How to Use a Chinese Cleaver Knife

Growing up, I remember my mother using only one kind of knife: the Chinese cleaver. My mother demonstrates the different and versatile ways to use the Chinese Cleaver knife.




Gary Truong says:

Its cute when the moms say “good”

DudeNumberOnePlus says:

Im curious how does one peel with this knife. Or how is peeling done in chinese kitchen where just this knife is.

Song Wai Kit says:

I didn’t know koreans use the cleaver too

Keith Casper says:

Yer mom works that cleaver like a champ–awsome!

Yol Mak says:

Now show us how to fix a car grandma

sandeep kumar says:

it looks completely fabricated. I dont think in any family people speak to their mom like that. its funny

bullsnutsoz says:

Mum is a real class act gentlewoman, thanks.

Mohammad Harunur Rashid says:


TheMattsPath says:

This is the cutest video! Thanks 🙂

Yin & Yang Living says:

You’re welcome, Kim.

wiccan daoist says:

I have a question about the cleavers. How does this size system work. i noticed with chinese cleavers always have size no. (for example size no2) it is always ingraved in the blade or it says it on the box. How do these size numbers work and what is the smallest size and the biggest? It would make it a bit easier for me if i know how the size system works and i can explain it to hipster sales guy that thinks a santoku knife is from china….

킹콩 says:


Andrew Boni says:

Moon, I absolutely love your smile and your kind eyes.

Roaming Thereal says:

People need to understand this knife isn’t a true cleaver. It’s not supposed to do stuff like cutting though bone. It is actually is a much thinner knife comparable to a chefs knife. And when compared to a chefs knife, it is objectively worse. Chef knife with an acute point is more versatile simply because it can fit places this knife can’t. If you have a chef knife, this knife adds nothing. Also, the tiny tang in the handle and excessive metal makes the center of balance further away from your hand. The blade feels heavier than it actually is, fatiguing you quicker, and giving you more ‘power’ in exchange for control. Sharp knifes don’t need power, so this sacrifices finesse for nothing.

Matt O'Brien says:

Was anybody else waiting for her to go mental and just chop everything in a frenzy!?!?

nurul soheil says:

Cleaver Looks pretty new !


And Chinese Cleaver can cut your skull and kill ya.

Armando Piña says:

BTW where can I buy a cleaver just like yours???

Joseph Foley says:

You both are a great team! I am totally sold on the chinese cleaver. Thanks!

Kelyrin's Cooking & Bento says:

This video was fantastic ! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, I have been contemplating on buying a chinese cleaver for a long time !!! But it’s very hard to find here in France, I have never seen any ! Your mom is adorable 🙂 I subscribed ! 

Armando Piña says:

you guys are precious. now I feel I need s Chinese cleaver. for the garlic alone.

Scott Roy says:

I picked up a 4 inch cleaver knife for $9 at an Asian grocery three years ago and haven’t stopped using it since. In fact, I picked up a 3 inch version, too.
They’re cheap, made from stainless steel and they take and KEEP and edge like no other knife I’ve used.
A few swipes on a sharpening stone and they’re as good as new and razor sharp!

Once a westerner gets over the ideas stuck in their mind about cutlery, one adapts to find this cleaver type knife is far more useful than just any ordinary chef’s knife.

I love mine, and give them out as XMas presents every year.

MrSoundSeeker says:

Cheers for Mom and you 🙂

thisissoeasy says:

I love your mom! I bet she is a really good cook, too,,,

ApePex says:

Chinese are so cleaver!

Bela says:

You and your mum are soooo cute!

Amber McKinney says:

XD Your mum is so freaking adorable XD

bigiFX | мσтιση ∂єѕιgη says:

very easy and clever!

Ashley Taylor says:

Your mom is adorable lol I just want to sit and talk to her forever.

Yin & Yang Living says:

Other than a small fruit knife, I remember my mom using only one kind of knife in our home: the Chinese cleaver!
In this #video, my mother & I show you different & versatile ways to use the Chinese cleaver knife…

#ChineseCleaver #ChineseCleaverKnife #cookingtips #AsianCookingTips #YingYangLiving

Armando Piña says:

wow!! saw your recommended video. Chinese culture has permeated the world. so many good things have come from Chinese Culture.

namaste sister.

sonicliberation says:

What a great video. Best of luck to you and your family.

rinwhr says:

You forgot one thing, LESS CLEANING. Like your mom, I use a paring knife for evertyhing.

Murriam Espinoza says:

what brand knife is that??? and your mom is so cute

Thomas Xie says:

your mom is so adorable 🙂

Pablo Tejano says:

I was waiting for the daughter’s turn to be chopped

rosehouse625 says:

This was exactly my mother smashed the garlic.

lastnametea says:

your mom is so cute!

Jorge Rodriguez says:

wow que mediocre……………………………………….

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Bad idea to call it a “cleaver” as the average American will assume it’s meant to chop bones, and this isn’t the case with this knife… This would be more appropriately called a “Chinese Chef Knife” or just simply a “Chinese Knife”. You really don’t want to use the word “Cleaver” around American’s unless your talking about a knife meant for chopping through bones.
Great video nonetheless!

capiain3 says:

중국계 미국인 아닙니까? 마지막 인사에 고맙습니다…? 내가 잘못 들은건 아닌데?

wiccan daoist says:

Chinese cleavers are really under estimated. They feel very comfortable in the hand, much better then normal chefs knife. I already use one for years. Even if you buy a cheap one it will be good and razor sharp from the factory. I am not asian but i use chinese cleaver knife and chopsticks for a lot of things in the kitchen and for eating. I want to have it sharpened again what can you recommend how to sharpen the cleaver? you do it yourself or you go to a professional?

Alex park says:

does your mom work in the jewelry business? shilla?

Paul Guo says:

Thanks for the garlic demonstration! Can you please demonstrate chopping/cutting broccoli as in beef broccoli?

BigGirlsBlouse says:

hello I am Peter Van Moolenbroek from Berlin and I love how smiley you are! Keep it up!

himpllx says:

Great production

Alex Kingcole says:

excellent! thank you!

Laura Padron says:

love her!

antique says:

My wife and I are American and we were at a flea market in Vancouver Canada about 6 months ago. I bought this cleaver for $10.00 Canadian. It was dull but I sharpened it up and you are right. It’s my favorite knife/tool in the kitchen now.

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