made me feel like a much more a whole cook. The packaging of the Masamoto definitely makes it feel like an epic vegetable weapon 😀

zeta kan says:

what about miyabi?

Thomas Krogh says:

Nice video bro. ENJOYED it 🙂 Good day to you.

jesus christ says:

I have that exact Wusthof and prefer it to almost all of my japanese knives. For santokus and stuff though I definitely go with japanese, but for a straight up Chef’s knife I think Wusthof makes the best.

Grant Baugh says:

I bought a Wusthof just last month and I love using it. Every time I just marvel at how it handles.

Stephan W says:

Hey, would be nice to see the balance of the knife. I think it is really important for handling a knife (if you are used to it) for a longer time. Ideally it balances right between handle and blade.

Also: Steel might have been discussed now a lot. But Wüsthof uses “Solinger Standard” steel for their Ikon line if I’m right. Which is just their standard steel (Solingen = City with a lot of knife making history in Germany).
It is something like X50 Cr Mo V 15, which means there is also Molybdenum and Vanadium in there just in other concentration as in the japanese knife. Which makes for the difference in hardening.

Otherwise nice review. Keep it up.

Another german chefs knife manufacturer is “Friedrich Dick” which is used in A LOT of professional kitchens. They are a real bargain. But they are not available in normal stores. So you would have to buy them online as a private person.

D Clayton says:

A lot of good comments here and they’re right. It comes down to your own cutting style, what type of cutting and kinds of food you intend to prepare, how sharp does it need to be, how hard does the metal have to be, but more importantly, at least for me, it’s how willing you are in maintaining your knife. A $1000 knife is not worth a penny if it’s dull and not taken care of. Keep up the good work Mr Tran.

kelamuni says:

Masamoto VG is not VG 10 anymore

Matthew Cox says:

I really want to buy a Wustof. that to me seems like the best all rounder knife for your money.

Irvin Wittmeier says:

A knife with rivets just looks cheap

1 2 says:

Very professional presentation; I’m surprised you don’t have more subscribers. Anyways, I’ve subbed. I’d like to see Tuna sushi prep if you can show us how to do a simple meal.

Giotto Vongola says:

if molybdän steel is hard for you to say it should also be called 1.4116 😛 if its ezier

andrew chan says:

Wow you actually reply back too
That’s really cool watched your Shun knife video with the so called liquid metal as you called it.
That knife was beautiful sorry I missed out on that give away
But hope one day I’m lucky enough
But thank you I’ll stay in touch your awesome with cutlery knowledge thank you !!!

CoalClear says:

Pardon my ignorance but shouldn’t this be called ‘Japanese vs German’?

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