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chefgiovanni says:

6th picture down the page, click link above, then cutlery, then click cleavers

chefgiovanni says:

Yes, click on the link above to get to the cleavers. Click on my other videos and find the sharpening videos.

chefgiovanni says:

Ok, thanks for stopping by.

Tor-L says:

You only need ONE KNIFE. Just learn how to use it….

A regular everyday halfbird guy says:

Every time he says santuko, I cringe with absolute disbelief.

sanshinron says:

It’s SANTOKU, not santuko.

Charlie Wilson says:

A good chinese cleaver is desinged to be used as a chef’s knife. Like people would use a Santoku or French style chef’s knife.

D.R. W says:

Chef, do you sharpen your own cleavers?
Thanks for the video.

MasterofPlay7 says:

lol the chinese cleaver have been invented and used for 3000 years without changing its shape. The chinese only need one good cleaver for all the jobs. And obviously is thicker and heavier cuz it needs to be chop through bones not just vegetables. That’s why chinese style cooking requires the chef to be much more disciplined in knife skills compared to western style of cooking


Thx so much for all of your reviews–all very educational and interesting–Thx for this video.

chefgiovanni says:

@ilikethewok Thank you for the nice words, more to come.

chefgiovanni says:

Sure, Messermisters you can order one on the site, click link then click on CLEAVERS. It is nice and thin, sharp and very strong.

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