The Chinese Cleaver Review in Kitchenware Geek !

Complete review of the Chinese cleaver, the chef knife from China ! Chopping, Picking up, Bashing, Splitting up this knife can do almost everything !


jiwon park says:

where did you get this particular one? I cant find any 12 inchers

La Cuisine de Monica says:

Attention aux doigts 😀 J’ai un couteau chinois également mais pas si grand ^^

dizzy185 says:

Slice a tomato pls

iguana900 says:

Sympa ta vidéo.
Par contre, je me permets une petite précision, le cai dao n’est pas fait pour trancher les os, tu risques d’endommager ta lame. Pour cela, préfères-lui un bon vieux couperet de boucher.
Cependant, si tu veux un cai dao pour trancher les os, il te faut un modèle plus lourd. En fait, l’équivalent chinois du couperet.

Cheng Li says:

Nice video about the Chinese cleaver knife. The ciao daos means vegetable knife, but we also use it to cut thin slices of meat, beef. For chopping, what you did with the chicken, we use a heavier cleaver knife.

Dam Downunder says:

I love mine so much

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

Allright ! So fast indeed 😉

Zsari Maxim says:

You can turn it around and use the blunt end to tenderize meat too.

albedo0point39 says:

Salut, Gab!

This is the first of your videos I’ve seen – and it’s very clear and well done! I’ve just subscribed.

The Chinese cleaver is a great tool. I have one and I swap between it and my traditional Western style knives. It’s a fantastic knife for those on a budget, and very egalitarian – it proves that good food doesn’t require a drawer full of Wusthof!

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

Thanks for this info ! 😉

jiaxin chen says:

I have been searching for caidao in France for a long time, I tried buy one butcher cleaver (look quite similar) in Auchan, but it doesn’t work well. With this, chinese people can do the most part of the cutting job in kitchen. Great job to share this great tool!

SbyDragonfly says:

No, your English is beautiful! 😀

Tharaa says:

Is it wrong that I have a huge crush on you? LOL. I started watching it for the cooking and now feel like a perv. 

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

I try to reveal every little use of it. Cheers !

nitelite78 says:

You have to be careful if you are left handed. I bought one and it is honed for right hand use which makes it difficult to use if you are left handed. The bevel tends to be around 70/30 in favour of right handedness. Apparently some are 50/50 like western knives tend to be.

mysingingbelly says:

My Mom always use this knife to do almost anything. I think the knife is made to serve the purpose of Chinese cooking where speed is necessary.

sabotar says:

It seems like you’re somewhat into chinese/japanese/asian culture?

The Gordon Show says:

Cali Dao is not kitchen knife its translated to vegetable knife

Ziyi Guo says:

My family uses a slightly smaller knife that looks like this but is not as wide as the knife you use. Thanks for making this video!

黄平 says:

As a Chinese, I feel all warm and bubbly watching this vid 😀 luv it~ However, there is just a teensy weensy trivia I feel compelled to comment about. Literally, it should translate to ” vegetable knife ” and the pronunciation should have accents–cài dāo. 😀 Just tiny facts

邓爽 says:

I have to say, you do best demonstration I have ever seen on YouTube.

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

On the next video, I will do it ! thx for watching

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

Totally true ! 😉


I love these. I’ve used em as my number one go to knife for years.

Aaron Lien says:

erm… ‘cai’ is vegetable & ‘dao’ is knife in Mandarin… so…. *cough.. =P

P C says:

although i’m a Chinese, i’ve never seen anyone bashing a garlic So Hard LOL! and the ending egg breaking show is so funny~~~~ You’ve done a great job on explaining and using Cai Dao! love this video

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

I hope I will keep mine for years 😉 Great tool. All it needs is a good sharpening…

BikeTrikeNTrail says:

Heeheee, we have never been called mate before 🙂

Ahh, thanks for the explanation.

Alex French Guy Cooking says:

C’est vrai qu’il est un peu dangereux 😉

Kevin C says:

Chai dao literally translates to vegetable blade.

rickenfatania says:

Just picked mine up for about $10 (£6-7). Round wooden handle, very sharp and I use it for everything! My pairing knife is now obsolete. Love the egg drop at the end – that’s first on my list of things to try!

Tin Ng Chin says:

Thank you for making it clear that it is versatile but NOT a butcher’s cleaver…don’t know how many people screwed that up and ruined their knives!

BikeTrikeNTrail says:

We love the new cover photo 🙂

How did you create your YT preview screenshots?

Low-Fat Choi says:

great info!

BikeTrikeNTrail says:

Well done, Gab!!!

Informative AND entertaining! Quite a versatile and simple tool!

SbyDragonfly says:

Your voice is so lovely I could listen all day! Great knife advice too 🙂

CheSemah says:

lol the very last part really makes my day!

Yiheng Wang says:

I am a Chinese. In my family, we use this knife to cut everything (except fruits). When I came to the US, then I know there are so many different kinds of knifes. 

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