Knife Making: Kitchen Cleaver Knife

This is the biggest knife I made so far! I had to make the blade twice since I had a couple of “little” problems with the first heat treatment…
Second time was spot on 🙂

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Ερπετο Ειμαι says:

Can i buy one of those?

Ratko Nikolic says:

That’s a Satara.

Kane Schenn says:

nice leg hairs…

zen siert says:

amalzan kitchen knife detected 😀

Matej Velican says:

What steel have you used?

José Valdivia says:



NICE. It reminds me of the Almazin tear drop chef’s cleaver.

Phillip Trammell says:

How did u make your wood block for sharpening could u make a video showing how?

Ham. R. says:

Another awesome project. Ur fast pasting videos r always fun to watch but forgive me for suggesting that the choice of music for this video wasn’t that good.

Eloy Solis says:


The Spectator says:

Fantastic work, 🙂

Hannibal Lecter says:

I just subscribed. Youtube does recommend good stuff sometimes haha :p I find your videos so smoothing, it’s so great to watch these and just relax. It’s juste beautiful to see you work. Wish I could do that 🙂

Вячеслав Кубанов says:

Good job!

Antonello Turra says:


Peder sundström says:

Omg lovely video!! I need that knife:-) I’m going to find someone in my little “village “ tomorrow that hopefully can cut a piece of steel for me .. love that knife and love the weight of it.
A big bless to you from Sweden mate, for taking the time out of your day to make this beautiful knife for us peasants haha … big thumbs up and a sub from me.

Croccy C says:

it’s a Turkish knife

Mzaphod Bibl says:

What makes it Serbian?

Emmanuelle Catubig says:

Can I but this?

Janet Holmes says:

A bit of explanation of what you’re doing and why would have been nice.

Kobe The Third says:

Please tell me how can I buy it

Milan Divljan says:

kako mogu da ga kupim?


awesomeness make me one too ;D

Sebastian Taylor says:

Do u sell any of the knifes that you make?

Josh Lewis says:

Why do you hammer the stock, when it is smooth plate steel to begin with? Just curious. I have no idea?

Rob McClelland says:

Do you makes theses to order and if so how much do you charge?

osxar943001 says:

I really like your work with th cleaver! Do you sell your products?

Felipe Laguna says:

Como puedo con segir uno de estosque algien mediga

Ratko Rale says:

An attempt to harden to use the used oil from gear changers and car differentials. because there are a lot of free particles of steel from the gear wheels. it will stick to the surface of the material you call and further strengthen it. Sorry for my google english

Sonido KUMBIAKID says:

Cuanto cuesta uno?

Julio Haase says:

this steel and stainless steel or carbon steel? thank you.

froment aurélien says:

est il a vendre ?

stef joergensen says:

hey great job there, is it a heavy knife? i mean, how is it to use for like 2 hours? it looks a little nose heavy to me

vealhead says:

We’re can I by one .?

Woody W says:

Awesome! When will they go on sale? LOL

peterstang says:

Beautiful piece of handi-work.

Alan Whitehouse says:

Very Nice!!

sale sale says:

Koliko cenis?

maumad103 says:

Do you have a storefront from which I can buy this knife as gift to my wife?

wertigo wert says:

no music next time pls

Вячеслав Пинджоян says:

Где купить такой нож?! Помогите!

pat25c says:

Why did the first one break?

Ouija1210 says:

the riddle of steel ?

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