Esee Cleaver Full Review: Rust Test, Chopping, Batoning, the works

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EDC with Aaron says:

Just uploaded my first knife review to Youtube… Please check it out and give me your feedback on what I can do better! Please like share and subscribe, I’m going to try to make as many more as possible.

nevillesavage2012 says:

“Big Donkey Bownah”!

cafn8ed74 says:

Looks like a good Dickhead Survival candidate. Oh, and that sheath is clearly for EDC pocket carry.

mountainhobo says:

4:18 [using with onion] “the coating is in a state of perpetually smudging off” — Thanks, that just put me right off.

don0giorgio says:

Hey Jason Bourne) you need pig slicing shot at the opening as well, like cold steel does)

God :-O says:

It’s just overpriced because it’s made in America. It’s a very expensive joke.

Rodrigo Teresa says:

I think the uses for this are what Nick would call “being a jackass”

Brad Griffin says:

I would almost suggest it is somewhat of a gimmick for Esee. To tap into the home chef/camper market.

ex says:

Diablo music?

nevillesavage2012 says:

I have a German Hinkle cleaver with a full tang that I beat the absolute crap out of while camping. It handles everything. When I get home I use course to fine grit sandpaper bring back the blade and shapen its perfect convex edge and put it back in the kitchen drawer for cooking

Steven Robertson says:

Can’t really see a use for this. Looks like fun though !

Steve Smith says:

I’m not a fan of that thing at all. It’s kind of bad at everything. And *way* too expensive in my opinion.

Jannie Janse says:

Esee, Tops and Ka-Bar = Overpriced 1095.

Jimmy Grey says:

Be great to have, if you’re up shit creek without one.

cesare mantovani says:

Boker Butcher somethink like this esee but with a better design and seath.

49Giants says:

It’s a caveman survival tool. Rough , tough, and brutish. I think it’s for fuckin around like you said. Thanks for the review Pete

A Simple Man says:

Should take that dickhead survivaling


These tools, knives and blades often give us a taste of history or how life once was. When butchering was done at home the cleaver had it`s place to handle large joints of meat and prep veggies to feed large families. Harvest crews, often 15-20 men + family were common and kept the women busy trying to feed them. Sort of the original food processor, handy not necessary. The axe handle is a lever, one of the original machines is what makes it work so good. Always a pleasure to view your work and share your soul.

Randall's Adventure / ESEE says:

Thanks for the Review…no doubt this is a departure from the Norm for us….like you stated it is thru a sister company Expat knives. We will be expanding the Expat line in the future. While it’s not for everyone we’ve had fun with it and use it…I butcher all my own game meat and we hope to have a video of that later this hunting season.

Rylie Sutherland says:

Push your maximum social exposure on YouTube – u2bzone(dot)C O M

storm3016 says:

You’re a bit off on the blade thickness mate, I think that should be mm not cm. Thanks for the vid anyhoe. I like the looks of this thing but the price kinda ruins it for me. I kinda want a mini version though, something like Böker Gnome-size 🙂


It’s too small! If it were a few inches longer, I’d buy one. They should call it Mini-Cleaver. For midgets only.

Brian Taylor says:

It’s cool but it’s a really expensive camp tool to me.

Nico Nehaul says:

what type of wood were you splitting?…. never seen wood of that colour 🙂

David K says:

Distinctive tool but you are right that an ESEE 6 would be more versatile and weigh a lot less. This cleaver may go down in price with time–since it is a new item and priced for fanboys who can’t wait to get it…. Keep up the great work. You have awesome videos on topics that are mostly ignored by other. The Australian perspective and humor is also appreciated.

Survival Mindset says:

Excellent review I have been getting mine out a lot lately.

Datsyzerberg says:

I think its a fun concept for sure. But at the price Id take a Ontario SP8 over it everyday. You should review that oldie but goodie, SP8 btw.

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