Condor Hudson Bay: Woods Cleaver! [Full Review]

At about $50 dollars, the Condor Hudson Bay is a great blade. Its broad blade chops well for its size and weight and edge holding was good. The hammered finish reduces drag when batoning. The carbon steel, shown and discussed is probably harder that you think. Made in El Salvador, the leather sheath is strong and adequate. Downsides would include no lanyard hole, slick and somewhat short handle. Highly recommended mid to large survival knife/////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 8.5 out of 10//////////////Buy at Amazon with this link if you’re a TNPrL


The Great Restoration says:

nutn you do a fantastic job

scdevon says:

Why should any knife made from $2 worth of materials (if that) cost more than $50 regardless of where it’s made?

Wayne from tucson says:

cobalt bit for that lanyard hole

millionairejh says:

i not a knife guy but i bought this one and glad i did. works great i even sharpened it and used it to cut meat lol. holds edge really well, cuts like butter

Bill K. says:

Have it…love it.

The Great Restoration says:

test the condor moonshiner

Hhound says:

Got mine ordered

Josh Gaines says:

Just ordered the condor dundee, eco parang, and the bushcraft parang…. all same price, and all i believe will be more comfortable and out perform the hudson bay. But to each his own…i respect your reviews a lot and have been a long time viewer. Keep up the great work, dont lose motivation. You will get bored…

Space Invader says:

The edges on the spine look kinda rounded off. Will it spark a firesteel?

scriptorsilentum says:

hudson bay knives were made in england for trade in british north america for several centuries. the same pattern you have i have seen used in the woods by native families hunting. i watched a man skin and butcher a moose, chop serious branches for firewood, and use it to serve cooked meat. it had been traded for furs in the late 1880’s in northern manitoba (canada) by a grandfather so it was 100 yrs old when i saw it in use. i heard he had left it to a granddaughter who still uses it. it does look like a kitchen knife but was intended for all-around capability. tactical it is NOT, was never intended to be a weapon but a tool to survive and live. thanks for the good video and am glad you liked the HBC knife.

Scott Browning says:

Awesome job my friend, I’ve wanted this knife for few months. after buying my Rtak 2 knife. I must buy this now I trust what you say you hold nothing back amazing knife no doubt. keep up amazing job you do…

sixtofive says:

I was surprised we didn’t see the classic RTAK 2 in the competitive options. At the price, grab a couple as back up options that you don’t mind beating on when the need arises.

CalebAtwoodMusic says:

Do you know if the spine is 90 degree? Also, can you use this to throw a spark with a ferrocerium rod? Thanks!

DanoLXF says:

I love my Hudson Bay, it is a beast of a knife.

I'mNotFucking HereRightNow says:

Hey nutn, nice vid as usual. After watching this I ordered one, got it in today and I love it! Thanks man.

LeftCatcher says:

i think i’m in love man, yep this one gave me knife fever. :p

Griz's Place says:

I love Condors. You might take a look at the Varan, addresses the slippery handle and lanyard hole. My favorite of theirs is the Bushlore. Some of their products are kinda goofy but the basic knives are just a thick piece of steel between wood slabs, simplicity itself.

Fito Magana says:

Good video, thank you, but El Salvador it’s not over seas.

d ghu says:


Joel Mancuso says:

All you need to do is drill the lanyard hole with boiled linseed oil as the coolant/lubricant. Boiled linseed oil is better for wooden scales as it will not damage the wood. Worked great on my condor HB.

propblast82nd says:

Attn Condor, add a factory lanyard hole please.

Trenton Burbank says:

Great review. I’ve been looking at this knife for a while and this was the first user review I found that actually showed what it could do. Regarding Condor knives, have you seen the Bushlore 4.375? I would be curious to see how your TNP philosophy ranks that one as well. As for the Hudson Bay great reivew, I’ve added this one to the old wish list.

outdoorsmen007 says:

Thanks-cool truck knife! Just wondering if you ever did a review of the woodsman pal? I always keep one in me jeep. It would be fun to see what you come up with on that one.Thanks for all the cool life experiences.

Chris Working says:

would you recommend this knife or the bk7 for survival and bushcraft?

Garner Cheney says:

Hey +nutnfancy you should do a video on how to prevent rust and sharpen you carbon steel knives for us less experienced viewers.

Player 1 says:

For some reason the price has gone up in the last 7 months. I bought mine for $38 free shipping on Ebay. I also gave mine a name; “Oso”

gaetano maltese says:

bought it love it riding in my emergency car box

arfcomaddict says:

@5:02 nutn says he was twerking

The Great Restoration says:

Bought it, love it. Just picked up a Condor Moonshiner. It’s all good.

Schroeder_2000 says:

a lot of the frontiersman of the late 18th to the early 20th centuries carried butcher style knives.

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

My one arrived today 😉
In the book which came with it was said that Condor founded Imacasa in El Salvador and bought tools in Solingen for it and the important workers where trained in Solingen too.
The Knifes are hardened to 56-58 Rockwell,the Machetes to 52-54 and Axeheads to 45-50

Jeff Delossantos says:

Nutanfancy have you tried throwing ,like a throwing knife to see how it does in that area.

MountainGuerrilla says:

I used to work for the Hudson Bay Company, the company that original used this style blade to trade for furs in the arctic. There are still original knives in use in the arctic, more than 100 years later. These are some of the original ones brought to the arctic hundreds of years ago by traders.

Aluze says:

a little late on this, but anyone who has this, do you think this it would hold up to throwing?

Inquisition says:

This knife chops through trees like pretzel sticks, but maintain it because it will rust. I took it on trail in Alaska as primary and only knife and it worked perfectly for me. and with a great sheath not no crappy nylon sheath

Nick Cip says:

Where can I get your patches?

11696Ron says:

chopping down a small tree with a knife seems like a good way to relieve stress and let out any anger you have. I’d be exhausted after chopping it down and splitting it for firewood.

Lord Humungous says:

Try the old hickory butcher knife

Gilbert Gonzalez says:

just two chops to a mesquite branch and the blade edge warped and bent

paul west says:

Really glad you reviewed this knife. It’s a very rustic knife, reminding me of using my grandmother’s Old Hickory butcher knife as a kid. But this knife is well beyond most other companies products costing $100+, as you said. Plain, basic, no frills work horse that will do whats its intended for, beat the shit out of anything you put in front of it! Thanks again for a great review!

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

El Salvador again !!! Damn this Guys makes awesome Stuff…The Marbles Axe and the Dave Canterbury Axe are made in El Salvador too…i will buy this Knife 100%
And you cant be honest to complain about a Convex Grind on that Knife..its the perfect grind for a heavy chopper,puts the most steel behind the Edge….
Damn ! Amazon sells no “kitchenware” outside the US..i hope i can google a Importer for this
Edit….Condor in Germany wants 80 Euros WTF !!
Amazon Germany has them for 54 but is out of stock..i ordered one so i get them as soon as they get new one..i hope the guys in El Salvador are busy 24h to make more of their good Stuff 😉

Airik1111 says:

That knife is a beast but their Moonshiner is even better:) especially the sheath the thing is a wicked awesome deal. Yes it is on my wish list definitely.

Alec Saavedra says:

It would be fine as a literal cleaver like blade when hunting.

asleepyinsomnia says:

I use mine for cooking too. It’s a bad chopper for cooking (thickness) but it does everything else well, especially mincing

Eric M says:

yes it is a fighting knife as well

franzb69 says:

i love condors

hey nutnfancy, review old ontario butcher’s knives. promise, you will love it. 1095

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