Rad Knives Mini Field Cleaver


Andrew Brothers says:

If you want to part with the mini. Let me know. Thanks

Melileo Oliver says:

Where can I buy the knife..

Mojo The Skunk Dog says:

that moment when its useless because of the flipper

sickjohnson says:

It is about time…you had some quiet time! LOL

Lil Jagoff says:

I really wish the blade locks were different…

lexmak87 says:

Much want Hope those books open sometime in the near future

Lyow1 says:

god i would love to have one of these

Dillon Burrage says:

my dream knifes

jeffcon123 says:

Nice. But fuck that guy… I bought the clones just to middle finger his bitch ass. Plus I ain’t coughing up no more than a few hundred for a knife.. just how I am

Mitchell Donaldson says:

you should send me one for free its my dream knife

KingEli904 says:

How much do they cost and where can I get one?

D Rock says:

I want one can you only get it from twitter? dont have one nor have any want for a twitter

StayFoul says:

List of people I hate and why…

Collin : For only working what seems like 23.5 hours a day and not making these for everyone!!!


So much respect for that dude and thank you for uploading vids so we can see these for more than 15 seconds.

Jeff says:

How do you get 000

james airaudi says:

These knives are very hard to get and that sucks because I am a HUGE fan. I have been following Toxicfab for sometime now. I was amazed with his work well before the knives. This dude is really talented when it comes to whatever he touches.

jay unitedwestand says:

can we buy the mini anywhere??? its bad ass, love it

The Rant Pack says:

do you make this one in black?

Steve Welborn says:

That has to be the coolist knife I have ever seen.

White Kita says:

wow, those are such  interesting looking beauties….

RebelForce8 says:


manuel cachutt garcia says:

When are they going to start selling any of these knives?

James pop says:

Collin builds very nice stuff, to the insane ADD level of detail. But once he is bored building knives or moves on to something else, his pattern suggests the knife clients will be abandoned. Just like his TOXICFAB racing manifold and Rad Welding Supply clients are currently abandoned. He has no physical address published, you cannot find him on google maps and no google reviews. Nothing whatsoever to for leverage or accountability. Only a private Instagram account. Just beware buying from Collin from a long term support stand point. If/when he decides to disappear, he is gone and you have no long term support. Just read through the comments of the Rad Welding Supply Instagram page. It is a bummer. I really really liked his products.

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