CUMA Battle Cleaver Testing Knife Review


Blade Length: 9.25 inches
Edge Length: 8.6 inches
Steel: 5160 Carbon
Handle Scales: G-10
Weight: 1 lb. 9.6 ounces
Sheath: Nylon
Price: $44 (At BladeHQ)

It is a specialized chopper, giant meat cleaver, emergency pry-bar, and chisel. You can even throw and stick it. The design is not perfect, but I am amazed that this is available for such a low price. Considering the price, I would recommend this blade.

This blade was designed by Waysun Tsai of CUMA combatives, his Youtube Channel is here:


Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah, Yeah, handles like that offer good chopping, I see knife designers using them more recently, Some incorporate longer handle that even allow you three possition grips. It took me a while to get use to those unique handle shapes. I took a gamble with mine. Most all of my Busse Combat Knives are non-coated except my Green American Flag Cerakote ASH-1, So when the Steel Heart Ergo came out, I liked it but it only was available coated. My gamble paid off because soon after the Badger Attack Ergo came out so I atleast had a matching pair, But when the Ergo Battle Mistress came out I said “Hot Dog” what I thought was going to just be a nice pair, My gamble turned out to be a real nice trio. Oh, Happy Mothers Day heh heh heh.

Ethan Hardy says:

Does it outperform the Junglas? Which do you prefer?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

One of the Aranyiks, like the E-Nep, but I’m not sure if they have them in stock.

Robert Briggs says:

Neverming about the other comment. Which is the larges E-nep? The K1?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Thanks. Yeah a convex would be better, because this does tend to stick in the wood.

Exothug says:

Thanks for the opinion but what makes it bad? it is a full tang AUS-8 fixed blade after all :l

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

That is true, I have heard from many people who tried it with a dull blade and basically the bottle flies across their yard LOL. And even a sharp blade will still knock the bottom halves over, unless it is going above a certain speed.

TNPmarksman says:

$46 on amazon

SuperGvarr says:

wow what a cool blade man, im thinking of getting one but if i do i think im going to re grind it to a conveks grind. that thing sinks pretty deep even when crosscutting. whats the coating on it? great video your the best 😀

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Well, no. But it would work lol.

ThinkingJeff says:

alright thank you

Robert Briggs says:

Do you have a suggestion for something i can more readily obtain? lol i cant find any Aranyik e-neps

Baphore says:

Deamn, that’s one badass looking machete/cleaver. Ilike the way how it bites into the wood. Is the handle comfortable, I mean that curved degree of handle, does it make the machete chop better? Take care.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:


Karma Skateboarding says:

he made the bottle into a cup

David Lönnberg says:

Thanks for the Review Israel. This one will be my next buy! Perfect for camping. Wich I like!

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Well a small axe gives about 3.25 inches of edge to work with versus 8.6 inches on this, so some things are easier with a knife (this is basically a knife without a point).

Robert Briggs says:

I love your videos man. Been watching them since yesterday when i got my first machete (crappy $8 walmart one) I sharpened it myself and you can shave with it. but its very thin. would this be a good super heavy wood chopper? or is there something bigger thicker and heavier for around $40-50? So i guess whats your favorite super heavy chopper around 40 bucks.

Hua Wei says:

where do you buy this…? Do I need to steal a shop or something…? LOL.

Tactical Gear Head says:

I have the every day axe myself and it is kind of cool. Don’t thinning it’s an axe. More of a folding tomahawk really. I wouldn’t cut down a tree but it would be better than nothing and would be better than nothing in defense.

Macho Deth says:

saw this vid awhile back, happy to say i’m finally waiting for mine in the mail. Much respect for the info mad blade juggler, wouldn’t have noticed it without your vids. Chop on

Gavin Mattox says:

I love knife videos that do water bottle tests. It may seem easy but if you can cut through a bottle (or 3) with out them moving I was say it has a bit of an edge

WeAllJuggleKnives says:


IcabodCrane says:

The reason people tend to hate on them (from what I’ve seen) is because they’re comparing them to a Tomahawk/Hatchet implement. It’s similar to a Kukri in the respect that it’s made to perform much more like a hatchet but it’s still a knife and knives are fundamentally different. Even a regular meat cleaver’s design is significantly different than the combat/throwing tomahawks that people think of when they envision an axe, cleaver, etc in their head.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Thanks, me too!

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Yes it does, I like it better than the straight handle pry-bar/choppers.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

That is great, man, I am glad it is working for you.


I didn’t get the handle angle either…but after getting that Condor Dundee Bowie, It feels really natural….

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

It is basically a stabbing spike, not very sharp, so it is basically a shank with a handle and guard.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Is, Thanx Brother I think I:ll get one for my Cold Weather to process firewood in Winter. L@@Ks like a good tool, What kind of edge does it have.,,. p

Derek Everyguy says:

This thing is so nasty it made me vomit.

Macho Deth says:

Good show man, nice to see some guys tell it like it is, not another “survival” channel just selling gerber products. LOL Anyway thanks for the info, never heard of that bad boy before but i’m sure as hell going to own one. good lookin’ out.

ThinkingJeff says:

dude nice job i am just starting to get into blades and stuff any tips?

Truce says:

Where are these made ?

Ghostginthree says:

Great testing, good video. I love that blade.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The Cleaver was around $50 and the ESEE like 3 times as much. The ESEE and BK-9 are comparable, the ESEE is just a bit bigger.

Adrian Rubi says:

can it be used in the kitchen as well?

Exothug says:

is it a good one though? 🙂

backwoodsB.S. says:

not good quality bad steel not heattreated right

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The hollow grind on this is thin, it will tend to get stuck in the wood more than the ESEE.

Kitts2307 says:

I found this channel from watching Nerf blaster reviews! Awesome.

420SlowJ says:

The cheapest I found it was at

Cory Man says:

That’s a nice blade. That would be a formidable weapon. I really like it.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Be careful and have fun :]

Charles Sutherland says:

Yes but, does it chop? Only kidding, kool cleaver, keep up the great vids.

KROATOA Texan says:

I’ve had mine going on three years now and I love it. I use it every time I go hunting or camping.

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