Ganzo Firebird Cleaver. The Best Ganzo Yet! (F7551-CF)

Ganzo Firebird F7551-CF Pocket Cleaver is featured in today’s every day carry gear review this is the carbon fibre edition it is also available in g10 in green, black and orange check links below to purchase and for discount code.

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Nasty Renegade says:

Agreed, amazing value for money :). Nice vid as ever.

I AM MOOSE says:

What will they think of next? A folding throwing axe. Great idea, this knife really ticks the boxes. I personally prefer the firebird line in carbon fibre. Thanks

Steven Smith says:

I’ve never bought a Ganzo, but I’m gonna make this one my first one. Great review, as always!

shovelhead8 says:

Nice knife. I have a few Ganzos. I can tell you really like your cleavers. Thank you for the review, Darryl

frost bite says:

This was a cool little knife

Tony Patey says:

Very nice knife,I like it a lot. Thanks. Tony

Wade , BigRedneckPoppa says:

I own the same knife with Orange G 10 scales its part of my EDC ,

Bombotski says:

great video.. not a fan of budget knives, but this caught my eye.

Newb Tactical says:

I want one of these so bad

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Excellent review my friend! Can’t wait for mine to come in. Thanks

Magnificent Bastard says:

Just received a nice package yesterday from GearBest , with this model with the orange scales . It’s my second Ganzo and I really like their knives , Ganzo and Sanrenmu are great knives

Fatih Ünal says:

l like this knife. thank you

wrjames38 says:

Thanks for review! I’ve gotten into using and collecting knives since last thanksgiving (while having extra time fighting melanoma ) . I’ve accumulating about 40 blades so far with at least 20 very high end lionsteel, spyderco, Benchmade, ZT, etc discontinued, special edition, or sprint runs. The other 20 are ganzo (at least 10) , ruike, realsteel, and eafengrow (CH included ). As nice as the 150-400 dollar knives are..I find myself babyin them and not really using them . The ganzo and eafengrow knives I’ve been completely enjoying using the crap out of them. ..They are holding up very well. The quality to price ratio of these budget blades is OFF the charts. Ganzo are awesome

Survival Mindset says:

I like this one brother nice review!

Fatih Ünal says:

Very good video. I appreciate really. Look forward to have my own 7551 soon

Blade Banter says:

I recently received my first Firebird F7562. It was super tight and didn’t flip well even when loosening the pivot. Ended up disassembling it, cleaning and lubricating and it is growing on me now.

Flint and Steel Survival says:

Great looking blade shape buddy I might have to try that one!

John Mcdonald says:

Great bit of kit very nice review thanks mate

Choppin' Block says:

Cool knife. Really like that. Thanks for sharing

Thereal111t says:

I’ve never been a ‘minicleaver’ kind of guy… but it occurs to me that this would probably work fine as a mini folding chef knife.

TAC-HILL says:

I love this blade. Gonna have to look into getting me one


Would make a great work knife for a friend that works at customs/ border. ✔️

GunCollector007 says:

Like it! Going to get one.

Jorvik Outdoors says:

Great review nice bit of kit atb Lee

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