Gerber FlatIron Review *GREAT KNIFE*

This is a quick, comprehensive review on the Gerber Flatiron. These are my opinions, thoughts, and impressions on this knife. An awesome addition to Gerber’s lineup, although Chinese made I’ve decided to give this blade a shot! Definitely has some issues here and there, but what a cool consumer level pocket cleaver! Blade can be purchased here:–Gerber-FlatIron-Cleaver-Frame-Lock–81134

grab yourself an awesome EDC Hank that supports a good cause here!:


Luis Arellano says:

Eafengrow cleaver, ball bearings, d2, g10…smooth and wicked sharp…26.99 $…..Yeah Buddy!

Jeremy Fowler says:

It’s the second flatiron review lol. Jk. Here from Cutlery lover! Cool gifts you gave him!

Christopher Palmer says:

I paid something like $37 at Dicks sporting goods. Its also not that sharp out of the box. Thumbhole is lacking purchase. They need to stop making knives in China.

nick melon says:

I came here from Jeff’s channel and you sold me a knife. I would love to see more reviews on knifes in this price range. Thanks!

Doug Till says:

Ziptie the thimbhole and it will make it easier to flip

Zachary Schumann says:

Jeff sent me! Interesting knife

Chef_Nick 302 says:

No s30v would be silly but 440c for 28 bucks isn’t impossible. Gerber needs quit the Chinese shit. It’s ruining their legacy.

Aaron cammon says:

Mine is impossible to open one handed. And I stripped TWO torx bits trying to loosen it!

H. I. McDunnough says:

Looks like a great beater knife. I don’t have any Chinese made Gerbers. I stick to their US made knives but I’d buy this. All my Chinese blades are Kizer. For 28 bucks, I would definitely get this. I like my US made Gerbers. They’re stout and their sheaths are awesome IMO. Awesome review. I think I’m gonna buy the tan G10 version. All the best to you!!

lycan27 says:

hey Landon i found you’re channel thru Jeff cutlerylover’s vid of the stuff u sent him thought id stop by and give u a sub

Xero Of Nine says:

id recommend the g10 version….looks better and is much more durable

Bacon Bits says:

Cutlerylover sent me. Subbed

mph seti says:

I just ordered the G10 version. Thanks for doing a review! You’re right…No one is really talking about this knife.
I agree, it’s a unique design, and seems to be a great value. I try not to be a steel snob, lol. I have some s35vn, n690, elmax, etc. blades…but I find myself not EDC-ing them for fear of losing/damaging them. kind of defeats the purpose, really…But that’s a whole other topic. I digress.

I do have a soft spot for Gerber. My first little folder that I bought with my own money at age 13 was a Gerber. Previous pocket knives were gifts from relatives.

Also, I’d like to add that I love the fact that they put their cool new(?) shield logo on the blade with no text. Now, they also had to drop their name on the clip…but, that should be easy to sand off. Sorry, lol, “bill-boarding” is a pet peeve of mine. eg: I could never buy an older ZT knife simply because they said ZERO TOLERANCE on them. Not cool at all, IMO.

Anyway, thanks for the video.

Bái Hǔ says:


John Gunter says:

From my view that would be one nice knife if the blade was made from M-390 or CPM-M-4!

jim yocum says:

I’ve always got decent China blades from Gerber it’s their American made blades that always come shitty

Vinny Wacchio says:

I saw this and bought it. Many uses for it. I am not cutting anything that will dull the blade but if I do, it sharpens easily.

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