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This Kamikoto Santoku Chef Knife review is something that I thought would benefit a lot of subscribers that want to learn more about chef knives. The blade on this knife is made from an incredibly hard famous Japanese steel called Niigata steel.

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John Wick says:

These knives are manufactured in China. Coupled with the fact no one’s heard of them, there is not a legitimate review for them anywhere. They use the oldest sales trick in the book called anchoring to make you think you are getting an awesome deal…
You can get a genuine hand-forged knife from Japan for less than $200 on chefknivestogo.

RasTrent says:

Read their website – these knives are MADE IN CHINA

pappy1432 says:

I reground my set to put a bevel on the other side also. I found this knife as it ships cuts a crescent shaped cut say in a large onion. I am a woodworker and as such have a professional sharpening machine incase you think it was a bad idea.
Now it cuts straight and true. Due to the excellent metal used in the knife it sharpens to shave with.
Hone yours on the opposite side and you will enjoy your knife much more!

Oweme Owemy says:

Cut the certificate in half! You don’t have a hair on your chest if you don’t..

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

that’s a very nice knife. too rich for me

Maylene McDondald says:

Whoah!!! Beautiful!

Meld says:

How’s the knife scoring pork skin?

Gerry Glauser says:

The fit, finish, weight and balance were good. However, either a simply glance or running your nail along the sharpened bevel will reveal a very jagged edge, about 120 grit. This gives a knife enough “tooth” to easily slice through tomatoes and such, but this is a very fragile edge which is never used on quality knives. As to the flat side, it is advertised as hollow ground, but it’s actually bowed out in the center. So, when sharpening, you should never try to flatten the entire side, but only remove the wire ribbon from the first 1/8″.

As to the beveled side, I adjusted the bevel and took it up to 8000 grit. It now cuts even better, with an edge that will likely last about 6 months. After a few months of use, these knives are enjoyable to use and have held up well. As I’m left-handed I can’t cut transparent slices, but still cutting very thin slices is no problem at all.

They also tell you not to use a good steel on this knife, which is plain out stupid. That edge will get turned from use, and without occasional use of a steel to straighten it, you’d need to sharpen monthly. Nothing special here, as that applies to all non-serrated knives.

Headchefmom Kendall Lawrence says:

Nice review!

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