New Spyderco K12 Chefs Knife Review – Full steel testing list for my cut test videos, free to all. – support me on patreon if you like, helps me do the expensive stuff!

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Ozyrob2 says:

Great review Pete. Thanks!!

Shawn Wilson says:

I think you did a good review on a chief’s knife.

EDC elephant says:

Jesus Pete. How could you hold that knife that way!? You’re worse than Hitler!

Ed Locher says:

The amount of ketchup you put on those sandwiches literally made me gag. Great review though.

MyLawschool says:

Think your sandwich needed some Basil…

Strangely Brown says:

Good to see you delving into the world of Chefs Knives. I’ve been researching them and fully refurbished an old Chef Knife that I was going to throw away but is now back in service. Any knife enthusiast will pick them up fast. What you say about avoiding dishwashers and giving the edges a bit of love and attention really pays off. The steels are either carbon or stainless but max out on production blades at the VG10/4116 level. You only need moderate edge retention and durability but high corrosion resistance. The Germans make great standard Chefs knives but the Japanese are the Masters of precision slicing in the kitchen.

davidaxman says:

Most importantly, what are you frying with the onions? Some sort of potatothing?

Austin Fox says:

Did your wife just peel the mushrooms before chopping? Have I been doing it wrong all this time?

Matt K says:

You Aussies eat the weirdest shit XD

DOITNOW00 says:

I think the other thing is that Spyderco choose to use vg10 but didn’t think to make it a Damascus layered or even just three layer sanmai vg10 would have justify the cost a little better, consider Spyderco is such a big company now and they can afford to drive the cost down.

Jack FarmBoy says:

You know this is a great way to get the wife interested more in knives as a practical everyday use item versus trying to explain why a ZT is worth it. Interesting video

subroc says:

How do kitchen knives from knife companies compare to ones from dedicated kitchen knife brands like Henckels and Wusthof, etc? I’ve been tossing up the idea of getting a Chris Reeve Sikayo or a Bark River Petty-Z, but not sure if I’d be better served getting something from a traditional brand.

Brandon Purcell says:

That is a very weird sandwich

knife sharpening norway says:

Looks like a good blade the tojiro dp is also a good vg10 blade. And yeah the hole is just stupid

Try a shibata kotetsu gyuto will be the best kitchen knife you ever tried

Shaked Tollman says:

I know I’ve posted this on another comment, but there are CPM S35VN Kitchen knife companies that come in at VERY reasonable prices such as: New West Knifeworks and Warther Cutlery

Dylan Castle says:

Hash brown sandwich?! Thats nasty

TheRevDr says:

Pinch grip? It doesn’t look like you or your wife use the pinch grip but how comfortable a knife is when using that grip is important to me and many others.

I think it is a solid knife but I also think it will mostly appeal to those that are into pocket knives and know the Spyderco brand. There are tons of kitchen knife brands that pocket knife guys have never heard of that are typically considered a better value (better knife in general at a lower price point).

Good call on that sharp back edge/corner. That little sharp corner is generally the spot that bites me when a kitchen knife bites me.

DOITNOW00 says:

Dude are you saying you have been a knife guy for this long and you had not even got one higher end kitchen knife at home until now?

Alexander Binz says:

ive heard you talk about knife facebook groups in the past for australians? id love to know the names of some good groups cuz I’d like to maybe get to know some people and start trading, cheers!

Adam Smythe says:

That wld be a good base for modding an edc fixed blade. Could get 2 out of it if u had extra handle material. Kinda heretical to chop it up tho

Gadget yoyo says:

Dun like it. No bolster. Maybe I’m use to traditional German design. Asian knives also dun use honing steel. A well made Asian (Chinese, Korean and Japaneses) are usually up to 62 on the Rockwell scale. We use a stone to sharpen it. European knife are usually up to 58. So a honing steel can straighten the edge.
Never seen a high carbon knife edge patina. The patina is removed b sharpening. I’ve seen some sushi fillet knife with a concave due to sharpening.

Gummy Bear says:

this is it next to a grape
this is it next to a banana
this is it next to a carrot

Tony Canniffe says:

Anyone use a big Opinel dan la cuisine? 10, 12? Sandvik steel

Wilson Miranda says:

This Spiderco kind of looks like my knife, not too far.
Like you, I`m not a kitchen knife guy, but got one nicer. In my case, I got the Kramer by Zwilling. The knife looks awesome, the handle is in the thick side for a kitchen knife, but it`s super comfortable. The design was what called my attention, so beautiful. There are three versions: a stainless steel in 61HRC , noo they don`t tell what steel is that, cost $200. A carbon steel, 52100, for $300. And a damascus steel, SG2, for 400. I have the cheaper one and I really like it. Would have probably bought the damascus one if I knew it was SG2 in the situation I bought the cheaper one. I mean, I would not pay 400 bucks for a kitchen knife lol, but I had 50% off in the situation so…

Steven Robertson says:

baton it

airpaprika says:

Your cutting technique is wrong. Please check Gordon Ramsay’s video on how to cut properly (three finger technique) with chef’s knife. Love your videos btw.


Atta boy, always a pleasure to hear from you.


Great review. The K12 is a solid offering from Spyderco. Kitchen knives are a world apart from folders and I don’t see Spyderco shifting away from that but I appreciate that they are offering a quality product line for folks who may be familiar with Spyderco quality and design and wanting to dip their toes into the expansive world of fine kitchen cutlery. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it over time. Handles on the K12 are very comfortable, among some of the nicest I’ve felt even on more expensive knives.

Brad Hutchison says:

Isn’t it funny that knife guys always seem to forget about high end kitchen knives until relatively late in the obsession? I finally got a few nice pieces, including a huge Northwoods chef’s knife in cts-xhp last year.

Therune says:

Ohh wish I had that knife in my kitchen.

Angry Guinea Pig says:

I think you can better buy a real chef knife. You pay way to much for that spyderco logo, look at global knifes they are good if you have small hands or if you have normal/large hands go for one from Zwilling or Sabatier. These are well known knifes in the chef world and used all over the globe.

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