$20 Ontario Old Hickory Cleaver – Sharpening, Test and Review

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Mark Tudor says:

Hard to beat this cheap cleaver is. Sissel rope test planned on this blade?

Christian Williams says:

O no he abused the knife!
Just joking. It was nice to see the premium sharpening gear in use.
I WAS expecting a little more review though. Do you know how thick the spine is and how long the knife is and how much it weighs?

rob roberts says:

ok have to do it
he’s got a knife!
ha………..now thats a knife
well a cleaver.

opichocal says:

Your music choice sounds like it came from a 1980s donkey Kong video game. I can picture the big monkey destroying everything with this music

spundj mc says:

diablo 1 ?

49Giants says:

You made it nice and choppy

Jason St Pierre says:

Lol, you let the secret out! Now I gotta buy 2-3 more before they go up to
$100. Good video.

Chewbacca says:

Thanks for the video.
Wish I could find it for only $20, the cheapest I can find is $40 before postage

Tactical Center says:

the question is how was the heat treat of the esee cleaver vs the Ontario Old Hickory Cleaver. cause tbo they may have refined the grain structure more or have it at a different hardness level. i havent a clue but it will be interesting to see them pitted against each other, especially with the price differences and similar functions but with the same steel.

givemeanameman1 says:

Trick to dealing with burs on steels is when you are almost done run the edge straight into a piece of soft wood like pine, this pulls off the bur, then you run it once each side back on the stone to refinish the edge. This is a tip I was taught by wood carver and its so simple I at least went DUH.

Tactical Center says:

okay ive heard that music (in the part where you start chopping) i cant put my finger of what game thats from. i love it and played it alot whatever it was, i just cant remember. was it the first Diablo?

embeaston says:

Off topic – do you watch Ckeverman?

killkill120 says:

“Nor worries” more like “No burries”. Get it Burr-ies get it? I hear crickets chirping.

God :-O says:

O’ no now he’s a serial killer!!!


Why not work sharp it?

Boogieman007 : says:

Great video’s

Jack FarmBoy says:

20 bucks… Wow good deal.
Probably a little cheaper in Us dollars. Interesting find.

mrblitzed says:

One day maybe you will be able to sharpen the knifes without the guide line u r using.

Brad Griffin says:

Wad Da Fuk?! Speak to me of this amazing magical grind/grit changing machine you have. How much? Where can I buy one? Ermagawd man! Yes, I’m a neophyte in terms of serious knife sharpening tools. I have a Smith’s kit and a Benchmade Field sharpener (the ‘bluey’). I’m thinking getting a 1000/3000 finishing stone…but this… this wizardry, I’d invest in.

Imightberiding says:

Hey you crazy knife guy! I say that, because like you, I also own far too many sharp edged tools (ie: axes & knives) that most likely any psychologist would say was unhealthy.

I enjoyed this video. Perhaps you have made others where you show your sharpening skills/process on your Tormek. This is the first one I have seen. I think it would be a welcome endeavour to upload more videos of this sort. Few if any of the other “knife guys” on YouTube own a Tormek let alone even know what one is or how to use it.

Proper sharpening is a vital part of knife ownership unless of course you just collect & never use the tools that you purchase other than table top reviews & the ubiquitous & nonsensical paper cutting test.

Carry on with the good work mate. Cheers from Canada.

TheKillerKlok says:

Shame a knife like this is screaming Convex edge to me…

but we all deal with our own brands of insanity I guess.

Steven Robertson says:


Gordon Stevenson says:

music from Diablo, love it. Oh nice review.


The additional weight can contribute to getting cut easily. Both cleavers I have are kept razor sharp. On is tactical murder style the other#1 Chinese Kitchen size,both dangerous

Mt. Baldwin says:

Old hickory butcher knife and 4 inch paring knife were my first outdoors knives, $18 for both and they’re still kicking after all this time. Modified the butcher knife into a kephart style. Good knives for beginners.

Brad Griffin says:

I have seen a preview via Black Anchor of the Esee. If the steel is decent, I’d guardedly suggest that a cleaver could be a great all-rounder in a camp situation. The tang size might be an issue for serial batonners though methinks.

Angry Guinea Pig says:

Ow diablo tune brings back so many memories awesome.


Seems like a 20$ El Chette

fredde90210 says:

Wish I had some Slo-Mo so this vid lasted longer

subroc says:

So pretty soon you’re gonna be dual wielding cleavers like a true psycho. I’ll be keeping an eye out for you on the news 🙂

Cecil Maner says:

Have you tried your hand at sharpening on the tormek free hand yet?

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