Meat Cleaver vs Vegetable Cleaver — Compare and Contrast. — Shun Classic 7″ Vegetable Cleaver. — Shun Classic 6″ Meat Cleaver.

In this video, I compare and contrast a meat cleaver and a vegetable cleaver and give an explanation of the times you would choose to use each. As you might imagine, they are NOT interchangeable!


RedRock3t82 says:

Begs the question why waste money on a vegetable cleaver when you could just buy one knife to do both.

Tor-L says:

And if you want a discussion about knife-steel, just tell me and i will tare your arguments apart . So you can’t de bone a chicken with VG-10 steel??? Tell my why? Iv’e done it a 100 times……

Educated Melanin says:

I’m vegan, I was considering a meat cleaver for root vegetables, gourds, and opening coconuts … Not from this brand but from henckles still thank you for the review

Tor-L says:

So i can’t use my VG-10 knifes on meat? Are you fucking joking?
You are absolute wrong again. The vegetables clever can of course be used for any meat as long as you do not cutting bones. Don’t you know that? And why are you misleading everybody with your vids?? You sound serious, but your’e not, at all….
Seriously, if this is a advertising for SHUN you are doing a very bad job whit that. You are scaring people from buying these knifes….

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