Kaizen Cutlery Chef Knife Review

Greg Tambone Reviews the Kaizen Cutlery Chef Knife and cooks some traditional Latin American food.


Keith West says:

Is shirts and hoodies all that there is in you shop so far?

Geno E says:

I love the idea of Bone cooking videos to show off the kind of different produce and food they have there!

Jack Christiansen says:

I wouldn’t even want to come back to the States, other than visiting family… You can’t get fresh food like that here.. kudos to you… I will check out that knife good job

Daniel weirdo vato says:

It needs Hotsauce like tapatio, cholula
or valentina

Panditch _ZA says:

I taught youre hunted by the Goverment?

Pippinm7 says:

Unexpected video, but enjoyable! The howling dog in the background def needs to make a cameo!

Jordan says:

I was excited when I saw a video titled “The Real Jason Bourne”. I spent 7 mins or so watching vids and reading comments to make my decision. Not even going to bash a guy for this. He’s one hell of a salesman. Money talks.

Tim Mason says:

Bro smash the garlic first then cut it

Tyler Durden says:

need any help?

Brad Tidball says:

Even contractors have gotta eat.

James Arceneaux says:

Man your cabinets are awesome

Kenny franklin says:

Love your videos. Would love to pick your brain about going south to do security work for gold mining companies

Dirtysouth 210210 says:

i’m ready for the bone tactical cooking show

Ken Budd says:

Try using the back of the knife to tenderize the meat, see what you think.

John Mora says:

Mad respect brotha. U think alot like i do about things. Just wish that our dam country get back to what it was really suppose be about, always think that founding fathers would be ashamed that we havnt taken back our country yet, enough corrupt bs. Much respect.

Daylan Trampe says:

Use the back of the knife to tenderize the meat

Rahul rahul says:

dude try to learn chef skill to cut vegetable and meat not like rambo

Isaac Hoban says:

How much is it ???

Rickyboyz 100 says:

You look good in the kitchen, rather than covered in women and mud, lol

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