Taste of Asia At Home Vegetable Slicing & Chopping Techniques


Andrew Tran says:

who do you even have a cleaver?? The whole fucking purpose of one is a multipurpose knife. U really couldn’t cut the stem of the onion with the cleaver??? Did u really need to use the pearing knife???? facepalm

jui49 says:

Check out the sharpening video also, as most factory edges can be improved on, and have a separate heavier cleaver if you chop any bones so you don’t chip the edge of your slicer. Thanks for the kudos !!

Laura Padron says:

this is art 🙂 have you ever cut yourself? 😮

Kevin Grouleff says:

what brand is the square knife?

One9 7823 says:

So many retarded comments here. Your knife/cleaver skills are very good Jui. And the julienne of carrot technique you use is the preferred method i use now. I was taught the “French” way of slicing julienne in cooking school and that technique SUCKS

Tor-L says:

Whaaaaat?? I mean…?

AESamuel says:

@jui49 Yes, I’ve commented on that video before 🙂
Are those pork buns easy to make? Are they too complicated to fit in to one video?

jui49 says:

You’re Welcome, hope you enjoy the videos and find them helpful

betty122671 says:

nice video! thanks for sharing this great information & skill!!!!!

jui49 says:

Thanks guys for the positive feedback, I’m glad you found the video helpful, thanks for watching !!

jui49 says:

@g1981c – most of the stainless chinese cleavers are the same as far as thickness of the blade and the actual length and width of the knife itself. I have seen cheaper black steel cleavers with thinner blade edge but you have to be careful not to chip the blade. I always use a whetstone to make the blade a little thinner and sharper before I use a new cleaver, I’m not happy with the factory edge. Hope this helps you out !

jui49 says:

You’re welcome! Thanks for watching

metalkeith73 says:

That’s a great way to julienne carrots, I will steal that now thanks.

KTH Kitchen says:

lol thats just a stupid honing demonstration. not even going through the entire blade lol

VonMilash says:

@jui49 no thank you. i am very much a crude amateur with almost no skills. so im just learning. my knives are very inexpensive but all seem to be well made and should do me just fine while im learning. my cleaver is probably better suited as a veggie cleaver, but we’ll see. so far i think im more comfy with the chefs over the santoku but again, just learning. thanks again!

jui49 says:

@g1981c – for $200. that knife should shave you, buy you dinner and find the remote for you !! They do make cleavers that can chop through bones and I always keep a separate cleaver specifically for that. Chicken bones aren’t bad , but if you want to chop spareribs up you definitely don’t want to use your slicing cleaver that you have honed to a razor sharp edge. Thanks for watching and the comments….

Mr420rush says:

This is brilliant thank you 🙂

kullaceae says:

I’d try getting a ceramic hone and go MUCH slower than he did in the video… the only thing you gain by going that fast is about a second of time and a lot of inaccuracies in your honing (replay the video, he’s only hitting 1/2 the blade).

SatwinderSingh says:


g1981c says:

@jui49 i read that chinese chef is not actually a cleaver and will break if used to cleave bones. i’m also pretty sure there is variation from about 2mm to 4+mm in thickness. which to me seems to suggest SOME ARE in fact cleavers. the $200 SHUN chinese chef for example i believe is supposed to be quite thin – more suitable for shaving yourself than cleaving 🙂

eydeas says:

If you pick up the vegetables with the backside of your cleaver instead of the bladeside your less likely fo cut yourself when your doing it fast, plus that you dont need to sharpen as often.

Bobby Ricks says:

Great video jui49.  Gave me all the stuff without the fluff.

g1981c says:

the back of this chinese chef is kinda thick no ? i am specifically looking for a knife that is very thin. the biggest problem i have with my wusthof chef is how thick it is.

Tor-L says:

You do the steeling totally wrong. You should not go that fast AND you should use the WHOLE length of the steel, slowly. And your pressure is way to hard. It tears my heart apart to watch you steeling. Terrible! Learn it the right way….

JockBaloney says:

Nice cutting technique for the sliced/julienned carrots. However, you wasted ENTIRELY TOO MUCH of those broccoli stems!

jui49 says:

@VonMilash – the santoku is an interesting knife, kinda like a mini Chinese cleaver. I still prefer the size of the Chinese knife but I can see where the santoku could be a better alternative than a chefs knife. Hope your cleaver is one with a thin blade that can slice veggies and meat!! Thanks for watching

GizmoBee1702 says:

Excellent. I finally ordered one of these knives at long last and am happy to see your videos on how to properly use it. Thank you very much!

Zalm says:

that’s an interresting way to cut carrots julienne! surely will give it a try 🙂

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