Review of the Ganzo Firebird F755 The CLEAVER

I got mine at It is a great place to get your budget knives. Ganzo has been making some good knives for a while now, and with THIS knife they are showing that they can make their OWN designs as well as making good copies.

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Bryan Teal says:

I just sold my Spyderco Delica4, to buy one of these, for food prep.
The Ganzo has some similar features to some already on the market, but it’s not an actual copy of any of them.

Dan Carr says:

Jake… I have been using this knife in the kitchen… I just figured it out! The changing blade thicknesses is a perfect design. For chopping, if you hold the knife by the handle only, when the blade comes down, you get a thicker edge when chopping large thick chunks of meat, pumpkin, etc. When choking up on the choil, you come down in the middle of the blade for carrots, chicken cubes, etc. When using a pinch grip (around the hole in the blade) you will be working with the thin front edge for finer slicing. Essentially three blades in one, depending on where you hold the knife, and the natural chop/slice that results. Genius design from Ganzo!

hey I'm BURBS says:

I love the high quality close up shots. Not enough knife reviewers do this. Had to subscribe

doug bulldog says:

Let’s hope this is the awakening of Ganzo’s design department although apart from the novelty aspect I don’t really get the whole folding cleaver thing

Cafelogis says:

I think this is genius. Love cooking with a Chinese chef knife, so damn useful and now it’s portable.

Pablitorrinco says:

dios!! que te paso en el dedo 😮

hey I'm BURBS says:

I do hope more of these companies start producing more of their own unique designs. The quality is there for the price

NotTooSuckyReviews says:

I recently put together a list of original Ganzo knives in response to Mr. Shabazz shunning Ganzo for ‘not having original designs’. — I’m part of a forum that expressly tries to identify even somewhat similar designs that Ganzo may have used in the creation of its various models – just because we think it’s interesting. You’ll find no less than 31 base models of Ganzo/Firebird knives for which we have found no analogues. This is a bit less than half of their catalogue, not taking into account the look-alikes where Ganzo may be the OEM. Bring forth a new example and I’ll gladly suggest that it be added to the list 🙂 Ganzo/Firebird’s original designs are (in approximate order of release): G611-G620 (10 models), G622-G6252 (4 models), F6802AL, G703, G705, G709, G714, G715, G718, G726, G728, G735, G736, G740, G747, G748, G752, F754, FB760, FB761, and this cleaver, as far as we can tell.Just search “Ganzo knives, 6&7-Series – Budget Light Forum” to see all these knives, and the copy-cat knives for which Ganzo is famous, with side-by-side photographic comparisons.

Gordon Stevenson says:

Jake I would really appreciate your wife’s input on this knife in the kitchen. She has a smaller hand and many of us have wifes and daughters in the kitchen always wanting a new knife. So her input as to how well the ergonomics are for her and how well this blade works in the kitchen would be of great interest to me and I suspect many others. Oh and thanks for the laugh again.

markisbear says:

Wats up new to channel congrats to u and yr wife


This knife is ok. I like that they included a forward choil, but the choil looks like it’s not 50/50. More like a 70/30 or 60/40 so there could have been more cutting edge and still have a forward choil. I like the CRKT ripsnort better and it’s not much more expensive. Cheers.

John Smith says:

I’m confused. I understand we are calling this a “cleaver” because of the tall, squarish shape. But if I cut off that top, forward portion and just made a drop point, how is this any different from any other 3” knife out there? I thought the idea of a cleaver, a real cleaver, is that you had a big, heavy chunk of steel you could swing at bones and things like that; let weight and momentum do the work. I don’t think this guy is a “chopper” of a knife. So, I’ve got zero problem if someone tells me they like this simply for the interesting shape. For the visuals. But if someone is telling me it’s going to *function* different than any other small folder…. I’m confused. Jake, did you try an over-the-top pinch grip on this? Maybe hook a ring finger in that blade choil? Don’t imagine you could use it to skin a deer. But maybe a squirrel.

Cole Constantinoff says:

Been waiting for this one, I like it.

SplitHairz says:

I think this knife scares Bandit. 🙂

Michael Zelick says:

Where can I buy these knives,I live in Surrey BC.
Kind Regards

Baz on Blades says:

Thanks for doing the review Jake. I am skipping this one on my channel as I think this is the ugliest folding cleaver I have seen so far.

Bradley Park says:

Another awesome review Jake. Thank-you. My F7551 GR should arrive down under any day now. I like to get up on my knives and would like to see more knives that feature a  finger choil with the gimping overhead, where design allows for it. Couldn’t stop checking your finger out eh…. looks like alien exploded out of it (lol).

Donald Johnson says:

Different that’s for sure

kidbach says:

shut up and take my sheckles. want!!!

Tony Patey says:

I like this knife, clever with leverage, I think you either like the look or you don’t, good to have a thicker blade for chopping action. Good review. Good to see your finger is doing better. Thanks. Tony

SPRAG says:

I ordered one about 3 weeks ago in Black. Should be here any day. Love the look of this one. Thanks for the video review !

Mark Bless says:

I couldn’t resist this knife. I have several Ganzos and this is as good as any of them. $20.33 at Power Cutlery + $2.90 shipping for multiple knives, and no 4 week wait. Not an EDC, but food prep? Absolutely. If I was still a camping kind of guy, this would be the knife to take for the camp kitchen. Mine was sharp out of the box, and the Carbon Fiber looks good on it.

Hibou Canne says:

grats on 3k subs jake!! HNY

Luc Malenfant says:

Is it just me or is that blade looking like an hippopotamus ? Please Ganzo, put that handle on another knife !

Tylor G says:

i bought a cf from gearbest. can’t wait to get it.

ARTHUR BREHM Bushcraft Survival EDC Knives Gear Fun says:

crazy blade pattern. very unique. but i really like it!

great review.

greetings from cologne, germany


p.s.: i am waiting for my cleaver 😉


How the heck did you cut yourself that bad? Sharp or dull edge or food processor? Jake, please read up on wound management, this didn`t go well, my heart aches for you. Cute little knife by the way.

wilindrocca says:

Very thorough review, thanks. I do wonder about using a knife with liners as a kitchen knife – if liquids get between the liners and scales, wouldn’t that require disassembling the knife after just about every use for maintenance to keep out the corrosion? I almost think that Ganzo should have done a frame lock for this type of foldable kitchen knife (sort of like a Spydiechef – just the idea of it, not a suggestion for copying the design, lol).

John Barker says:

Happy Anniversary!

MikeOlPL says:

I need find other knife store, 2month I buy in gearbest on flashsale few of knife in 3 pack. They send me only one pack and still not come. Jake have You got the same problem with that store??

Kari Kuosa says:

I think that axis locks is in daily use (with all it’s patented versions) are very, if not strongest in folding knife kategor .
I’m getting used to see you with a band aid in some finger, – so this is an xpection and good review… LOL

Pablitorrinco says:

i love it it´s like an portable kitchen knive

Skank Hunt says:

This looks like a knife for the guy who needs a foldable cleaver.. aka an idiot.

Wrecky61 says:

First ! ! !
They’re based on the Spyderco Roc me thinks.
Thanks for another excellent review though.

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