Wusthof Forged vs Stamped Knives (Classic vs Gourmet)

What is the difference between Wusthof’s forged and stamped knives? If the price difference worth if for a great German forged knife? Watch before you buy your next knife.

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이찌방나미 says:

Different steel?? Classic vs not fullteng

Harrison Hamada says:

and even the “stamped” ones are laser cut, not cookie cutter cut like many other companies do

Damz Trank says:

I wish I’d subscribed to your channel when I worked prep years ago, I got to learn on my own, hear, and steal my own methodology. I’ve worked along side those that would purposely blunt an edge or idly tap a beat with blade edge. On. SS. Surface.
With a diamond sharpening steel and honing steel I could shave… learned to never let my babies out of my sight. I’ll look up your steel and rod videos either here or burrfection.

Jeffrey Forrest says:

Wusthof website says the Gourmet line has Polyoxymethylene (POM) Handles.Not plastic.

Automatic No Static says:

I’ve been a sous chef for almost 20 years and after picking up the stamped Pro knife, I will NEVER go back to full tang knives.

TruthNerds says:

I was going to buy one of their “Classic” knives, but then I heard that they are forged.


Roving Punster says:

I had a forged wusthof trident 10″ chef for 20+ years, and some time ago I used to be one of its primary reviewers on amazon. It is a great all purpose multi role chef knife, albeit a tad soft (HRC 56ish at the time i bought it … AFAIK most are 58 now), but the one and only thing i grew to dislike about it was the obsolete and downright annoying full bolster. Most casual users who are generally clueless about regular edge maintenance and proper knife skills probably wont notice, but as someone who does, I know better from long experience – over time, with wear and tear and repeated sharpenings, the bolster gets increasingly in the way of sharpening the knife and maintaining a profile that is flush with your cutting surface. Eventually I got so annoyed i bought a diamond lapping plate and ground it back out of the way of the edge. Eventually, after having lost a full 1/2″ of height to years of regular use, I regifted it to a friend with a new profile and edge. Ive since moved on to a better knife … one with harder and tougher steel that supports a much more aggressive edge angle.

Bottom line – with modern steel, good design, and proper handling, full bolsters that extend all the way to the heel of the knife are not just obsolete, they’re unnecessary and are actually a deterrant against purchase by heavy regular users who know better.

In addition to upgrading to a more modern high performance steel, I really wish wusthof would ditch the full bolsters. Just because they look nice does not mean they belong on the blade.

Peter Parker says:

As a professional cook i use the ikon series.

judy naruse says:

Is there any difference between the Wusthof Ikon and Wusthof Classic Ikon??

Maksim Geyman says:

I have Ikon knives that say on the blade “Made in Germany/Solingen” and other Ikon knives that just say on the blade “Solingen Germany”. Is there a difference which factory the knives are manufactured as I’m concerned between those two wordings.

Shadi Gif says:

Cutlery and less

Sulejman Tabakovic says:

Nice video Ricky……. I have ikon and classic ……… I like classic very much.

1959Berre says:

I have a classic. It was a present from my mother about 20 years ago. I use it every day. It is showing some wear, but it cuts like the first day.

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