Kitory Damascus Steel Chef Knife Review

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yout00b says:

You shouldn’t call this a Japanese knife because it’s not made by it’s not a Japanese company and it’s made in China. VG-10 is a solid Japanese steel but it isn’t the best like you mentioned. Damascus knives made today aren’t the same as the true damascus made in the 16th century and many of the so called damascus from China and India are stamped. You can buy a very nice Japanese damascus knife for around the same price from Tojiro, Yoshihro or others. Damascus doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than for looks so why have a fancy cheap Chinese knife when you can get a respected Japanese knife for about the same price? A good knife will last you many years so it’s worth the investment

Jack Burton says:

Their website doesn’t even work. IF it is forged then it’s good. Don’t fall for gimmicks. Forged not stamped.

SantaAnaRoadWildman says:

made . . .. . in . . . . . china. I will look at other options.

Strife387 says:

Hey Jack, the Damascus steel knife is $48.99 on amazon right now. Where did you get it that it was almost $100?

ptgmichael says:

no pineapple ninja slice?

Damien Probé says:

That knife is a contradiction in it self, Japanese VG-10 Steel made in china lol. I’ve also heard of some companies using a laser etching machine to make the Damascus wavy lines in the steel to give it the appearance of VG-10 steel.

Jason says:

japanese made in china lol

AntwonDaBusiness says:

VG10 is garbage if used roughly. be CAREFUL with VG10…its usually pretty chippy steel. the Damascus in that knife is cheap soft stainless and nickle cladding over the already stainless VG10…its just for looks and does not mean its a good knife just because it has a pattern on it. that stainless cladding originated in japan to help protect the CARBON steel cores. do yourself the favor and get a carbon steel (i prefer blue steel) Japanese knife…it’ll make that $97 VG10 look like a joke.

Everyday BBQ says:

Both great options IMO. I’ve used plenty of great knives that were inexpensive. Thanks for sharing, Jack!

Christopher P says:

if it doesnt pass the pineapple test its not a real knife to me…

joseph self says:

Sorry but that’s not real Damascus. it’s a stamped Pattern .

wiifan222 says:

Awesome vid jack

avader5 says:

I see Google is rather ignorant regarding the history of Damascus steel if she left out the part where they used to temper it by thrusting it through one of their enemies while it was hot!

Rrobert Morris says:

doesn’t seem as sharp as the previous knife

Cooking with Jeff says:

Chefs spend years finding and then using the same knife. I get that your’e doing a show, but I hope that in your real life you keep a knife for a while

Mr. VW O' Day says:

chinese knockoff dam as cuss el cheap o please be careful using a knife like this

Burkemper100 says:

the knife looks good jack try not to cut yourself ok

Austin Schaffer Vlogs! says:

“Hold the tip.” “Slowly put it in” “dont jam it in” “it’s not gonna bang anything” oh Jack you make it too easy

lee steven says:

Hi, Jack , this shop is doing 50% off discount promotion this week . Soon the price will be 97.99USD next week

Kent Peterson says:

Reviews Japanese Knife > Made In China On The Box…

King Kong says:

Man wheres the pineapple test, always love that.

Red Banks says:

Great stuff brother, I have been looking and reviewing to see what knife I wanna get. I am super picky and wanna only get the best for my cooks and channel! Nice video, thanks!!

Hawker5796 says:

Interesting knife review Jack! Hope this new one makes the cut! Lol

SNAP Vegan says:

Wow! Can you send me the knife you’re ditching/retiring? FYI, the NoCry gloves with the grippers work nicer. Those basic ones are slippery when you have stainless steel/plastic handles. (I’m not an affiliate)

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