RAD Knives Field Cleaver!

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William Brown says:

I would not $1000.00 , mabey $100.00 or $50.00

Matus Beno says:

i don’t like this knife

Adam R says:

people quit hating, some are in too knives some in too guns some into cars the point is if ur into certain things you tend to spend good money on what ur into car collectors spend millions knife collectors spend good money on good quality and nevertheless beautiful piece of art it may not be practical for you but for knife collector’s it is!!!

Brett Lucas says:

I thought I heard bullets with the pocket clip 😀

Sasa Jugovic says:


Blackgoku Ssjr says:

Somthing scarier than a knife is someone not pressing the like

Robert Pena says:

it’s for chef’s on the go

Lee Dlion says:

3mins plus just to open the knife what vid a very sleepy vid… good work

Steven Rosalez says:

that’s so fucking cool

William Brown says:

My ancestors execution axe cost more to ship to the states then that knife costs

michael meredith says:

To quote you, “just fucking awesome”.

D Money says:

that knife will never be used.

2A says:

Not usable as a cleaver on a cutting surface/board due to the orientation of handle and flipper that hangs down, but cool design.

Casejunky Zero says:

dude you got ripped off. I can make a Pocket cleaver for 20 bucks. And it works just as good

Josh Halstead says:

I was thinking like three hundred .

M Mon says:

That’s basically a folding kitchen knife

titch27DG says:

I thought the ones with washers were clones China made?

tim coyle says:

you are using poor judgment sir taking one seems to be a good knife review then using them vulgar language. Is pathetic I will not be subscribing to you

Ed Bailey says:

A fuckin GRAND!?!?! Not even if I was a bazillionare. I could buy a Heckler & Koch VP40 AND A Paragon Warlock and still have money left for dinner. Good thing I already have them….a grand and he says “..it’s totally worth it.”

Niki Grigorov says:

Dude in the video speaking as he opens the knife “and it iiissss…” And in my thoughts *BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL*

Rodney Crider says:

Looks like a Beast Man!

Lex Barton says:

A $1000.00 for a boot scraper. I can scrape dukey off my boots for a lot less. A fool and his money soon part.

Will Dominguez says:

LOL I will just buy the clone, Idgaf about the titanium zirc perfectly centered blade, its not like its a functional shape anyway.

ZombieApocalypse says:

fucking Christ for that money i could learn how to make the knife then make it myself for cheaper

BLADE says:


Josh Halstead says:

buddy you can buy a Medford for this amount and still be able to have a nice dinner after

TheBudgetTuner says:

Everyone is complaining about the $1000 price tag on this knife. Boy how I wish these knifes were still $1000 because I would jump on one. All of his knives go for 4-7k now and thats something you should be complaining about lol.

Giuseppe Provolo says:

Si potrebbe tradurre in italiano

Alexander Michel Cabrera says:

Forget the price. This thing looks useless

Clem Fandango says:

1000 bucks needs some sealed hydrobearing or magnetic bearings some shit. Gadamn

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