STERNSTEIGER Achilles 8″ Chef Knife review

We take a look at an amazing piece of design from Sternsteiger in the form of their 8″ Achilles chefknife thats not only a head turner, but also a great kitchen tool


LiftBigEatBigVideo says:

I dig it

To0chilled says:

I really like ur review! BUT those are NOT thin cuts! and the knife when it cuts the tomato doesnt look very sharp!

Also: every high quality knife should be cleaned and dried after each use to sustain the sharpness!

Incendri says:

So here is the question, were you paid for this review or do you not know a ton about knives? You can see, quite clearly, when you are doing the cutting test that the knife is not that sharp. The tomato cuts are obviously not as smooth as they should be.
You can see it’s not push sharp and it’s barely draw sharp. Certainly not “razor sharp”.

Your reveiws are only as good as you are honest about them…

Dora J Crow says:

I thought you would’ve cut apples, potatoes and carrots to show the sharpness. I can cut bell peppers, cukes, and grape tomatoes w any cheap low end knife that isn’t particularly sharp. Don’t get me wrong, your review is awesome. You did a fantastic job all the way around. I only know that from someone like me, who cuts up meat; whole chickens, lamb off the bone as well as venison. I need more examples than soft veg being cut. I don’t own any expensive knives that cost more than $75 for a 8” chef knife, but I keep them sharp and make them work. I love the design of this knife. You show it off well. It’s a gorgeous piece of work. I would’ve just loved to see it put to task more than it was. Thanks. daily dose of dora

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