TOPS El Chappo REVIEW: Newest Great Cleaver In My Knife Collection!!!

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TOPS El Chappo is fun and useful and fun. 🙂 It’s a great addition to anybody’s collection who likes TOPS or cleavers.
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Troy Wheatley says:

Move over Bill , Jimi the Butcher is here .
Man oh man , that one means business don’t it

Charles Collier says:

So, you’re saying it chops?

Eugene Monica says:

Cool chopper

Pete Richards says:

Food network will be calling any day

JCB 67 says:

…brought tears to my eyes :-)….have a great meal ! …

William best says:

Prolly need more weight for them Tomahawks. TOPS should make an El Gordo. Looks great for kitchen/office applications, nice carry compliment for your Sjambok. No linguica or chourico?

Angie Alcala says:

Look at that beast!!

bill R says:

That’s an awesome clever!

pushingforward27 says:

You wouldnt by chance consider makin a vid just about the cleavers in your collection would you? Cuz thatd honestly be like a dream come true!

Woodsman Whitesmith says:

is that a beaver cleaver ?
keep up the good works Brother

unclecow says:

dude that is awesome

pushingforward27 says:

Mr jimislash sir, obviously u hav a job if u can afford such luxurious cutlery & u apparently hav knowledge about cooking as seen in this vid, my question is, r u a chef?

TOJO says:

I do like that! Chop chop

Jeremy Crowe says:

Cool!!!! Looks awesome! I like Topps Knives. I’m hungry now!

jeramy lawlor says:

Chef Josh was in the house.Tops makes some really neat things.

Thomas Mc.Nostril says:


pushingforward27 says:

Just quickly, i hav autism & 1 of th main features of autism is object obsession, i personaly am obsessed wit cleavrs, iv ben collectin em sinc 2012, but havent seen 1 i like in a few yrs but this 1 i loooove & i hav 2 hav it! To th maker of ths vid, ur vid is mor xcitin than porn 4 me (not sexualy tho lol) i nevr comment on vids but u sir hav made a vid i watch ovr n ovr, ther is no greatr xcitement than cleavrs, thank u so much sir! Im gona start savin my $ immediately!

pushingforward27 says:

Oh dude, dont worry about your son, us autism people may face troubles others dont, but i honestly believe we get more enjoyment out of life so we have the last laugh! Lol & never doubt that Christ definitely watches over us & takes special care of us! Thanx so much 4 the vids, much appreciated, i may be a devout Christian but i cant deny im a devout cleaver lover, 2 cleaver tattoos covering my forearms, every shirt i have, have cleavers on them, cleaver necklacei always wear, cleaver posters on my walls & ive already written 1 book on cleavers & everyday im working on the sequel book & i also write & illustrate a series of childrens comic books about a superhero named the “king of cleavers” who fights creatures & crime with cleavers & my collection of cleavers is worth over $1500, but my fav is my wusthof grand prix 2 cleaver, just mesmerizingly gorgeous! But i think once i get the el chapo itll be my new fav! I guess thats autism 4 u, lol

JetFuelEDC says:

El Chappo and El Chete the dynamic duo! I think Chappo made that onion cry. Pretty awesome stuff sir!

blitzbbffl says:

Dude! You’re dicing ur knife display tabletop!!!

Memphis Jahx says:

About $117.00 on ebay right now. Just bought one

Marla White says:

thought u done one on this before. Nice one

pushingforward27 says:

Hey, i hav a question, maybe a stupid question about this cleaver & a number of my knives & cleavers as well. How do i ask this, on the blade up by the handle, it like sticks out on the bottom, on both sides of the blade, what is that for?

BigRedEDC says:

Wowza!! That’s a beauty!!!

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