The Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Review

How does this knife stand against my Moritaka AS Gyuto? Is a $40 knife as good as a $170 knife? Here’s a short review of the Victorinox Fibrox 8 Inch Chef’s Knife.


misfit says:

I was a scout and cadet so Victorinox is in my DNA but I do not have this knife so off to purchase as looks lovely. Thank you

Tor-L says:

What a amateur jerk…. Hiiihiiii…. 🙂 With YT, every nobody with no clue can post a review about anything….hiiiiiii 🙂

flamingracinette says:

ur skills need work’

theshapeexists says:

I sharpen my knives every two weeks in my restaurant, and hone them every day. If your japanese steel was sharpened it would be as good if not better than the victorinox. I have 12 victorinox in my kitchen that i rotate. 6 stay at the restaurant while 6 are out for sharpening. They are excellent but can be outclassed when your japanese steel is 100% cared for.

parahumanoid says:

All in all, I’m impressed. For the price, it seems like a good knife. Plus, the Swiss do know their shit when it comes to metal. So I think I’m going to buy one. I very much believe that a high-carbon Jap knife is leagues ahead of it, but alas, I cannot afford it. It’s just more than I’m willing to pay for a knife: it’s a quarter of a price for the Kenwood Cooking Chef processor (and that is a good one). So I guess, for now I’ll leave those knives to someone who starts their morning with polishing their katana with the hair of a virgin, or whatever else religious thing you folks do with the Japanese blades.

Wally Friend says:

I agree with most of the negative posts here. I have done a side by side comparison of the victorinox with shun, wushtof and Mac knives. It is the worst knife of the bunch. It is fine for the price but not great. It’s better than other cheapies but not world class knives. And I really don’t like the cheap rubbery handle at all but to each his own.

mrstephenporter says:

There is one thing wrong with this review…. the reviewer doesn’t understand knives.
i make, restore and up grade various knives hence me being on your video.
These two knives are designed for totally different jobs. Price is nothing to do with it.
The jap knife most likley has a single sided bevel
The swiss has a symetrical flat ground bevel
These proove to serve 2 completely diferent cuttung styles or purposes.
Still though…. Big up the V

Robbie M says:

Thumbs up! Going to get this knife now 🙂

DoomDevil says:

I hope all the dislikes told you something!!

Siliance Gaming says:

The Moritaka is dull as my left shoe, wtf you do with it? Or never sharpened it??

وسيم الحر إبن الحر says:

أريد من هذه السكين السويسرية

Pete Zereeah says:

Just received the Vic a few days ago. It is seriously sharp. Clearly, the Swiss put the money into the blade, rather than the handle. But, it is well balanced and firm to the grip. The blade slices paper like butter, and will actually push through paper without slicing. I showed this to my wife. She said, “Why do you bring this stuff into the house? I won’t touch that thing for 2 years.”

Stephen Foster says:

your  Morotaka knife is dull as I can see the edge and you should use a draw cut not a push cut . I do love Victor-Inox……not victorionox. Its the Victor knife company , Inox means stainless in French

KnifeCrazzzy says:

Your moritaka needs a sharpening ;P haha i love both though thank you.

Matt Harrison says:

listen to the sound between knives. one is blunt. can’t you tell? compare apples with apples man. maintenance is what you lack.

Roger Nevez says:

is it possible that the moritaka is not as well sharpened as the victorinox?

Kniteknite23A says:

flip through horizontally first and then do Your verts =)

Wild Borego says:

Sharp knife is a good knife a dull knife is bad

Jpwned says:

I think your Moritaka needs a sharpening.

therealchickentender says:

Is this just to generate click revenue? Did I just help?

NattySawer says:

These inexpensive swiss knives are or were designed to be house knives for restaurants. They have sold these from commercial suppliers long before they came to the civilian market. House knife meaning if you didn’t have a knife then there should be a few of these laying around. And they are nice cause they are inexpensive, they get beat up. But better then having $200 Wusthof etc. Price doesn’t mean a lot. JA knives are expensive and they are crap, they once had a decent product but now it has gone to complete crap. It’s all about how it performs in the end, and how the user maintains it.

JACO10110011 says:

have you ever sharpened these knives?

parahumanoid says:

Geez! Someone’s knife is dull as hell! Sharpen it, willya?!

Michael Sides says:

I honestly don’t understand why in the world you have a $200(+/-) knife and treat it that way. I’m sorry, The Moritaka can smoke the Victorinox if you would take care of your blades.

Adam Yarbough says:

your moritaka is dull… i can tell by how much noise it made when you cut the tomato and how much you struggled to get through the skin.

sleeplesseye says:

The quality of the Victorinox seems to be largely based on having a more ideal design, as far as the blade and handle shape and grip, as well as the weight and balance.

There are sharper blades out there, no doubt, but it’s hard to argue against the optimized ergonomics and design of a good modern chef’s knife, which do a better job of translating your efforts into effective chopping and slicing. I love the elegant design of classic Japanese knives, but optimized for ergonomics they are not, and there’s little doubt that the Victorinox is more specialized towards its particular function.

If Moritaka did a similar chef’s knife design, they would no doubt rack up some pretty stellar results, where the quality of its blade would shine through.

TheKvack says:

both knifes are blunt

bioches says:

Why is this pussy reviewing a knife when he can’t even cut?

Hậu Huỳnh says:

C’mon you can’t even dice an onion finely 🙁

Tock Tick says:

poor knife skills, extended use of any knife smacking a cutting board like that will kill the edge. I use shun and victorinox knives pretty interchangeably. victorinox is better if you’re on a budget or lack proper knife skills. Japanese knives use a harder metal, and more petite edge which makes them more prone to chipping and dulling without proper skills and maintenance.

Avrahami Avrahami says:

The vicrotinox is no doubt a GREAT knife, but you Moritaka is as dull as it gets. poor comparison.

Howard Johnson says:

Good show


Vodge Nicoli says:

The Moritaka is soooo much sharper. You just need to learn how to sh s down it I guarantee most of the people commenting can show you up with our knives. My knives slide right through. They all out perform my victorious easily. Victorious is what I use at work. It does really well but not better than a shun, a Moritaka, or kikuichi. Buy some stones from chef knives to go. The sell amazing stones that cut very well and refine your blade. I also recommend getting a strop.

Hayzee Blazee says:

you need to sharpen your knife dude. Of course a freshly bought victorinox is going to be sharper than your neglected moritaka.

Dirk Diggler says:

Do you get paid commission every time you say Moritaka? You’re only taking about the comparison of two knives. Just get on with it please. I appreciate you taking the time to make this vid, I’m simply being frank with a dash of sarcasm.

グラワートクライブ says:

Your knife skill is really really really poor. Embarrassing to watch…
I’m Japanese and your fucking knife wasn’t sharp at all…you should learn how to sharpen your knife.

Ramon Donestevez says:

By the way you cut, you have to be a fag!!

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