ESEE Cleaver: Cool, Unique But Not For Me In The Woods – Save It For The Kitchen

The ESEE Cleaver caught my eye when it first came out so I am glad I got a chance to test it. Having used it in the kitchen and in the woods, I would say this is a kitchen or car camping tool but not something I’d choose for general woods-use – check it out!

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Nick Ypoo says:

That’s an expensive sight gag.

Woodland Warrior says:

I bought mine for butchering game and because it has that awesome Junglas handle which is easily one of the most comfortable handles out there

sawdust 69 says:

that thing could be usefull breaking down big game,but its not for me.

John Ace says:

That’s must be a joke for esee!

ogarzabello says:

The ESEE high carbon Tactical SPATULA!
(The tacti-cool/survival/bushcraft community is becoming more ridiculous every year)

Mt. Baldwin says:

I could put in a set with my bk5 (as a chef’s knife) to make a kitchen cutlery set on steroids.

Randall's Adventure / ESEE says:

Thanks for the Review! Keep up the great work.

Titvs Vespasianvs says:

That’s so gimmicky.

Charles Collier says:

I had to leave the Esee booth at Blade Show, because laughing in their faces would have been rude. I’m just saying.

Stabby says:

Topps El Chete is legendary, and is the new bar in which all choppers that follow will be compared! This offering from Esse a survival knife outfit, is a head scratcher indeed, this design isnt the ideal model for outdoor camp tasks, but is right at home in the kitchen as it was designed for, shocking ikr!

Louis Lee says:

I like the cleaver but I thought for 140 plus was a bit too much for me. I would rather pick up the junglas if it was for outdoors survival thingy. The cleaver will be a good meat chopper though especially if using to chop up a whole pig.

Overspraycollector says:

Maybe because Cleavers are for the kitchen, duuuhhh.

Matthew W says:

Up next, tactical pacifiers for babies LOL

Bradley Macaulay says:

uhh…..I think I would rather a true chopper knife. Seems like a very narrow skill set it would be good at. Meat cleavers are a rarity even in most kitchens I believe. Obviously not the knife for me, but hopefully they have their target audience figured out.


Chinese traditional kitchen knife lol

Autism Family says:

Junglas 2 makes a lot more sense than this…I’ll wait 😉

bill R says:

Well it doesn’t seem to have a purpose in the woods and it’s too medieval looking for the kitchen so…pointless.

gideonstactical says:

Just got one too! Great video bro.

Nick Puncekar says:

A lot of knife coating can hold bacteria which would make this a horrible knife for food. Better as just a chopper.

andres jackson says:

(hold back looking for awesome cooking knife set that looks that good)

Aaron Cross says:

El Chete is way more versatile.

James Murphy says:

Nice cleaver but kind of pricey for me. I would like to have one because esee knives are great.

ivan flores says:

what the heck is wrong with you that’s not a meat cleaver for the kitchen I should know I’m a professional chef don’t ruin good like that seriously

.308or5.56? says:

Are they running out of ideas?

Barry Bueler says:

Maybe it’s good for a homestead or permanent camp but outdoors to heavy no tip not for me


Holy hell this thing is £250+ here, thats like $320. Bark river prices for a meat cleaver in 1095 with a hole cut out of it?


An answer to a question nobody asked. That being said, the Junglas II is one I’m interested in. Wasn’t a fan of the Junglas, but the new one I actually liked (holding at Blade Show).

iwantosavemoney says:

yeah i dont really care for it. but you might test out a spec 8 survival machete by Ontario might work out a little better

Le goût des lames says:

Super hard wood ??? You joke ?

joel Velazquez says:

I would make a cool blade out of that esee.

spundj mc says:

It looks like it was designed for “batonerds,( baton nerds)

Brandon Cornett says:

sweet fair price. I needed a cleaver anyways and now I know what I’m getting.

Derek Neumann says:

Would be pretty good for deer or elk camp.

Terry Taylor says:

Agreed. Not sure exactly what I’d do with that cleaver. They should put that tumble black oxide on more of their knives than just the Camplore PR4. An Esse 6 with that would be nice.

Brian Taylor says:

I’m a super duper ESEE fan but this does nothing for me in the woods. It would be a good camp cook tool though.

Survival Mindset says:

The cleaver and the 3 would be a good combo nice review.

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