ESEE Cleaver vs. Junglas II

There are two new big choppers in the ESEE line up and I was excited to put them head to head to see what they could do. These have the potential to make your outdoors adventure that much more exciting and make the work easier.

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ESEE Junglas


Alexander Senetcky says:

I like the black wash! Though I think I prefer a nice stone wash finish overall. But the black wash is an upgrade over the baked on coating imo.

gideonstactical says:

Congrats to Keenan Scott for winner the random giveaway!

Mato Luta says:

I almost pulled the trigger on the bk9, but after having to replace the scales and sheath, the junglas 2 would be cheaper and a better option. Thanks for the video!

Kjack says:

I love the look of the black wash.

TacMed says:

Would the TKC Junglas scales fit this one?

Ben kelsey says:

I absolutely love the acid wash look of the new coating on that cleaver. I’m always a sucker for that sort of look. And I imagine it would help with reduced cutting friction as well.

VVedran says:

heavy doody

Dylan T says:

Black stonewash looks amazing. Wish they all had it.

Daniel Atkins says:

Love the new look on the clever that’s a nice knife

mr774porkchop says:

I personally enjoy the finish, not really for the aesthetic but the functionality. It creates less friction when cutting some materials compared to the standard black esee coating i would think

Daniel Simon Leyva says:

love the review ! Stone wash is always my favorite finish !! Keep the good reviews comming

Randall's Adventure / ESEE says:

Thanks for a very thorough review!  Awesome job….as a side note, we are offering ALL the Camplore knives in the Black Oxide finish going forward…we don’t have solid dates on the release as well will be selling though existing inventory and those levels vary from model to model…we hope to have some other cool announcements around SHOT show!!

pacu123 says:

I would look forward to a 6hm review from you since you like the original 6 so much.

John Rollins says:

I like the cleaver coating. Would be cool to have that option other knives. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

TheCobradragon says:

Lol I like the ZZ Top style intro

James W. says:

i like it would like to see other knives have it as well

XvXSnake428XvX says:

Sweet finish! Want it on all knives!

Tj Toolson says:

Love the acid wash

TheTruthQuest123 says:

3:30 you obvioulsy never cook.. typical amateur move.. thats not how you use a knife in the kitchen

Juan Betoni says:

As far as I can tell the finish looks cool. Won’t really have an opinion until I see it in person. Nice review.

Blake Hatheway says:

I have no complaints about that finish. would love to add it to my collection.

ksstg581 says:

Definitely like the acid wash better than the solid black. Seems like it would wear better.

The Last Huntsmen says:

I preordered the junglas II simply because I liked my junglas so much. Now after handling and using the II just a little bit I agree, I like the balance and function of the II more than the original in many ways. I’m eager to do my own review

Geoffrey Mitchell says:

I do like the new black stone washed finish but all my ESEE knives get stripped and a hand rubbed finish applied.

Sam Frerking says:

Love the finish!

JGstunts22 says:

love the black wash finish on the cleaver !, i have 3 junglas’s and a total of 9 esee knives and would love a cleaver in the collection

Don Boykin says:

stone wash

Tactical Squirrel says:

I dig the stonewash. I’d like to see it as an option on all their blades.

Doug H says:

Love the finish.

Ignacio Garcia Fleury says:

That finish isa big inprovement over the painted one. The cleaver seems to me better for a system with other tools

John Doe says:

The stone wash finish looks pretty great, I’ve actually been looking into re finishing my esee 5 the same way.

Thanks for another awesome review man

arcanerelic says:

I dig the finish. It suits the “apocalyptic” look some folks dig while also keeping a coating on it.

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