Spyderco Roc Cleaver Overview

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The Roc folding knife is the first collaboration of Spyderco and Serge Panchenko. This eye-catching knife has a saber ground cleaver-style VG-10 stainless steel blade with a matte bead blast finish. The textured black G-10 handle has skeletonized stainless steel liners and a Walker LinerLock mechanism along with an open built handle for light weight and ease of cleaning. Spyderco’s wire clip provides deep pocket, reversible tip-up carry.


jonny cola says:

It kinda reminds of a straight razer. Lol

Mark Tully says:

I got it and like it! The blade is beautiful. However, the fit and finish on the handle could have been better for the cost. Steel liners, Sharp liner edges and a blade that drifts off center when opening and sometimes rubs the liner when using my thumb in the hole (I hope it does not mark up the bead blast finish). A middle finger flip is the best way to open it for me. I think pimping the scales would make this knife over the top. But I must admit, I have gotten much nicer knives for the same cost.

Evil Droid says:

Hey can I borrow your knife.
No, it’s just for looks, sorry…..

Ronnie Santo says:

Beautiful blade, i need to get me one of these and a yojimbo 2, i just love the spydercos that are different looking

Stoney Lonsome says:

Too much for what it is- in my opinion anyway. And I’m generally not one to complain about pricing but- when titanium frame locks running S35VN on bearings with anodized accents, from a very reputable company cost the same as G10 and VG10 on washers- something is wrong.

Center79dt says:

You wanna see a sick cleaver knife, check out Radknives on Instagram. He makes beauties

Dan Martin says:

I have been waiting for this knife for a while… with how wide it is, it looks decently inconvenient to carry, and the bead blasting really is a pain for I would need to oil it more… but I just love the look of this knife and I really like Panchenko’s work. Something about this reminds me of the Spyderco Junior, which was my first $100+ knife.

Glamisemt24 says:

so no one seems to answer this. I like the knife, but what’s it’s purpose? anyone.

justin rodriguez says:

what’s the style of the blade called

Carlos Marques says:

boa tarde como posso adquirir uma igual obrg

XIUXIU1313 says:

Pretty cool!

Vince Fernandez says:

I believe it’s pronounced “Sayer-gay” Panchenko.

Gumbo Thundereagle says:

Yea I like it a lot too… not sure why … guess uniqueness

August West says:

I wish they would of used a different handle material.Something in the tradition of Serge’s knives…maybe a copper inlay.

Fangsinurface says:

I’d love one of these but not at 1 hundred anything.

Hunts4Food67 says:

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Torsten Sparv says:

This knife is only good for Japanese guys who want to cut off their pinky to satisfy their crime boss.

Dano DeMano says:

Getting one from a local seller, this is an awesome blade! It will be great to use now that hunting season has arrived.

David Burke says:

I wish the blade was even more cleaver like, but I’ll still be grabbing one.

SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

At $60, that’s a cool knife! At $160, that’s a joke! LMAO!!!

loki1000r says:

the first time i can say that i want a spyderco knife….damn fine lookin knife!!

J.P. Stone says:

Liner locks blow.

Neo Smith says:

Reminds me of an old school razor. Not sure what the point of this knife is though.

plaparen says:

…meanwhile a bad blood dreadnought goes for 41 on amazon and does almost the same thing, but with a flipper and budget steel instead.

Seriously, noit even a backlock? What’s even the point?

Jake From State Farm says:

that wouldn’t be practical for me. not exactly a cardboard cutter

Steve Brule says:

hipster knife haha

Tim West says:

Why are there not more Cleaver folding knives available on the market right now?

Steve L says:

looks like emergency knife for chinese BBQ chef

Sizzle_Ru says:

talk about a quick shave looks like a straight razer, shaving on the go, like a badass!

E.j. Lucas says:

don’t care for the blade finish. otherwise it’s pretty cool

James Mackintosh says:

Well, it’s finally happened. Spyderco has made a knife uglier than the Khalsa. Didn’t know it was even possible. Hurk. Hurk.

jamespaul02 says:

Pretty cool !!! Captain Ahab would have to have one. (his white whale)

Lorbera says:

Its not the first collab with serge. The dogtag folder was the first.

GreatToastMigration says:

I’m not sure why I like this knife so much.

David Page says:

Way over priced for VG-10. This reminds me of one of those Boker remakes of an expensive knife, but instead of using quality materials they use 440 stainless and charge a ridiculous price. This one has good materials but way overpriced.

Al Machado says:

Different but pretty cool.  I would carry it.

Serguey Gorokhov says:

What is the point of this design? This blade is only good at chopping, but then why liner lock? What a lot of nonsense!

Martin Benek says:

what is it good for?

Arrington Neovelli says:

This knife got my penis erect

Alfredo Garza says:

wow the Rad cleaver is a nice knife looks AWESOME I NEED SOME THING LIKE THAT TO CARRY IN MY POCKET

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