10 Great Ways to Use a Chinese Chef’s Knife by CiCi Li

Today I’d to show you 10 amazing ways in how you can use your Chinese Chef’s Knife. Chinese Chef’s Knife is an all purpose cooking utensil. You can cut, slice, dice, and so much more! https://www.facebook.com/cicili

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Goreng Maggi says:

my mom used the knife over 15 years, to cut everything’s of the foods

Wing Wong says:


Walter Bonilla says:

my wife is my favorite item in the kitchen

vietbui3 says:

how do you sharpen or do you perform any maintenance on it?

Richard Soltis says:

CiCi, you do a lot of great but…raw meat on the wooden cutting board 🙁

Peter XYZ says:

1, Chinese clever…because I grew up with it. It’s very versatile and no respectable Asian will ignore such a treasure. 2, Japanese gyuto…because it’s not a “rocking cut”, curve belly, French chef knife.

Thomas Carmody says:

It’s amazing how resourceful you can be with only one tool.

Yo Mama says:

Evelyin lin

fffjkjk jkjkjk says:

That’s not true Chinese Chef only use 1 knife. There are thin, moderate thin and bone chopper. Although they have similar shape, but not the same. And another reason for this all-in-one culture for knife and cookware– wok is because typical Chinese commoners are poor most of the time through out history and the chef for the emperor got all the fansy tools.

Patrick Li says:

Wow those knife work! Keep it up!

Rob Aldridge says:

my Chinese knife (cleaver) and a thin bladed boning/paring knife I picked up in Mexico are my ‘go to’ pair

polychronio says:

Oh ur skilled…

Fury III Plymouth says:

I just bought my first Chinese cleaver. I’ve only cut carrots and bell peppers with it, but so far I luv LuV LUV IT!!!

yllekr123 says:

I use a French Knife, only cause I don’t have a Chinese Knife..

kbs yuri says:

how to choose a better cleaver?

nocturnalserpent says:

where did you get your chefs knife? and how can i find one to fit my uses when i cook?

Jonathon Simon says:

I’m afraid that I must disagree with Richard Soltis comment on cutting board saftey. Nothing wrong with wood boards and utensils for cooking and preparing meats, especially hard woods typically used with good cutting boards and utensils. You are taking the bait on the hype if you believe otherwise. Its just that wood is porous, so you have to do a good job of cleaning it. But then all the synthetic boards I own also have a roughened surface (I guess for grip now that I think about it) that (same as wood) can be even further scared by the knife blade. At my last house, the cutting board was glass, and built into the counter, but it too had a quite rough surface for germs to cozy up in. So that makes total sense what CiCi has researched about bacterial growth on cutting boards. Just depends on the specific board – not the material itself. Unless you are cutting on a polished smooth surface your, going to have to work at keeping it from harboring nasty germs.

Although I was quite confident that my logic is correct, after writing this, I thought I would try to find some reliable confirmation for any skeptics. A major U.S. newspaper writes this in 2014:  
… FDA’s official opinion is that both wood and plastic are safe so long as they’re cleaned well and replaced often.

bri bart says:

my favorite is the ice cream scoop. 😛

R S Chan says:

There is nothing like a Chinese knife in the kitchen. You only need one knife for everything.

Tony Montana says:

hi, what is the length of your knife please?

capiain3 says:

장미희 닮았네

nocturnalserpent says:

where did you get your chefs knife? and how can i find one to fit my uses when i cook?

LC87 says:

I love my Chinese chef’s knife too. When I worked ina rpofessional kitchen, that was the only knife I used.

Peter Lai says:

I use a CCK 1303 (carbon steel) version for all veggie and no-bone protein. CiCi, have you tried used the round ironwood or pine chopping board?

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