The World’s Most Wanted Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

I just got gifted the knife that everyone in the knife world wants. You will not believe this unboxing video. Find out, what knife holds the title of the worlds most desirable and wanted Japanese gyuto chef knife.

Masamoto KS –

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jan perkovič says:

giveaway pls just started watching your channel and i love it…hope u do a giveaway and i get this knife would mean a world to me

Sylvano Asselman says:


Grand Champ says:

lolol “Can you get me one of the most sought after knives efter?” *Jokingly.
Recieves a whole box of them.
Dude, I think Professor X is the Yakuza lol.

Eduardo Suson says:

Talk too much

TheExegetic says:

Officially in debt to the Yakuza now

Tyson Cheek says:

I just discovered your channel and am thrilled to be learning so much about knives. What a fantastic gift you’ve been given with these. Congratulations and I wish you continued success.

Trevor Williams says:

Those things look serious AF.

Wilson Miranda says:

So what was the reason?

wrightyyy1991 says:

Hopefully you get to 100k.
You just earned another sub with me. Awesome channel and content keep it up

akwan108 says:

What it is with the hype around the Masamoto KS? They turned into this mystical rare unicorn knife when they went out of stock. I don’t think their is anything exceptional special about them other than the unique profile. This knife may suit some people and not others depending on your usage and cutting style but it’s not the best or most desired knife ever by a long shot.

Jay Matsumoto says:

Very belated congratulations, Ryky. I’ve been a subscriber for a few months now and just happened upon this video today. I understand that your channel’s on hold briefly while you relocate. Best of luck reaching your 100k subscriber level. I’d love to see what you and Prof X can come up with. Hope the family is well and safe. Aloha and thanks for all you do. You’re accolades are well deserved.


Give away please

Tobias Bründler says:

I searched for that knife as a gift for my father for a long time. If you sell one I would buy one.

david m says:

You can donate one to me… I’m in love with those. I hate you, no I don’t .but I can’t believe that you are sooooooo lucky to get those. Plz let me know what your going to do.

Retrocare says:

it is a gift for you, if you give them away they might end up in unprofessional hands that won’t do the knife justice. Just keep them and do what you want to do with them as they are unavailable and you might regret giving them away.

Josh Logan says:

I would do anything for a knife like that

John Ward says:

I have been looking the KS for a while so I’m so down for a give away.

toothache90 says:

i think do a charity auction but also giveaways to charity soup kitchens. They are a generous gift from Prof. X so would be equally generous of you to provide someone perhaps an aspiring young chef if he/she were gifted one. I’m also going to subscribe bc i want you to reach 100k to see if Prof X can to something with you in the future.

DonationGames says:

make a giveaway to your subscribers 🙂

hawknives says:

Those are Beautiful! Great Gift! I would have asked for a Japanese Power Hammer.

sanka perera says:

If you here to look at the knives, 6.30

1/3 of the video is bs

Janine Ruth Castaños says:

if I happened to find one what would be a good price to pay to get one? thanks

Kenneth Watkins says:

That is a very beautiful knife.

DemoEra says:

Just subbed, go get that brand! 🙂 good luck!

corey mcintyre says:

Way to go! I love this channel and have been watching religiously. A couple of my buddies are watching now too!

That Tall Guy says:

Well. Seems you joined the yakuza faster than you knew what was happening…. heard it’s more difficult to leave though, so watch out Ryky! 😉

Mohd Khairi Jahro says:

Give me just one please…

215Jayb says:

Can I have one

Walter Reid says:

I need that knife

Numb Tee says:

You sir are one lucky b@#tard!…..I hate you….just kidding….”Mr. Jealous” is in the house….

Cam G says:

wicked score lucky you buddy keep up the good videos

AlabamaAfghan says:

It’s a $250 knife you can order online. Stop shilling, zipperhead.

adrian torres says:

Its nice to have one of that knife

David Clark says:

I am just learning about knives and the love of cooking. All I have is cheap knives I got from Target and would like to know if someone can tell me a great knife to get as a first professional knife?

Masahiro Saruwatari says:

I really think that the guy who sent you these gifts by going to the maker of these knives and askes him to make 10 of them at gun point or something.

Vince G says:

Best wishes to you and your channel. I love kitchen knives and have always been fascinated with Japanese katana’s and kitchen knives.. I hope to one own one of each. Good luck with the channel . Great work

Ray Stev says:

can you help me … i was looking for a pocket knife, … i had for a long time a swiss knife but now i want a japanese knife a tanto knive ….is there one you can one recommend??

Mr.Brick Top says:

im gonna subcribe thats some beautiful knife

Sean Adams says:

20k in chef knifes nice dude

Burrfection says:

Please share this video and help my grow to 100K subscribers! Especially, my people on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter! Something INSANE will happen soon.

Alex Hakobyan says:

Let me buy one

Kevin Wang says:

just subscribed to your channel and purchase my first batch of stones and equipment after watching your channel. Someone from Sous Vide Everything channel mentioned about you because he was telling the channel owner Guga about sharpening knives. Guga is also a knife collector, maybe you can coop with him and his channel to bring the subscribers from both channels. Your channel and Sous Vide Everything has lots in common and I’m sure the Audiences are similar to me that would appreciate your channel as well.

Here’s the link to their channel, maybe you can trade some very nice cuts with Guga with the knives, I wish I could have one too, just that I’m afraid that a nice knife of this will be a waste in my hands.

ronnie cason says:

i mean the man did say he personally knew Masamoto san

Kal-Raul says:

I will point every veteran your direction

We all appreciate a sharp knife

we would all donate our hard-earned money to see your dream come true

we should all subscribe so you can change the world’s kitchens the way free People do

The power of your idea

The concept

Your dedication should be brought to life

TheWelshy83 says:

No one gives a shit about your bollocks back story. Get on with it you cunt

Kyu Tee Lee says:

HERE IS A TIP on International Business and How it is done. 1. If a person is serious about doing business with you they will ask you what you would like as a giftand send it. 2. In your case he wants you to reach 100k subscribers. You wanted a that knife. 3. The best thing you can do is for THE PERSON that becomes the 10thK subscriber above where your subscriber count is now. Then for the next 10thK subscriber after that from the new subscriber count. Making sure they are a new subscriber is to make a giveaway video for a giveaway, you will reach 100k fast. So write down the people who are presently your subscribers so you have that data. 4. He gave you the gift of succeeding by giving you items as a serious incentive for people to subscribe. There is no such things as good luck …. there is only opportunities to make your own luck. 5. One of those knives is your personal momento from him. I have subscribed so even I am excluded from a subscriber giveaway. This iswhat I believe he had in mind. You can contact him to see if I am correct but I do not need to. If you want to gift me something for my sage wisdom I would prefer a white wet stone.

Gray Au says:

Meanwhile cheap Tojiro #2 cutting just as well for 1/10th the price….

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