Miyabi Birchwood SG2 Gyuto Chef Knife Unbox + Cut Demo + Review

Miyabi 5000 Birchwood gyuto chef knife unbox and demo. This is one of the most beautiful and most beloved knives today. See the razor sharp edge the HRC 63 SG2 steel comes out of the box.

Miyabi 5000
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mostling1 says:

Was waiting for some fingers to fly off while deseeding the apple…

coynoi says:

Please compare any Yaxell dragon knives (BD1N) to the Miyabi Birchwood (SG2) to Kramer carbon and any one of your VG10 knives. Mostly interested in the BD1N knives because there aren’t many out there.

Justin Oak says:

Thanks a lot for showing this in high definition

Daniel Heo says:

Blah – maybe you shouldn’t listen to everyone. I miss your commentary while cutting! But, having some usage footage right after unboxing is a great thing.

Matthew Nakhla says:

I just got the miyabi artisan slicer from sur la tab today. handle feels great, i was a bit skeptical when i saw it online, so ive been wanting to hold it personally before buying it.

were you trying describe a push cut?

joelruns says:

lol this is going to become an ASMR channel. xD cool demonstration though! I hope you can also improve your cutting technique. Sometimes I am confused if its because the knife is not cutting through or hesitation in your movement.

Harrison Hamada says:

love that SG2 steel which supports the 9 degree edge. I think a company would be crazy to do 9 degrees with any other steel, and even I’ve backed off my miyabi artisans to about 11 degrees.
GORGEOUS birchwood handle. Gorgeous suminagashi blade (my artisan series does not have the beautiful patterning)

Thanks ryky for another great video!!!!! And thanks for teaching people about push cutting and rocking as opposed to just hammering a blade. Thanks for discussing ergonomics for each individual person instead of “one fits all”. That’s why working cooks choose more than one blade for a specific task, a specific product, and especially the style and ergonomics of the end user.

mrskiing says:

Wow – what an amazing knife. I want one of those.

Ferenc Pabar says:

that dog must be a beloved one

ronin4711 says:

I decided from now on to give you a THUMB DOWN for these expensive knives which give you nothing more in performance vs any Victorinox $40 knife for a lot more money!!!
For all those who have a lot of money to burn or buy such an expensive “conversation piece”, well, good for you!
A much more expensive knife doesn’t make you a better cook!!!
If you think I’m wrong, I pity you!

Sulejman Tabakovic says:

you have a vegan dog 🙂 lol……..nice video, very nice knife…… This knife is on my wish list.

grant williams says:

It would be really cool to see some rock cutting along with the chop style cutting in the next showcase 🙂 (just to show how the shape of the knife does with different styles. Your explanation was great, but i thought the visual would be cool)

Michael Andersen says:

when can I come over for a dog food meal

ryan tedlock says:

ryky i am not sure if you have noticed but your colors between the two cameras are way off. Camera 1 (facing you) is much more dulled

charlie tran says:

w0000!!! More cut videos please!!!

Lukas Persson says:

Miyabi vs kramer galore!!! 😀

Adam Jones says:

Currently tied up at work…. Cant wait to watch this video. I absolutely love this knife and surprisingly don’t have one yet (silly I know). It was love at first sight, just gotta save up the $$$

ijjimenez9865 says:

Kramer carbon!!!

Jane MadMax says:

Thats one savegly good looking knife damn

Psoys says:

anymore give aways to chefs or ppl in the industry?  seems as tho i always miss them lol.  also is this open to all ppl no matter where they live, such as canada?

xXhelionXx21 bonin says:

I love mine. I sharpened it two years ago and just strop it to keep it sharp. Always cut on a wood board. No plastic or glass and she will maintain edge for years.

Ryan Wickham says:

Miyabi vs Kramer 🙂

greengohm says:

Hi Ryky! Thanks for another great video! What size is the knife in the video? It looks like it would be perfect for me, but I am not sure which size to pick.

Imperio Mata says:

For future videos, perhaps the upside down droping the vegetable (or tomatoe) on the knife’s blade would be an awesome way to show off the sharpness!

gotja says:

God I want one

Advice from pickle says:

This was awesome. Would absolutely love to see a full cut demo of vegetables using a nakiri. Keep up the great work.

chuckyz2 says:

Love that wood. And the gyuto profile. Onions and tomatoes would have been more interesting. Maybe some meats, poultry and fish?

grant williams says:

this is the one knife ive been dying to get. Thanks for doing this video!

Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB says:

Nice video. I’m still learning knives and this is my go to channel. Thanks for sharing!

Joshua Vaughn says:

What a beautiful knife, thanks for sharing. ATB

Ryan Wickham says:

Ryky don’t know if you’ve seen the Knifewear documentary on Japanese blacksmiths, but if you haven’t I think you will love it. It goes into the history, traditions and the desire to pass on the craft to the next generation. Pretty cool stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFedUlHx558

Samuel Park says:

Would love to see a cut demo with the Kramer knives (at least a comparison between the Carbon Steel and the Damascus Finish), The 2 camera angles are super helpful in seeing how the knife performs, and since the Kramer knives have such a unique design I’d love to see how it’s like to use them.

Terry Pullen says:

Thanks, beautiful knife.

Oh Asis says:

Your damned dog eats healthier and better than I do.
You forgot to add the truffles.

RG Mitchell says:

thank you for the cut demo..best to see performance !!

Justin Oak says:

Tomato test would be totally awesome. I can see it now… a composition of tomato knife tests.

Gus F says:

I want that cutting board sooooo baaaaaaaaaaad

Marc says:

I agree, this is a very beautiful knife.
But I like the forged ones out of carbon-steel much more 😛

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