2 Kizer Sheepdogs: Cool, but Functional? BIG & Little EDC Cleaver Knives | Budget and $200

I have liked the Sheepdog knives since I first saw them, but I was wondering if they were actually usable as EDC knives. As you will see in this video, I think they are actually quite functional and the look is so cool. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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– Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, originator of The Sheepdog Concept
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– Chris Costa of Costa Ludus
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– NutnFancy and his YouTube channel/community
– Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School
– Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School


SAM IAM says:

Not a fan of price point considering its made in China. I get that the Ti and s35vn materials are there and you got all the same caged bearings goodness in the same quality league of say a ZT. But their labor is 1/5th that of ours meaning, Kizer can very well keep their prices lower, more in the $120 range and still prob make a higher margin than a ZT blade sold at $220.

Nuancolar says:

I have the small Kizer as my EDC and thus far it’s been very bit as functional as any knife I’ve ever owned.

Bryce Katy says:

What about food prep? Is the blade too thick for that? Great review

dominionn09 says:

Can’t find the mini sheepdog anywhere!

Norse Woodman says:

how many tacticool points does this knife get you? All these idiots paying $100 for the ability to cut something is a complete joke.

andy pilman says:

There’s somebody stealing and posting your vids on YouTube. His name is shara Manteca. Gotta get him off YouTube

Rick Kerans says:

I like the size of the larger one. I hate knives that I don’t have all my fingers on the handle. Too bad they don’t make it in a G10 to lower the price and also being that wide scratching the anodizing would worry me. The little one you got to work really well but being that hard to get in and out of pocket is a deal breaker. I might try the larger one if they lowered the price without changing and doing a cheaper steel. Liked the review and the follow up.


I like the bestech hornet better and it’s only $63

Paul Hurtado says:

I’m a drop point/full flat grind fan, but I’m not married to that… I found myself liking the look of this knife a lot but had the same misgivings about the blades efficacy as you said yourself and heard many other had as well. Particularly the point. It looks like it can handle EDC tasks just fine though. Great vid man!

Barry Bueler says:

I’ve seen the small one but pimped out like the big one with titanium and s35vn looks like a great little light fun edc knife.

Darth Croll says:

#EveryDayTacticalVids Did you have to break these in at all? I have two Kizer knives, one budget and one of the higher end models. I am seriously unhappy with the deployment of both, especially when i have cheaper models of other brands that work much better. Just curious.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Handsome knives, the larger model is a real looker! but on my budget, I’ll be buying the smaller one.

steel loving you says:

Hi Tim great review not my choice of point. keep up the good work thanks

Christian Garcia says:

Can’t wait until XL sheepdog to come out

Riche Rifkind says:

I’ve just ordered the mini, more so because of the price. Mainly will be used for jobs which my nano utility knife can’t handle.

jake legg says:

One is to large, the other? VG-10 = No Sale for me.

Craig MacFayden says:

Well if you open boxes professionally or eat a lot of cheese in the middle night it might be useful… Otherwise looks like a collector item

Brandon Tharp says:

Hi Tim, you talked about oiling the knife at the end of this vid and was wondering what type of oil and do just apply to the blade?

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