Tojiro F-631 Chinese cleaver chopping veg for stock

Mid-heavy weight for a slicer or #6 in cleaver land. Another bang for buck blade once you find its grip. Not best to use it at your regular cutting height, drop a couple of inches of board height and enjoy the weight from above, sorta like a guillotine. Health inspectors wet dream and if you pinch grip it doesn’t get slippery at all. This “DP carbon” from tojiro is crazy shiz. Doesn’t roll unless u are mad on acute angles. If you clam shell the edge it becomes a monster that you can strop on your ciggie packet.(Its packaging was the most awesome smoke foil silver.!!) Nice matt finish down to the blade edge to aid food release and 45 deg scratch pattern on the real estate from half way up… I use the blunt top of the tip as an old skool can opener and tin lid jimmy. BANG! tough as nails


Leo Barlow says:

Can I ask the best way to learn the horizontal onion cuts safely?

mad scientist says:

nice cutting music da da da da dadada

Berkana says:

I love how Chinese chef’s knives can be used to scoop huge piles of chopped veggies, but I have one concern: when you chop on a plastic cutting board, the board ends up taking the cut to keep the knife sharp, and will have little raised lines alongside where the cuts are made. If you scoop the chopped up food with a blade that sharp, doesn’t it end up planing off little shavings of plastic, especially where the board has tiny imperfections from having taken so many cuts? I would be hesitant to scoop food off of a plastic board. Perhaps I would only do that with a wooden or bamboo board.

Nino Fontanilla says:


مخموم القلب says:

Hi sir thanks for sharing your skills in chopping.
kindly I want to buy one like your cleaver but from trusted trad mark.
if you can guide me please.

MrPotatoesLatkie says:

I just purchased one of these when a cutlery company sent me a discount code, and I saw it for sale on their page. I was taken aback by the size of the blade, but also the thin blade width. The sharpness was also something I wasn’t used to. My Henckels knives will cut through paper easily, but the Tojiro can be pressed through paper receipts! No need to draw the knife through. I can’t wait to use it.

Tsc Tempest says:

doesn’t like mushrooms, does it? 😉

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