Wusthof Knives Complete Lineup Comparison

Here is a look at Wusthof’s complete lineup of knives. We will review the Classic, Ikon series, Culinar, Grand Prix, Gourmet, and Professional or Pro series. Everything you need to know about every Wusthof is in this video.

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What about the cleaver, the skillet, and the bread knife?

benlg says:

Perfect presentation – clear, well spoken and excellent video quality and camera angles. The Classic and Ikon look the best, thanks and subbed!

Paula Stephenson says:

Excellent video. I wish he had told what size knives those were.

Neva Hudson says:

What a great review, it is great to have the complete range lineup comparison so that you can understand the difference between each series of knives and be able to make a informed decision on what knives you wish to purchase.

Fandy Dharmawan says:

Super useful information thanks again for the fantastic video

chris heyer says:

You are very thorough,thank you so much for the info.

Harrison Hamada says:

I’d also add that the GP2 knife is antibacterial and VERY non-slip. It also is very comfortable for long periods of cutting because the handle has some “give” to it

And those wusthof pros are AMAZING. They are rapidly replacing victorinox iberox as the “house knife” (owned by the company, not by the chef) because they take a better edge, keep that edge longer (higher Rockwell), and the handles are antibacterial and have better ergonomics than victorinox and they are more comfortable to use. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

damullins0 says:

I have had my Classic set for about 16 years. I use them daily and they are as good now as they were the day I purchased them. Great investment if you like to cook,

Darwin Naranjo says:

Very informative video!!! Keep up the good work!

Merrit Olson says:

Wustof seems like and awesome knife, and I hope to have one some day.
I only hope people don’t put a lot of stock in a factory razor edge as influencing their purchase decision for any knife, since it will be dull in 5 days of serious use. The perfect angle? Yes. Sharpness? Not so much.
Great review, Ryky, as always!

TheRacerRich says:

How is the epicure handle vs the classic for someone with big hands?

DjKidChameleon says:

Im so torn, Ive been using cheap knives for 20 years and im ready to invest in a good chefs knife thats going to last me a long time. I intend to eventually invest in some whetstones and learn to sharpen my own blades. Ive been leaning toward the 8″ ikon for its ergonomic handle.

I had also been eyeing the Global G2 but as I have large hands im not sure the G2 would be right for me. Im wondering what you think of hollowed edge ikon and if its worth the extra money they charge for them vs. the standard ikon? Ive read alot of people getting their wusthof knives from amazon and them arriving poorly packaged, damaged, and sometimes as dull as their cheap knives.
Thanks for your vids!

Raiyvenhawk 79 says:

Im confused which knife is the best?

Philip Davis says:

What about the Xline?

Dr. Rez says:

I love my Classic but come on the best german steel? For the price of the knife the steel should be a hell of a lot better. It is FAR from the best german stainless.

Greg Aspenson says:

Ryky! In the house!

Ike says:

Great video!
If the steel is the same doesnt that make them all the same knife? I understand handle is different. I personally compare Grand Prix II vs Classic vs Classic Ikon and they all use the same steel…. Classic Ikon has no bolster and all 3 handles are different. Again they are all more less the same knives….!
I love my Shun’s better btw

yankeydoodle101 says:

Why is the epicure so expensive?

MissP says:

So is it safe to say the Grand Prix ii is going to perform exactly as all the others as it is only the handles that differ?

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