Martin Yan carves chicken in 18 secs.

I interviewed Martin Yan for my food column in the Tampa Tribune. You can see him carve a chicken in 18 seconds!

Article and recipe from Martin Yan at


blackjack650 jones says:

If only kfc had his chicken

Old Gregg says:

How the fuck does he cut a chicken up in 18 seconds and then make the video 3:20, well if anyone can do it Martin Yan

blake blake says:

how to fucked up a chiken in 18secs

naming atang says:

im a butcher and cook, seriously this chef is acting and slow

sniperdoc8404 says:

I used to love his cooking show!

Lucille Lavente says:

I can carve 3 chicken in 30 seconds…. This is so simple…

Silent D says:

a fine surgeon

giteausuperstar says:

Yet the video is over 3 minutes long…

Chi-Kan Wan says:

Lol. It sounded like he was drowning on air while he was dismantling the chicken

King Charles says:

He made a total mess

the punisher says:

Were can i get knives as sharp as that???

kt8888888888 says:

yan is really a funny guy, hope he is doing good now

Jeneva Abrams says:

He touched the raw chicken then touched like 10 other things! Ew

Andy Mo says:

Watch out Martin!!! There is a 300lb boar to your side.

Dibodiib 5 says:

How is this vid in my recommended vids??

Sam EnnEhElKayOhOhArr says:

Omg. I hope the chicken was dead when this was happening. So sad. Lol. I’m being sarcastic here

Largest Classifieds says:

I came to watch the 18 secs out of the 3 min 19 seconds.

Mox_au says:

yan can cook

Robert Kilar says:

First touches raw meat then all vegetables around.

Vel Kum says:

That was soooo unhygienic. Soooo much of cross contamination and I am surprised that he is chef.

edward kent says:

he truly fucked up there with the second cut…………..then just lashed at the poor chicken ….FFS

Junaid Khan says:

1:43 to 2:05

Unkept Northern Bloke says:

Make sure after handling your chicken to touch every single thing on the table

Jesse says:

If Yan can carve, so can you…

916OnMiNeZ says:

Did he just bone and skin a thigh in one pull!

Alex Scott says:

How to mangle a chicken corpse in 18secs.

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