Ganzo Firebird F7551 a Ganzo Cleaver ? Link to Gearbest plus discount in description section

Ganzo Firebird F7551
coupon code: OUT10OFF price: 10% off

Ganzo Firebird FB7551 Cleaver
Link to GearBest orange G10 model

Link to GearBest green G10 model

Link to GearBest black G10 model

Link to Gearbest on the CF model

Gearbest coupon code: OUT10OFF price: 10% off for all knives that aren’t on sale which includes this one.

Power Cutlery link to this knife

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BURBS says:

I’m not a fan of ganzo but I just really want one for some reason

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I have to disagree LTK, I think they are very practical. I like that this knife is pretty easy to open with the two hand opening technique. You have no idea how much we love these budget chinese brands in 3rd world countries. I praise lord Ganzo every night before I go to bed.

Jeff Heilgeist says:

Badass knives love to have the carbon fiber one.

Linda Fatland says:

Got one of the orange ones. Pretty happy with it, it’s in my pocket now. G-lock engages great, springs feel a little softer than many of their models. The one Teflon /one bronze bushing flicks and flips smoothly. Only one complaint, the milling on the handle under the clip catches my pocket, and that is a stout clip that works good except I don’t want to wear out my pocket seam. Another great video!

Rafaelinis says:

LTK, thanks for the video. Got my CF version today, nice blade all around. I am trying to pop the scales to loosen up the g-lock spring but the screws on both scales just keep spinning (the screw heads are Not stripped) Anyone else run into this?

Pablitorrinco says:

for cut onion works perfectly 🙂

jpernito says:

Problem with all my ganzos are torx screws are screwed.

Pure Heroine says:

I hate the blue hardware, looks tacky and they are terrible quality screws, really soft.

Steven Bush says:

Too bad it’s a Ganzo. I’ve owned 2, stop pin sheared on 1 and the other, the Axis style lock spring is too damn stiff

Peter Balames says:

hi LTK you mentioned in the video that you just touched up the blade with you sharpener what sharpner do you use? I have a smiths pull through sharpener mdl# 50264 and if you pull the blade through straight up with light pressure in the adjustable angle it seems to do a pretty good job.

Pure Heroine says:

How often do Ganzo release new models?

I have the 7603. I hope their next knife is a flipper on bearings but I’ll be happy with anything cool.

I wish they would use matching metal washers and much higher quality screws that weren’t blue.

Chris Walls says:

I’ve got so many Ganzo’s that I like and don’t carry, this one is not my style.

Johann Amin says:

Might get one of these as my shaving razor.

Martin Meijler says:

Affordable and love-able! Found it on Gearbest, gotta get me one! Good review, Thanks!

Outpost 76 says:

Glad I jumped on them when I did. Got a black and carbon fiber when PC put them up. Had mine for 2 weeks now. Great to play with.

Mark Bless says:

Got the CF delivered today from Power Cutlery! Fall shut no problem. Cool knife for the kitchen. I couldn’t resist. Practical? Meh. Don’t care.

John Carter says:

yes these are my style, nice in carbon version, thanxs good vid, I love these cleavers, these are so good to decapitate Easter chicks.

devjock says:

My god this is amazing. Bought two! One for keeping, one for modding the shit out of.

As soon as I saw that generous cleaver, and the hole placement, i couldn’t help but thinking what an amazing knife this would be if I’d draw a line just past the thumbstud to the very tip of the blade, and grind all the metal above the line away. Poor man’s Kershaw Tilt anyone? I’m gonna try it!

Cheers man, thanks for the link, and the discount code. Much appreciated!

SPRAG says:

Thanks for the link and the discount code !

Tylor G says:

Been waiting for a vid on this knife. Thx

Thomas Tsunami says:

Ah HA ! finally expounding on the 12/12 sale video that you had out three days ago, where these two took center stage, but you didn’t seem to speak ab out them, more then leave them on the table as a teaser.. (to this video perhaps hehe)
They are really kinda of neat, very similar to the spyderco cleavers for a fraction of the price… and to comment, for the spyderco price, I really did not find the design appealing..but for the Ganzo price-point, they look BeautiFul !

Daniel P says:

Is it sceletonized? It took 12 minutes (out of 18) to tell it is sceletonized. Why does it take 12 minutes until you tell one of the most important info about a knife? Oh, not showing in other than 2D won’t make anyone asking anyhow 🙁
Either you are trying (and really hard) to hide facts about the knife you are reviewing and holding in your hand you have the wrong way of showing a knife.
I show knives to my friends now and and then and you can bet it doesn’t take 12 (!!!) minutes showing them in their faces that it’s sceletonized. 12 minutes? WTF LTK?

Barry Hemmy says:

This looks like an awesome camp/cooking knife and 440C steel is decent enough!!

tommylabors _ says:

Ganzo. The king of Frankensteining knives.

polarweiß says:

71 to 6000 🙂

Rafaelinis says:

Thanks LTK for the vid, just ordered one on gearbest who only had the CF version, works for me, these are 2 kool, merry christmas!

Paul Rayl says:

Appears gearbest only has the carbon fiber.

LuvThemKnives says:

All colors plus Carbon Fiber model now available at Gearbest here’s the link plus use discount coupon code: OUT10OFF for 10% off. Here’s all the links Ganzo Firebird FB7551 Cleaver
Link to GearBest orange G10 model
Link to GearBest green G10 model
Link to GearBest black G10 model
Link to Gearbest on the CF model
coupon code: OUT10OFF price: 10% off

slidetek says:

I love that Ganzo is finally getting original, and they’re probably noticing sales skyrocketing. Cool pattern on the scales, and a neat little knife. I guess the cleaver craze is nowhere near played out just yet. Yeah, these’ll break in soon enough with lots of use. Somehow I wound up giving away anything that was remotely cleaver-like. Christmas and all that. In fact, I think I’m down to my War Admiral. I love that little POS so much I ordered a Mokuti backspacer and clip from them. Now I gotta get the scales cerakoted black or andodized bronze or something, because mint green ain’t gonna look so good! Eat your heart out the rest of you who swore you’d never get a Ganzo – a lot of people are having a ball! Yeah, why do my knives cut so many limes? #$@& Commie citrus!

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