Review of the Zombie Tools Reaver Cleaver

Video of the testing:

*** ZT Reaver Cleaver – Specifications ***

Overall length: 79 cm (31”)
Blade length: 46 cm (18”)
Spine thickness: 5 mm (1/5”)
Weight: 1.6 kg (3 lbs 10 oz)

Blade material: 5160 spring steel
Heat treatment: Hardness of 54 HRC

Price: $374.95

*** Where to get it ***

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Impressively powerful in chopping and cutting
+ Unique post-apocalyptic wasteland look
+ Extremely tough and durable
+ Surprisingly agile due to the long handle

– Very heavy for the size
– Handle wrapping can be rough on the hands
– Relatively high price

*** Verdict ***

This stylish undead killer is quite the beast in terms of raw power and toughness. It’s inspired by the Chinese dadao and offers amazing cutting performance. The design and finish is very unique, and if you like exactly this kind of aesthetic there is currently no alternative that I’m aware of.

The price may seem steep to some but it’s made in the USA and you do get good value for the money. I sure wouldn’t mind giving some of the other models a try as well.

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so thicc

David John says:

How would a sword made of brass with a tin edge and sulfur for the outside.

handsome squidward says:

that’s sword is thicc

Daniel Abreu says:

15:04 you have no soul man.

Sol Lignum says:

Up untill 9:14 I’ve been wondering how could you handle such a monstrocity of a weapon with a single hand… then i understood 🙂 Oh, necroposticity… well, can’t help it, I’m a simple man – i see a sexy blade, i click 🙂 Great review!

animist channel says:

I’d love to see this “Reaver Cleaver” reviewed again in your new style of presentation and skill-set.

Akenraes Vakreander says:

RIP the Reaver Cleaver. Beautiful weapon.

David 440Holmes says:

You Shot it? With an AK?…..
This is the first thing you’ve ever done that I had to call stupid. Cmon Skallagrim, that’s not you man

vignesh kr says:

This cleaver is in assassin’s creed unity

Tyler Thomas III says:

Big ass meat clever!!!

Durandol says:

Looks like something an orc would make.

The Banana says:

where is PETS when you need them
People for the
Treatment of
(they aren’t real.)

Charles Andrews says:

This is why you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. 🙂 By the way, I just discovered this channel and it is awesome. Well done Mr. Skallagrim.

Heikki Remes says:

You went overboard with the SKS. Christ.

Manik BOX says:

i am very hurt, beautiful blade, nice shape, cut a bunch of shit
i didnt know shooting it was a test XD

Clint says:

Very ‘Kenshi’ in design.

ExtraSpicy Memeball says:


Jay DeVeas says:

Seems like a fair deal to me, $375 includes Kyle’s sheath. It is very possible for a person to buy multiple pieces of junk that never perform, yet add up to that dollar amount.

Rayko says:

I really want that cleaver eventhough it is broken

Dilan Wijekoon says:

moral of the video is don’t take a sword to a gun fight

Workshop of Death says:

The blade looks like it has a patina. You can fix it by dipping the blade into boiling vinegar for 10 to 15 minutes. 5160 will rust very fast without a patina finish. It also looks like they didn’t clean the blade before before putting the finish on it. They hardened the steel to much to get a better cutting edge and that is why it broke like glass when you shot it. A lot of knife/sword makers have no experience wielding swords in combat so they lack the knowledge to make it correctly. It’s a great weapon but, the spine needs to be tempered a little longer.

MegaBYSON says:


spartagod says:


FiercestPond says:

Now you just have a normal cleaver with a longer handle .

LNB KS says:

what were you expecting ? thats why armor was made obsolete by guns lol

marthdaeglin says:

You shot a sword to death with a rifle. The US salutes you!

Jonathan Gannon says:

The end, my heart..

Carlos Meza says:

9:40 Why the fuck would you do that?? xD

richard clark says:

this is such a gem

Timothy Ellis says:

Yes Skall, shooting things with .762 splodes them.

vignesh kr says:

I knew you would eventually break the cleaver after seeing you shooting it

Kpop Games says:

the pommel is awkwardly shaped. 0/10

Leafia Barrett says:

I think it’s not necessarily a bad thing that you shot it with a really potent bullet – if you’re trying to test its limits, and it goes beyond any reasonable limits, then to find out how tough it really is, you have to go past sensibility at times. What this established is that nothnig short of a really solid rifle shot is going to cause major damage to it, and if you’re trying to block bullets with it then you may need to rethink your life choices.

Judson Joist says:

It looks rather orc-like. Dig it!

Idea for a firearms test: 5.45x39mm versus 7.62x39mm.

Nathan Haupt says:

He gives away why the setup was nice at 8:12 if you watch carefully

Anaconda Squezze says:

I want one

trebacca9 says:

I’m pretty freaking impressed. Most blades would be swiss cheese long before what it took to kill this monster. The even crazier part? Yeah, you blew off about 2/5 of the blade. Yet, the rest is in one piece, still sharp and sturdy… You could probably still use it to nearly full effect even after the end got blown off. Maybe re-grind the snapped end to make it smooth, or even put a nasty gut hook on it. That is one impressive piece of steel. If I had the cash to drop on it, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Joe Moore says:

For those of us who will never own a sks,you butt head got to shoot & destroyed that awesome clever buy a watermelon next time , ok enough bashing great video keep em coming > : )

*577 /450 says:

Why not carry a Dadao

Even I don't agree with what I'm saying says:

Yeah, caliber in rifle rounds is deceptive, the extra powder on a small surface area really imparts a ton of energy, need some seriously tough steel to stop it OR next time put wood behind it, it won’t flex enough to shatter then and the bullet will fly apart instead lol

Juanpablo Montalvo says:

You know even at that destroyed state
I would not want to get chopped by that
Just sharpen the broken parts abit and it’d be a 2 handed knife

Salty Soda says:

well goddamn. theyre close enough i could just hop on my bike and peddle my ass over there and buy something, lol

Dirk 'No Easy Way' Bernau - Oppendorf Grindhouse says:

Aaaaah, such a nice Cleaver destroyed … o.O

coala 98 says:


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