Yaxell Enso Nakiri vs Chef Knife Food Cut Demo + Review

A food cutting demo of the Yaxell Enso nakiri and chef knife. Both amazing performing knives. See them pushing cutting, rocking, and slicing food ingredients. See me show off my amateur knife skills.

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Ofer P says:

hi Ryky, nice video. Any chance of you making a video about the original Yaxells and not the ones made for enso, such as the super guo 161?

Michael Andersen says:

Please clean your cutting area before the review too. will look so much more professional. a chief would never leave their board dirty like that plus displaying the knives would present better.

Tin Man says:

You’re gonna have enough tonic to last till the end of time.

kevin tang says:

What happened to the giveaway? The repaired shun amd dalstrong.

James Miller says:

This tonic sounds a lot like Fire cider.

Steven Singer says:

Have you sharpened pocket knives on your channel?

Squidgy Bidge says:

I have had a shot of the Yaxell Ran series and they were lovely. I wanted to try the Yaxell Dragons, but they only sell them in the US. I even went as far as contacting Yaxell themselves, but US only and I’m in Scotland 🙁

Thank you for the review. Liked watching it right through and I am considering giving your remedy a try.

iKaros says:

If you could recommend one knife to a someone who wants to get into cooking at home way more what would it be?

agnar150 says:

I have watched all of your videos already.

Squidgy Bidge says:

Hey bud. I just put together a batch of your tonic. I have a small question though. Once it has brewed for the 2 weeks, do you sift out the liquid into a separate jar or do you take your daily spoonful directly from the original jar?

Sulejman Tabakovic says:

Do video on Mercer MX3 gyuto please

coynoi says:

Great demo. I really like that third camera angle. I like the micarta handle even more than G-10 because there’s a more textured feeling to them. I have the Enso 4.75 santoku and I use it as my go to paring knife and small task knife like cutting fruit and dicing smaller vegetable. I got the idea of using a larger “paring” knife from your 5 favorite knife video when you chose the Enso prep knife for the same reason. The santoku I bought is a bit smaller than the prep knife. Keep up the good work.

Andy Yu says:

What size is that cutting board?

Advice from pickle says:

Thanks for doing the nakiri. I love that you actually listen to feedback from your audience. Great work as always!!

Harrison Hamada says:

I think saying the yaxell handle is heavy is not fair since you often mention dalstrong. And if they think the Yaxell is heavy handled, the dalstrong is even heavier.
But I like the shape of the dalstong a little better. Also, the weight affects the balance. A heavy handle my seem to have more “power”, so heavy is not “bad”, it’s not “good”. When people talk about how a handle is balanced it is so people can understand how it fit’s their individual style and ergonomics. Ballancing at the pinch point or ballancing to the front or to the rear is a choice, not a sign of good or bad design. The beautiful end cap that BOTH the enso, the dalstrong (and many other brands) have is not there to look pretty. It’s there to add weight and to move the weight of the handle backwards away from the tip

It’s not fair to compare to a Japanese Wa handle. Nothings gonna compare to a Japanese octagonal with buffalo horn for lightness.

That’s a BEAUTIFUL cutting board!!!!

Cometeos Z says:

Use a kitchen towel to wipe off your cutting board and to scoop up the residues after you are done cutting an ingredient, it will look a lot more tidy!

Digs Fossils-n-Knives says:

I’ve seen you work recently with the Dalstrong Shogun Kiritsuke and this Yaxell Enso Nakiri. Brands aside (not to be considered), do you prefer a nakiri or a kiritsuke for cutting/chopping veggies? And why? Thanks

راشد السويدي says:

400 chosera 1000 6000 kds, good setup?

Thaki Christophides says:

Would like to see a review of the Sakai Takayuki’s Moonlit Waves range of knives if possible. Thinking of getting the petty to begin with.

Raditya Amandra says:

The stain from turmeric is pain the ass to remove.

John Wilkinson says:

Do you ever testdemo working with meats and fish? Being able to slice salmon skin is hard work with a blunt knife…

pentrixter says:

How does Yaxell’s Nakiri compare with Dalstrong’s Shogun Nakiri?

gotja says:

I love my enso nakiri and my yaxell chef knife…. but I find the nakiri a bit too handle heavy

Balubish Tech says:

How are you not crying with all that onion, I cant do a half sometimes and my eyes burn.

Denzel Andrew says:

hey Ryky can you do reviews on Kaiden whetstones? would love to see that

VikingShaver says:

Great cutting demo. Could I ask for a request video ? Miyabi chef’s knife battle: Artisan Chefs 8″ VS Birchwood Chefs 8″. Thanks, Claus from Denmark

Michael Andersen says:

I know the is a stupid question, because your probably one of the best knife sharpeners I have ever seen. I have so much trouble over the last 30 years trying to sharpen knives. i can get something that will cut paper or hair but I want something that will give me a sharpness that will separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in a water molecule. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Chosera stones and still can’t do it. I purchased a system don’t bit your lip but the Wicked Edge system. very expensive but for the first time I have been able to get a very sharp edge. I’m still learning like with any good system but I can get the angles I’m looking for and the mirror like surface on the bevel. QUESTION: Have you ever tried their system before.

ghtooma says:

Hey, what happened to your terrafern handle unboxing video ?

Robert Coffey says:

I found the whack-a-garlic session to be incredibly amusing.

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