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chefgiovanni says:

Sure, but you need 2 things ; Cow and Cleaver

chefgiovanni says:

BS is right son. Kai does not make a knife like this (weight or size).
You got to stop shoveling it this way. If you think 75% of the chicken you buy is water, you are on crack.

mainsail1235 says:

Blunt, but sharp edge. lol

rccarmadben says:

would a cleaver be a good knife to lop a finger off for fun or would something smaller and more precise do the job better

Alex Bellegarrigue says:

I’m also in the market for a cleaver . my question is what is a cleaver that holds a sharp blade longer.

Jack Hadaki says:

Sorry, but I prefer my older ones (l&IJ white, foster bros, case XX)

belaort7 says:

everything was nicely in frame this time. nice demo, thanks!

piyber4 says:

Hi, good video. I’m in the market for my first cleaver. Can you tell me the difference between a meat cleaver and a kitchen cleaver, or are they the same thing? thanks for your advice

EarendilTheBlessed says:

“The weight gives you the advantage”, the one from the cleaver or of your whole body?

alajsj T says:

Im watching this video as i hold a 3lb cleaver i found at a flea market today, restoring it as i write this. Ol girl was hand forged you can still see the hammer marks

piyber4 says:

I want to cut mostly chicken bones

chefgiovanni says:

To effectively answer your question, I need the deet’s
Deets = details. What will you use it for ? And what kind of cutting board ?

thehotsixer1 says:

But can they chop through a cow femur bone?

Ray Davies says:

“Maple kills bacteria” – not really

Ællath says:

Very *THICC*

Chris Tindall says:

“Blunt but sharp edge” ? That’s the most contradictory sentence I have ever heard

Josuke Higashikata says:

what am i doing with my life

Alex Bellegarrigue says:

I’m cutting on plastic and maple boards . as far as Meats go Pork and beef ribs,chicken.

Anthony Does Stuff says:

I don’t know wood killed bacteria

northfly says:

One question: How thick is the spine of the Messermeister? How many mm?

chefgiovanni says:

I prefer to use plastic boards only for fish. The maple ones are safer and better for your knife. With that said, go with a thinner vegetable cleaver and a heavier one for bones. See the site, click link above. Email them specifics Q & A ….. Cheers!

LewisTheLeftie says:

You should really only use the cleaver to break through bone, not cut meat, ittle leave a messy cut. Use a boning knife or a steak knife then break through the bone with the cleaver or a saw.

chefgiovanni says:

Hard to answer the question. Let’s break it down ~ What are you cutting?

chefgiovanni says:

Not sure what you are doing. Crack, meth or ?

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