Okay, maybe it’s just MY truth about these knives, but I wanted to share my experience after using their stuff for a few weeks now, and make sure you can make the best decision for yourself.
Dalstrong Knives:

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My first knife when I started cooking was a Dalstrong Shogun series chef knife, for a starter it was pretty much perfect. It looked sexy, felt like it was a hefty well balanced knife. The downside was the ‘S’ shaped edge that Justin mentioned, it scratched the shit out of the knifes biggest selling point (in my opinion)- the look. If you want the best of the best, I dont think dalstrong can provide that but keep in mind that Dalstrongs price points are far more affordable.

Krom1hell says:

Bought the kiritsuke and chef knife…they did come razor sharp but after a day of cheffing and prepping they lost their sharpness…Got a good batch, because after a strop they were back sharp again… The thing is that i dislike bit is that they scratch fast, other then that I find using it pretty enjoyable … I have knives that aren’t scratched from cutting that are pver 2 years old…so that was a gripe of mine…but they are wustof and masterchef….All in all, they are good for the price…and the handle is probably better than most…Only time will tell…

Alex says:

Chinese knifes “popular”? Completely new to me… Bro, what are you talking about? I buy japanese style knifes because:

1. Japanese love perfection and put it into their work – and i like that
2. They use damastene steel techniques
3. Knives are hand crafted (ones i buy) – and ones that aren’t i still consider valuable and of high quality

So why should i be excited about cheap chinese crap manufactured at a factory? Just another cheap copy for poor people. And definitely only poor people buy them – no chef would ever consider buying such crap! The feeling of using one of those for cooking would be like using like using plastic cuttlery vs silver cuttlery. If i happen to encounter someone who brags to me about those Dalstrong “japanese” knifes, i will sure make my point of view clear right away, hahahaha! =‘D

Brett Medeiros says:

I find myself drawn to the 9.5 phantom.

trinitysmate says:

I just got the kiritsuke for xmas

Kyle Buckley says:

Great video man, have you tired the boning knife? I’m between the shogun or wusthof. Currently use a shun chef knife daily for work and love the reliability and the way it holds an edge. Looking for something similar in a boning knife

MaZEEZaM says:

I DON’T want this knife 😀 lol Nice review.

fiddler on the bike says:

well, I rather use a high quality life time lasting German knife with straight edge than a Chinese “Damaskus” knife with a curved one. Let them for those wannabe’s who need them

Jason Moonsmith says:

I started with the Phantom series. Great design, and the softer of the high end steels gave me lots of practice sharpening. I’m a starting pantry chef at a country club, and do mostly push cuts. Can’t wait to get my Shogun kiritsuke working. Thanks for the heads up to hone the edge out of the box. If anyone wants to try out Dalstrong, just check Amazon deals every day. I picked up the $120 Shogun kiritsuke for $88 on a daily deal. If you want the best quality, go with a better knife. If you want great quality at a very good price, go with Dalstrong.

tom faro says:

I just want a good carving knife for brisket. And a good filet knife for fat. What do you recommend

William Bartlett says:

My thoughts exactly. I did a review on the Shogun series 9.5 gyuto a couple years ago, and I was not impressed. It failed miserably in cutting carrots, and didn’t fair well with a tomato test. I tried polishing and stopping the edge to see if it would do better, but same results. Gave it to a friend, was asked to sharpen it every month or so. In my opinion, Dalstrong failed at duplicating a Japanese style blade. I used to see chefs getting stoked about receiving their Dalstrong in Facebook groups all the time. they have been far and between lately.

J. Simon says:

Couldn’t agree more. Dalstrong products are absolute garbage. I had the Gladiator 6″ chefs knife & the Shogun petty knife. I ended up giving them both away. The customer service however is great. If you’re unhappy with a knife, you can keep the knife and get a new one from any series and only pay the difference, or give you a full refund. Unfortunately you’ll be doing this constantly because their products suck.

Herman Andreasen says:

I like honest reviews 🙂 Subscribed!

Nik Raval says:

Nice knives, but il stick to my miyabi’s

Pyra Gorgon says:

Dalstrong are crap. I bought the Santoku Omega and it broke when I wiped it off on a scrubbie sponge. “Hypersteel” is just gimmicky bull****.

To make matters worse, Dalstrong has no real customer service. They couldn’t even be bothered to reply to my critical review with photos.

craig sayer says:

Hi justin just found your channel I have a kiritsuke from dalstrong I have no problem with a rocking motion when using it admittedly it’s not as high a rocking as say a European knife but you can do it but hey good review

peshinski says:

yea, he’s

trinitysmate says:

Has anyone got experience of buying knives from aliexpress?

Jak Crow says:

If those knives had chips in their edges and were bent, they should be sent back for replacements instead of putting up with them.

