Zelite Infinity Japanese Knives – Product Review

Here are all the Zelite Products:
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Falconoffury says:

Nice Elmer Fudd moment in the bloopers, lol.

SevereDub says:

does it bug anyone eles that he always lifts the tip of the knife, THE TIP OF THE KNIFE STAYS ON THE BOARD,

jonnyboat2 says:

I’ve come to use a strop to maintain the edge on my knives. There is a right way and wrong ways. There are lots of videos teaching good techniques. Be careful of strop tension, how to hold the blade against the strop, whether to load a strop with rouge and whatever other things a pro might explain. I would NOT practice on those new knives. Your new knife set is a good one, and who has hundreds of dollars to spend replacing fine, high end cutlery? Stropping is an excellent way to maintain an edge that is easy to learn, works great and won’t chip or screw up the blade. Just practice on a not so expensive blade first.

Troy Campbell says:

Too much $ for a no-name knife, I look forward to your ongoing usage and extended review.

2msquared2 says:

Jack – go look at the posts on your Calphalon Ceramic Cookware. A lot of people (myself included) would like you to do a follow up since it has been over a year!

Panayiotis Panayi says:

Hey Jack im sure that you know this but you can put a wet cloth under your wooden board next time help for not slip..

mheidler80 says:

You pronounced the name wrong. Its not Z-lite. it’s zelite. Pronouned (zelete)

Jeremiah Johnson says:

I’m really interested in that boning knife, I need to get me a new one.

Obvious Cabbage says:

Their not Japanese, the Chines knifes, made with japanese metal bending techniques…

Doug Johnson says:

Just took delivery of my Zelite 8″ chefs knife. Beautiful!

Cooking With Jack Show says:


Nalu Drinkware says:

Great review, thanks Jack! I have those knives as well. I got them on the advice of a friend of mine who is a professional, high-end chef. Couldn’t be happier with them. Super high-quality and very well-made. If what my friend (the chef) says is true, this is an up-and-coming specialty knife brand. They might not have the enormously broad spectrum of Wustoff or the other corporate giant knife makers, but they seem to really aim for the high-end, custom-made knife niche. I’d actually take that over the behemoths any day. 🙂

Gavin Reddig says:

You said boneing

See Canon says:

Like those handles Jack. Puts mine to shame.

Fool'sGold says:

Haha jack you are sharp just like those knives haha

Brandon Jones says:

Wonder how much they paid him for making this video.

jonnyboat2 says:

As far as strop tension, I just pull mine good and tight. A loose strop will roll on the blade and dull it. The angle I use is to lay the blade flat against the strop when sliding it. I do use rouge on a strop, but once that rouge is in the leather, it ain’t coming out. Keep a couple of strops, a virgin strop and one you put rouge on. Practice on not so nice blades, learn from the videos, or find someone to teach you. You’ll do well whatever you choose to do.

Lisa Gipson says:

Omg that is a very high quality expensive knife set! congratulations jack

Alan Sun says:

If you want a quality sharp japanese knife, go for the tojiro gyuto, it’s about 50 bucks, and comes in stainless or carbon.

Sheila McDaniel says:

Loved it. Thank you for vlogging!

Vegas Ale says:

how would you say the 8″ chef knife compares to one of the Victoronox 8″ chef knives?

Jay Bennie boy says:

Ok looking knife until I saw the rivets.

El Demonio says:

Forschner still out perform these knives

Adhitthana says:

It’s important that you state clearly whether or not these were sent to you free of charge or if you payed for them yourself.

chatomairi says:

Do a air fryer review!

itsgoode2bking says:

Over the top with packaging……you pay for the box. Give me a quality knife at a fair price and hold the fluff!!!

EXENOX says:

damn im gonna buy this for my mom as a birthday present

Cuvkiller says:

Damn, they look awesome! You deserve them Jack, I love watching your videos 😀 I look forward to the rest of the year

Amanda Douglass says:

They are probably gyuto knives which are half western (more heft) and half Asian knife (higher quality steel.) I’m a pure Asian knife girl. To each his/her own.

Klein Le says:

seems like a bit of fluff marketing. high carbon stainless steel means it’s more carbon than stainless. I work with metal and a high carbon stainless steel is usually junk… just my $.02

Henry Lim says:

you should also look up some tutorials on how to sharpen your knives on a waterstone

Greg Self says:

I own the entire Zelite collection of knife sets and continue to love them as much as the day I purchased them. I’m amazed at how sharp they continue to be. I would definitely recommend these knives to anyone needing a “chef” quality knife.

ColinsCookingChannel says:

Those knives are gorgeous! I miss good knives.

Adolfo Sánchez says:

hey man!! how i can get you bbq sauce? no more in sacramento walmart!!

Chef Daniel's Cooking Academy says:

Great Video Jack!

melowmedia says:

Shouldn’t you mention this is a sponsored video?

Alexander Borsi says:

One of the best knives I have ever owned is a $10 one from Harbor Freight. Ceramic and sharp as the dickens! However, unlike the higher quality ceramics out now, these are brittle and the edge gets chipped easily… So, you have to be very careful with them, and clean them and put them back in the block as soon as you can.

The Balsamic Guy says:

Zelite is an excellent company with great products and excellent customer service. We own every single knife they make, and we couldn’t be more pleased. I know there is some confusion if it’s a Japanese or Chinese knife. The steel is Japanese Damascus VG10, but the knives are assembled in China.

filipus toletus says:

I use one knife for all, do not need a lot !!

jaykay18 says:

Why does it say “Made in PRC” (People’s Republic of China) if they are *Japanese* knives?

UberNeuman says:

I can tell those are Japanese knives. They’re rery rery sharp.

memeboi says:

If you want a true Japanese knife for amateur uses, you would ha e to pay between 200-400$. If you’re looking for a knife for a lifetime it would be around 1200$.

chef mike says:

Wow. It looks like they sent you about $400.00 worth of knives.

Henry Lim says:

WOW, nice vg-10 knives there jack! I remember you had a shun at one point, how come you never use it on camera?

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