New Budget Medium Cleaver from China Titanium flipper knife with D2 blade Is it worth it ?

New Budget Medium Cleaver from China. Is it worth it ?

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databloom70 says:

Thanks for the review LTK. I bought one of these a few months ago off DHG and was a little let down by the finish. Mine also has the horizontal lines running pretty much everywhere on front and back, and even some on the pocket clip. It’s not real noticeable unless you’re looking closely, but hey that’s what we knife aficionados do right? So yea, a little let down on the $50 dollar model. I don’t have the blade-edge issue yours has though so I suppose mileage may vary.

Angry Guinea Pig says:

Why do people like these cleaver style knives. There is nothing a cleaver excels in if its a flipper.

akiraproject24 says:

Always love me a cleaver vid! I’ve pretty much grabbed every version I’ve seen down to the tiny little guy

Everyday City Carry says:

I got this knife from DH Gate for $38. It was on sale and I had a coupon. I totally forgot about it. Thanks Ltk. I’m going to give it some custom ano.

Alex Onder says:

Luv them cleavers

Jaden Bass says:

The original design design belongs to Rad Knives, its a knockoff

g1rl6oo says:

Buckshot cleavers – less than $15 on eBay

RJ Rios says:

This is where I got mine. Didn’t have those lines by the pivot and was delivered quickly. Especially for that price!!

TheJawow says:

Alliexpress has the upgraded version for $68 now…. Gonna grab one when I get Magic Crav in the mail

Tylor G says:

good find…

tommyd3jr says:

a “maker” that makes knockoffs upset about another company knocking off their knockoffs lmfao! the irony their… or just karma maybe? too funny but yeah can’t beat $52!

tommyd3jr says:

really cool interlude!

MisterBassBoost says:

Great video! Keep it up

GishBomb says:

for anyone who wants a FULL size for 50$ here is the link
i purchased it myself received it and its actually pretty good
but choose the correct one,it has 3 options
1. 20cm medium size grey satin
2. 25cm full size grey satin
3. 25cm full size black stonewash

Blakdog333 says:

12.8mm and 13.9mm is not ‘Dead On’??? But, thank you for the tip.. I purchased the heavier and ‘thicker’ sculpted model this week! ;0)

Jeffrey K says:

How do I tell the difference between the clone and real one?

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice! Keep it up!

James Case says:

factory seconds probably

TheScottyp1 says:

It. I just got this guy for 36 bucks on dh gate with a coupon. ridiculous. can’t wait. For that price ill do some work on the handles with a dremmel and finish so myself and maybe try some ano

stainlessfour5 says:

I have the large samier rad clone, darkwash cleaver that I do not want anymore. I know you buy them and resell for your subs so let me know. It’s in great condition, not used but the pivot screw is a little scratched

Blakdog333 says:

Late to the Cleaver Party, but just bagged the sculpted scales for £44.00 – ($61.00) – Thanks for the info bro!

William Burke says:

Pocket cleavage!

ATech Reviews says:

Hey LTK,
I also did a review on the budget clone and compared it to the premium version here (links inside):
I will also put a link to the knife on eBay:
Another great vid (back on doing clones?), cheers!

Mike E says:

I got mine yesterday, and the fit and finish is near flawless. I have a little snail trails on the pocket clip, but other than that I am pleased. It came out of the box hair shaving sharp, and it went through some paper effortlessly. I might have gotten lucky, or they just tightened up on their qc?

Pümsen 83 says:

dropped a SUB!
Nice videos

Greetz from austria

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