Fabio NL says:

I am a blade enthusiastic. I really love every kind of blade, from hunting and bushcraft knives to kitchen knives, from swords and machetes to axes. I love to cook, then I have a special appreciation for kitchen knives. I owned knives made by many different brands. Nowadays, I have many cheap knives for my wife’s use (LOL), and more expensive ones for my pleasure. I have one Zwilling J. A. Henckels Miyabi, one Global, one Pro-Balance, two Shun Premier, and seven Dalstrong plus two more that I’ve just bought. I consider the Shun Premier knives the best knives I’ve ever had, but Dalstrong knives caught my attention and made me their fan. Of course, the Shogun series is the best. I have a 10″ Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife that is simply amazing in every aspect. It cuts huge pieces of beef easily and smooth. I have no complaints about my Dalstrong knives. None of them has any defect. All of them came razor sharp just out of the box. Okay, they are little heavy with the balance towards the handle; however, it is nothing that really bothers me considering I’m not a professional chef cooking extensively. My last Dalstrong acquisition is the new Shadow Black Series 8″ Chef’s Knife, which I’m anxious to put my hands on.

Jo Mormont says:

IDK what it is, but I really love Dalstrong more than pretty much any other brand overall. It’s not the best performance-wise, definitely not. But I just love the way they present it and the quality in that price range is so good as a home cook imo. I rather have their presentation and a decent blade vs a really good blade and a bad presentation. I’m weird like that.

Panzer Faust says:

I bought the Shogun 6in chefs knife.Looks cool.I like that feature alone.

roelgg says:

Just ordered my Shogun X 6 inch Chef’s knife. I will post a review when I get it.

Minh Nguyen says:

I agree with you 100% with Dalstrong knives. I got their new gladiator yanagiba knife and it came out of the box pretty dull and their filet knife is decently sharp but completely dull after filet 3 fishes. I dont hate them but you get what you pay for. Lesson learned.

Derek Anwar says:

I want the gladiator

Kass Inwilai says:

I bought the Gyuto 9.5 it was good but i had the same issue with the sharpening aswell

Jeff Smith says:

Interesting perspective I collect and love small batch small shop Japanese knives made by true craftsman and lord knows I’ve spent a lot of money on them but they’re worth every penny to me… I then bought a dalstrong phantom 10” chefs knife to use day to day out of curiosity and it’s absolutely fine to own and use it did come sharp enough, it’s AUS8 so it’s not the best steel but it’s soft and sharpens quick doesn’t rust hasn’t chipped good food release I really have no issues unless I compare to much more pricey knives… good buy to me for people who are just looking for a functional knife that will last a long time

Ealison Zhu says:

Did you get paid to do this?

Shiba Burn says:

The thing that bothers me most about Dalstrong is that a certain channel hawks all their products but does not disclose that he is getting compensated, which is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Endorsement Guides. I hope the FTC sends them a present in the mail… a minty fresh Enforcement Action.

Peter Herschberger says:

I love my dalstrong knifes

Daniel Lee says:

Its not a chinese company

daAnder71 says:

“Stupid edgeless heel“ is a good description of a bolster. In times where German knife companies get away from bolsters – once regarded as a sign of quality – because they are losing market share to Japanese knife makers, it makes one wonder why a young Asian company makes knives with bolsters at all.

FlyBaby says:

I ordered The Dalstrong Shogun x, sent them back. No different that a number of other Chinese knives that cost a fraction of the cost. The other Chinese knives make either the same or even more ludircrous specs on their listings. Buy quality Japanese knives and get what you pay for. These Dalstrong knives are made for housewives who want shiny baubles. This steel should be hard like my other VG10 blades but it’s actually made with a small convex grind that is hidden by the soft cladding and the core is softer than it ought to be. Hardness is very inconsistant. I don’t recommend them.

Dora Wang says:

my first one was the bone Cleaver, 1.3lbs. I just need a heavy cleaver to break down a whole chicken. It worked for me, so I bought two more. I am thinking to buy a Shun next time.

Daniel Ball says:

Subscribed. Excellent video! No wasting time, all info useful, everything was rad. Great job.

BakersBiscuit says:

I didn’t know Bobby Brady was doing knife reviews. Great job. I sent my first Dalstrong back because it was too heavy. Found an oem called Wallop that I absolutely love – it’s a 10″ Chef’s knife, Damascus. I’m here because I keep hearing differing opinions on the authenticity of the Damascus.

paleryder says:

I have the Shogun Kiritsuke, and the Phantom Yanagiba. I am pleased with both. I sharpen my own cutlery. They were sharp on arrival and hold an edge well. Guess I was just lucky, no s curves or other defects. I am a home cook and they are quite satisfactory. They are decent quality, the price is good, and if you have a problem with one of their products their customer service is reported to be outstanding. I also own Shun Cutlery and they compare favorably.

Nick Wagner says:

Puberty is hard. But i appreciate the quick and honest review. It brought up flaws that I haven’t seen discussed before but still let me know that I wouldn’t regret purchasing from Dalstrong.

Just Drea says:

Great review. I have been all over the the internet and amazon debating on my new future knife set. I came across The shogun series and felt some kind or heart flutter. But the mixed reviews Has delayed me from buying anything until today. I am a total home cook “when I cook” but I like a good set of knives when I do. I will keep looking for something else.

Bright side, after debating for a month, I am not going to get them. Thank you for your honest feedback.

Met3lAngel says:

Can you review zhen brand knives?

Steve Prince says:

Cheap product, poorly finished, rotten customer support. My knife was distorted too. All Dalstrong have done is put a cheap knife in a very expensive package, the packaging even the Gladiator comes in is ridiculous beyond belief. I returned mine and put the money to the knife I should have bought to start with. The fact they have dropped ( and continue to drop) so much in price tells you all you need to know about Dalstrong.

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