KOA Brown Bear Cleaver Combo Review

A review of the Knives of Alaska Brown Bear Cleaver Combo. Available at http://amzn.to/2kp7E9g


Yooper Digger57 says:

Nice looking set of working blades

Steve Staggs says:

Impressive!I would like to thank you again for passing on your beaver trapping knowledge!this is my first year trapping beaver and thanks to you I am kicking some beavers but..from catching to tanning the hides…having a blast!what’s the biggest foot hold traps we can use for beaver here in bama ?was thinking about getting some TS 85!even though I caught a 40 lb beaver on a muskrat floating set.thanks again

eduardo rivera says:

Sir you are awesome!!!!

Chad Campbell says:

I have used a lot of knives cutting deer.beef.pork I would have thought when you were breaking those pork legs the knife would have chipped or rolled it’s edge.

kf4dcy says:

I’ve thought about adding wings about 1/32 inch thick and about 1/4 inch wide on each side of the blade but not sharpened, at the tip edge, to lift skin just before the blade cuts the skin. so you can run the blade like a boss.

Linkless Tennessee says:

Good looking set of working tools

Caleb Simpson says:

Mr. Meat Trapper would you recommend using 160 or 220 conibears for trapping raccoons? I’ve heard guys swear by one or the other and I’m not sure which one. I’ve only ever used dog-proofs and coil springs before. thanks.

kf4dcy says:

I would have liked to have been there with you and Clint Locklear, eating beaver burgers.

Chris Gilliam says:

That is impressive.

imasurvivornthriver says:

Great review! Well… Looks like we will be adding this set to our other trapping tools. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Swamp Pappy77 says:

Just looked up the price for that combo. And, it was listed at $189.00. That’s a reasonable price plus scabbard. Thanks for the review. How many times do you shop and ask yourself about a product, does that really work? Or, is a cheaper version just as good? Thanks.

zenaldiak says:

Great combo. For my taste a little bit to thik that cleaver blade, maybee to heavy on fine skinning task, i think 5 mm can be just fine, but if use it to chopp woods or bones, can be usefore that amount of weight. That rounded edge is awesome. And the little capper is my preferate.Thanks for sharing. Chears, Gyula.

Matthew Schmalz says:

I’m loving these knife videos. I too own and like the bear cub; got it in combo with the Alpa Wolf. How do you sharpen that cleaver? Thanks

banjowoodsman 76 says:

Really enjoy your common sense reviews. Not alot of that anymore. Thank you and God bless.

Mamma T says:

Wow that cleaver is really sharp excellent review and tfs

Wallace Vivian says:

great knives,they perform very well.take care

Chad Campbell says:

Where is the steel for the knife made from what country ?

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I’m pretty impressed with that cleaver. I’m curious. I’ve processed wild pigs before and it’s like skinning sandpaper off of the meat. how did the edge hold up after it was all said and done? I’m presuming there was no chipping on the bone but those hides can dull an edge pretty quickly.

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