Chip or Chop – VG10 Vegetable Cleaver good idea?

This is the first look at the ENSO HD VG10 Chinese Style Vegetable Cleaver.

[Specs: ]
Weight: 313 grams
Overall Length: 12.75in
Blade Length: 7in
Blade Height (Heel): 72mm
Spine Thickness (Max): 2mm
Handle Height: 28.48mm
Handle Width: 18.69

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Enso HD Chinese Chef’s Knife/Vegetable Cleaver

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Z.B. says:

How has this cleaver held up? Has there been micro chipping from the metal being too brittle and the edge angle too narrow? Like to see you using it without being so careful with it.

Nicholas Bonds says:

That looks like such a fun knife to use.

Jason Faucett says:

Awesome video!!!

bierstadt77 says:

I have the sg2 gou version of this knife and have been using it hard. No bones or frozen food of course but otherwise it has been perfect with no chipping or rolling. I even thinned it out a bit behind the edge for better performance. The difference in cutting is simply beyond belief. It’s almost a laser now. The weight is welcome unless the cutting session goes to long or a very fine mince is required on a lot of material. Very impressive piece of cutlery.

ryan marquez says:

Thanks for reviewing cleavers! Especially Enso. Liked this video. Couple of remarks tho.. did you change your camera setup? Exposure and white balance varied throughout the vid. Also I was hoping to hear if cutting the carrot made “crunch” sounds indicating wedge separation.

Iam Amc says:

I am trying to make an educated choice on my first “expensive” knife. I’ve found your video’s helpful. I notice your knives are extremely sharp and I gather you sharpen them yourself. Please please do a video on how to properly sharpen a knife to get that kind of edge. THANKS!!

david kowalkowski says:

i wouldn’t worry about chipping, it is a vegetable cleaver not a meat cleaver.
I love Chinese vegetable cleavers and Japanese Nakiri, they are phenomenal for dicing and scooping up large quantities.
If you are still concerned about chipping you can switch to a polypropylene or bamboo cutting board which are softer.

Robert Walker says:

I have a 6″ SS Chinese vegetable cleaver made in Seki it was my first decent kitchen knife it is brilliant for most Kitchen cutting jobs, no good for bones
but every thing else it is excellent.

Carlos Martinez REBORNed says:

Great video as always and very informative. I really like that style of knife

kjt550 says:

Would you suggest the Enso Nakiri or Cleaver? looking at both and trying to decide which one

carlcat says:

Judging by the weight and thickness it looks like they made a chef knife in the form of a cleaver. I see you using it like a chef knife but are you going to be testing it like a cleaver, chopping though bones? Looks like a great chef knife with a very flat belly.

Carlos Martinez REBORNed says:

Question for you. When chopping onions, I only do vertical slices and never horizontal slices and and all my diced cuts come out pretty much even. What benefit do you notice by adding the horizontal slices into the onion before chopping?

Jo Mormont says:

Nice video! A friendly criticism, but any way you can get better audio quality in the future? There’s a strange effect with your voice it sounds slightly echo-ey or something. Love the video though 🙂

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