Gerber Flatiron Cleaver, Impractical BUT Highly Addictive!!

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Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Shit steel and can’t be carried by lefties. Gerber should do better.

Brian Krucelyak says:

$35 for 7cr??? no thanks

Brian Gilman says:

The only problem I find with the flatiron is how tight the pocket clip on mine is.

Bass Fishing Prepper says:

I’m getting it!

Jeff Slaven says:

This would be a great compliment to the mess kit. Perfect implement for camping solo or with the family. I can see a ton of camp tasks performed with this.

KungFuTweety1 says:

Not for me

campfire52 says:

I really think that Gerber has upped their game here lately. They use to be a pretty big player in the knife industry and then faded a bit, but now I think they are back again. As always, thanks for your great and insightful reviews.

Chad Morgan says:

I like it, very cool knife.

Kubanakan Taino says:

Looks pretty cool not going to lie but to be honest when I see this I think of a straight edge razor.

scott smith says:

I’ll save my money an keep ordering custom knives

Troy Manning says:

Damnit! If I keep seeing this thing I’m going to have to buy one


That Gerber Flat Iron would be good for Cutting a seat belt without hurting the person.
A bit big but I would use it to hunt Mushrooms.
Good Review as always.

Seriously Malfunctioned says:

Where can I get that auto knife?

Kevin's Adventures says:

Cool cooking knife for sure, thanks for the review. Uniqueness is key

Moose's Gear Goo Review says:

Great review. I love the look of clever folders. My favorite budget clever-ish folder is the CRKT Pilar. But This Gerber one looks pretty cool. I also like the compact pocket clip on this knife.

the mi woodsman says:

i like the cleaver look and looks pretty stout , not a bad price for a heavy duty utility kind of blade !
atb john

Carlos Sepulveda says:

Very unique blade design… love it

Mark Boheman says:

I like it. I’ve never seen it before but I like it.

Minimalist Essentials says:

I really like that!!! It looks cool LOL

Brandon Turell says:

I love it

A Spit of Mud says:

Designed for those who need some attention I guess. I cannot remember a more gimicky knife design.

Darth Croll says:

Can’t see myself spending big money on a high-end cleaver, but this one I’ve been looking at just to add a cleaver blade to my collection.

Dick Timpano says:

Looks more like a straight razor than a clever.

stahlke775 says:

Looks cool for food prep! After watching the video I just bought one!

Surago says:

I know I don’t want it but if I did, yes I’d be a bit of a steel snob. I just don’t see any of the #cr#mov types of steels being worth more than 12-20 bucks.

infidel groundz says:

I have the same one and I agree, it is very addictive.

Jeep Things Outdoors says:

Only thing keeping me from buying one is spring assist.

Rockd says:

A few comments on crap steel.
It’s $35 bucks. It’s nice for the dough.
Go spend BIG BUCKS ON THE CUSTOMS you’ll never carry or just show off. That’s a waste. And worse cut a box or lose.
I’ll pull the trigger on one thanks for the great review.

Survival Mindset says:

I like the cleavers. Excellent review

Easy E says:

Lets be real, most of us use our pocket knives for opening boxes/ mail/ some meal prep. I love this thing.

Eugene Monica says:

Very cool knife great review

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